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Computer Courses NIIT’s journey to success began with a dream, a dream to bring computers and people together in a way that would allow the world to reap the benefits of IT education. To turn this dream into reality we needed to create a talent pool of bright young minds who would power the engines of growth of the global economy. This dream shaped NIIT—an organisation which started as an IT training institute in 1981, is today an Indian multinational that offers learning and knowledge solutions to 5 million students in 10 languages, across 32 countries with wholly owned subsidiaries in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Japan and USA.

In the last 25 years, NIIT has successfully trained IT professionals by pioneering computer education in India – which, today, is in the forefront of global IT and BPO services trade. Since the beginning, the emphasis has been on the use of technology in education. Not only are all the education programs technology-intensive but we also provide technology-based learning solutions to leading corporates across the world. Our network reach spans 1.25 million school students, several thousand corporate executives, we also have partnerships with 69 Universities worldwide to whom we are a provider of technology and content as well as a partner in the formal education space. With a wide reach over 250 cities & towns in India with over 480 education centers and learning hubs in over 180 academic institutions, no wonder, Dataquest has conferred upon NIIT, the Top IT Training Company Award 2007. NIIT has been working closely with global leaders in Technology to provide training on state-of-the-art technology platforms.The alliances with some of the most eminent names in the industry like Adobe, CompTIA, Cisco, EMC2, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Sun Solaris, SAS Institute and many more to ensure that the students capitalize on the latest skills and technology trends, so that they are better able to meet the ever-increasing industry requirements. An institute is recognised by the demand for its students in the industry.

That is why, we at NIIT have an industry collaboration division with an unmatched track record in helping young NIIT-ians find their dream careers. In fact, NIIT has been rated as the first choice of employers for recruitment by Dataquest. NIIT’s strong research orientation enables it to constantly innovate in the areas of instructional design methodologies and curricula development. A unique “industry-endorsed curriculum,” crafted by NIIT enhances the job-readiness and employability of learners and equips them for the real world of work. At the same time, the company also addresses the skill requirements of IT professionals and engineers who wish to upgrade their skills on new and emerging technologies. Some Key learning solutions for Individuals include the following: Career Programs: NIIT’s flagship career program GNIIT enables over thousands of learners to become the “first choice of recruiters” in the IT and non-IT domains, every year. Its unique, 12-month Professional Practice enables students to experience a live working environment.

Sql Server Download Free

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Technology Learning Solutions for Engineers NIIT’s “Edgeineers” series helps engineering students and engineering graduates get acquainted with high-end technologies and meet requirements across their academic lifecycle. Networking & Infrastructure Management Programs NIIT offers students and professionals its GlobalNet+ portfolio of industry-endorsed Infrastructure Management programs through hi-tech networking labs, online classrooms and vLabs.

These courses provide learning on Advanced Networking Technologies, Infrastructure Management, Business Desktop Deployment, Wide Area Networking (WAN), Operating System Deployment and Support. Basic Computer Courses NIIT has created IT awareness programs to equip large number of people with basic IT skills thereby bridging the digital divide. Housewives, school and college students, senior citizens can enroll for NIIT’s ‘Swift’ programs to learn the basics of computers.

Short Term Technology Programs Programs in Alliance with major software & technology vendors like Adobe, Microsoft leading to global certifications. The industry-endorsed GNIIT program: A brief overview The new GNIIT program has only one objective – to transform you into the most sought-after global professional. More specifically, it aims to equip you with skill sets employers value. Over 36000 GNIIT-ians have already discovered this for themselves, having secured good jobs in companies that include 18 of the Top 20 IT companies.

The curriculum for this program is developed with inputs from the IT industry and imparts GNIIT-ians with specialised skills essential to build a successful IT career. Special Productivity Tools and Industry Orientation modules combined with a year of Professional Practice at leading IT & IT-User organisations prepare GNIIT-ians for real life work environments. Added to this are global technology certifications that open doors to the best career opportunities worldwide and ensure that every GNIIT-ian enters the working world as a complete global professional. GNIIT can be pursued along with graduation, virtually ensuring employment as soon as you graduate. 2:- egdeineer. Today being an engineer is not enough; you need to be a cut above.

