Download Popsloader For Psp 3000

Introduction One of the weak point of the new custom firmware has been always the loss of the possibility of using one of the best Plugin, well known by lovers of PSX emulation, the Popsloader. This allowed to choose through an easy menu, depending on the game to emulate, which version of the inner emulator (POPS) use. Many people preferred to remain on the most 'secure' and older custom firmware 5.50 Prometheus4, mainly because of this serious lack. This until a few days ago, when it was released by VirtuosFlame the first version of the new Popsloader, rewritten to run on custom firmware 6.xx Pro.

Cfw 6.39 Pro B10 Free Download. 1000 6.60 me download psp 6.60 cfw psp 3000. Free 6.20 pro b 5 permanent patch psp 6.60 popsloader 6.39 pro b10 download pro b.

Popsloader Compatibility List

Useless to say, the vivid staff of Go!PSP, due to the importance of this release, couldn't do anything else than do for you, loyal users, a handy guide to using this new, fantastic plugin. Let's then see how it works and what it takes to emulate the evergreen PSX. The procedure has been tested with all the POPS on the PSP 1000,2000 and 3000 Module3g and it is working perfectly. We can confirm that, although it is the first version of the plugin, the Popsloader is stable and fully functional.

We also tested (PSP 2004) the proper functioning of games like Ridge Racer Revolution (one of the games with CDDA, which before were not playing): now using the 3.71 Pops works perfectly. PSP 3000 4g and 9g(maybe all): every POPS from 3.02 to 3.52 WORKS Every POPS from 3.71 to 6.00 DOESN'T WORK Every POPS from 6.20 to actual POPS WORKS PSP GO: every POPS from 3.02 to 3.52 WORKS but sounds ONLY works with headphones!!! Every POPS from 3.71 to 6.00 DOESN'T WORK Every POPS from 6.20 to actual POPS WORKS After this brief introduction, let's see what are the steps to follow to make this new plugin working. Well, now you've saved a single FW POPS, for the other, repeat the steps from point 4, excluding the sixth point Hold R to choose the POPS while you start a ps1 game. Once again, if someone could have a doubt about it, we confirm that it's not necessary to extract the files from all the firmware, just because there are POPS compatible with most existing games.

Among the more compatible POPS we report 3.40 and 3.71. To use one or the other pops, and then to display the menu of choice, you have to hold the R button when you boot one of your PS1 games 'till the menu appears. If you want more information about the compatibility list you can jump to, where you'll find the settings to get to work the most of your favorite game.

Tutorial written by kakarotto and Dragon Chan for Go!PSP,you're not allowed to reproduce it in other site than GbaRL and Go! E-Mail-Hacker V3.4.6 Software-Download. PSP.