Fn Browning Model 1922 Serial Numbers

While the Model 1910 was widely sold on both civilian and military markets, the Model 1922 was considered specifically a military and police pistol, with FN offering it to individual civilians only by special order. In 1955, the Browning Arms Company introduced the Model 1910 pistol for the American market as the Model.

Fn Browning Model 1922 Serial Numbers

Nouvelle page 0 F.N. 7.65mm (.32ACP) In 1923 the government of the 'kingdom of serbs, croats and slovenes (later known as Y ougoslavia) ordered 60.000 pistols from FN with 114mm barrel and eight round magazines.

The quickest way to meet the demands involved lenghtening the 1910-pattern frame to accept a larger magazine and adapting the standart slide to cover the long barrel. FN 1922 Bahnpolizei I t acts of a weapon of the German police force of the railroad (Bahnpolizei). Indeed, these weapons were provided to the German police officers of the US zone (area occupied by American after WW2 See the book 'The Belgian Pistols Browning', page 158:.German Purchases The FN 1922 model was used by German law enforcement in the post-war era and especially by the railroad police. These pistols are marked 'BAHNPOLIZEI US ZONE' or simply 'BAHNPOLIZEI'. DZ Many small nations obtained their independence when the Austrian Hungarian Empire dissolved with the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. The Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes was a newly independent state. The Serbian army was the military stronghold in the unification.

The Serbs were longtime customers in the Liege area. The new nation placed orders for 60.000 pistols and six million 9mm short cartridges. Orders for the FN pistol 1922 continued until the late 1930s. Many of the FN pistols were captured by the Germans during W W II These pistols were reissued to secondary type forces Bulgarians, Italians, etc. The Yugoslavian 1922 pistol got the Nazi designation P641 (j). Large quantities remained in hands of the partisans. It became known as the pistol of Tito's partisan army.

As a rule we can assume that the bulk of army pistols were requested in a special contract range. Few pistols however have been noted tot have army markings as well as standard FN production serial numbers. The top of the slide shows the Yugoslavian crest. Download Lazerhawk Redline Rar.

The markings on the slide indicate standard military issue (translation: Army State)' Photos Littlegun.

Yours is a typical late war WA 140 code Model 1922. There were substantial numbers of these produced and your example appears to be in very good condition with considerable original finish remaining. These used to be at the low end of German used WW II pistols but that is pretty much over and I have noted substantial price increases over the past few years. I am always on the lookout for nice numbers matching example like yours.

At one time these were just about the most popular pistol with the European police departments and were still in service in some locations up into the 1980s. BTW: These are very good shooters if you care to give it a try. FN 1922 pistols with WaA140 inspectors marks were made between mid-1941 and September 1944 (when the FN plant was liberated by the Allies). They were very popular with the Wehrmacht and many were used by Luftwaffe aircrews – their drop holsters fetched prices around 200.00 when in good condition, and wold be a nice addition to your pistol. My guess is that yours was made in early 1943, before the Germans started the a-block suffix series.

Does your pistol has the mag safety (remove the magazine and check if it fires)? Regards, Douglas. Autodata Crack Dongle Key. Thank you gentlemen for your replies! Unfortunately here in Europe in many countries one can only have de-activated guns (purely as decorative objects). Mine came from Germany and has the trigger mechanism blocked so I can't shoot the pistol.

Not even dry-shooting. It's sad that these antique weapons are demolished like this but unfortunately that's just how it is Because of this I can't say if it shoots with the magazine removed. So if I understand correct it's the WaA stamp which tells a specific time-era? Or can, because of the serial number a more accurate dating be done?

I have been checking for a holster already yes but so far I didn't really figure out which exact holster should go with this pistol? I actually think that many 7,65 mm pistols were carried in similar holsters, right? Thanks for your time. Best regards, Marcel.