You need the technology edge that will make you stand out and NIIT edgeineers does just that. It offers you the latest technology before others and gives you the most comprehensive range of courses. Designed especially for engineering and IT students, the course helps to create a skilled work force that can contribute to the IT sector. Moreover, 1952 global certified trainers in specific technologies will teach you a specially designed course developed in alliance with the technology partner.

These training programs cater to the varied requirements of engineering and IT students through their academic session. It not only gives you an edge in your grades but also in getting the desired job and subsequently in your career growth. Edgeineers gives you exactly what you need to outperform.

These are unprecedented times. While the world of technologies is evolving at breakneck speed, the environment poses an equal uncertainty with respect to the career choices we make. The best IT companies look for professionals who are not just engineers, but industry ready in every sense. Top scores, latest technology skills, international certifications and relevant industry exposure is the need of the hour.

It makes sense to carefully research the options we have, and opt for the best training available. NIIT Edgeineers offers you the following benefits to ensure that you achieve the most from your hard-earned investment and starts contributing from the day one you join the organization Over 23, 000 students placed with reputed IT organizations in the last 12 months. Clocked 6600 placements in the last 90 days alone. 1 Training Partner for the creators of popular technologies like Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Adobe, EMC and Cisco.

Courses designed in consultation with the creators of technologies and taught using the official curriculum from the technology partners in tune with the industry requirements. Over 1952 global certified trainers to teach you latest technologies. Training from competent and experienced trainers with proven track record for a holistic learning experience. Freshest technology first short term programs in latest technologies like Java,.Net, Oracle, Solaris, Silverlight, Cisco, EMC, Adobe etc.

Mapped with global certification. Unique training methodology acknowledged by technology partners and 24 X 7 web based support through so that you will get updated knowledge support anytime. 3:- Networking and Infrastructure Management Programs. NIIT GlobalNet+ is a portfolio of industry-endorsed training programs for students pursuing their Diploma/Graduation from any discipline in the Networking & the Infrastructure Management space. The courses, delivered through hi-tech networking labs, online classrooms and vLabs, provide learning on Advanced Networking Technologies, Infrastructure Management, Business Desktop Deployment, Wide Area Networking (WAN), Operating System Deployment and Support. The course is mapped to certification from Cisco, CompTIA, EMC 2 and Microsoft.

NIIT Globalnet+ – Networking and Infrastructure Management ProgramsInfrastructure Management Services refer to the day-to-day of the IT infrastructure-Hardware, Networking, Server needs of any organization. With organizations offering end-to-end IT services to domestic and international clients, managing IT infrastructure has become critical for businesses and enterprises. According to Nasscom, the global IT Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) market is estimated to be between $86bn and $150bn. Also, IMS exports from India are expected to grow at 50% over the next 3-5 years, contributing close to 20% of the total IT revenues.

Rapid growth and massive spends on IT enablement in the BFSI, Service, Telecommunication has lead to these industries to focus on core business and outsourcing their IT services rather than maintaining them in-house. As a result, the job opportunities in the Networking and IT Infrastructure Management are huge and multifold.

As per an IDC survey, 3,75,000 Networking jobs will be created by 2009, which will create a shortfall of around 1,00,000 skilled professionals in this domain. Thus, there will be a huge shortfall of skilled professionals in this domain.To cater to this huge gap, NIIT Globalnet+ presents an opportunity for students through its new industry-endorsed curriculum in Networking and Infrastructure Management. The course focuses on skills beyond networking, thus, making the students ready for the fastest growing domain of IT services. 3:- NIIT Basic Computer Programme.

The SWIFT programs from NIIT are the simplest and quickest way to get acquainted with basic IT skills and usages of the internet through simple fun filled programs. Learning computers here is so easy, you will become an expert in no time. The SWIFT programs are designed for students, working professionals, executives, school children, parents and elders; in short, it is meant for just any one interested in learning computers.

Enabling people to become technology aware, the SWIFT programs help learners use technology effectively in their daily lives thus bringing people and computers together successfully. To Know More About NIIT Cources.