1895 Chilean Mauser Serial Numbers

Back in the 60's, my brother picked up this nice little '95 Chilean Mauser. He sporterized the (original) stock and its been a light, good handling little gun ever since.

Description: This is a Chilean Mauser made in 1895 in Loewe, Berlin for the Chilean army and chambered for 7x57 Mauser. The rifle has matching serial numbers on all.

Chilean Mauser Serial Number Guide

Shot my first deer with it when I was 14. Anyway, I've always been curious as to how old this gun actually is. So far, I've determined that the gun was made before Jan., 1, 1897, since the manufacturer is listed as Loewe of Berlin. There is no serial number, as none of these guns had one, but all of the parts have a 'C 621' printed on them. I realize this is probably some kind of stock number, made to show that all of these pieces are orignal to the gun itself (as a replacement part would have a different number on it). Nothing special there, but I started to wonder if that couldn't be used to help date the gun. I suppose 'C 621' could be defined as ' Parts to be assembled for the 621st gun made for the Chilean Government'. Remington 480 Instruction Manual.

Experts, Would that be a correct assumption? Would it also be a correct assumption that any '95 Mauser would not pre-date Jan., 1, 1895? Just trying to pinpoint this gun's date of manufacture, as close as possible. Thanks Rad, It was my understanding that none of the Chilean Mausers had a serial number printed on them, but that entire number, 'C621', actually appears on many parts of the gun, thus my assumption that it may have been a stock number.

Thanks for defining the code for me. So would the '621' mean that it was the 621st gun of that set of 10,000? I do know it was made before 1897, as 'Loewe' became 'DWM' on 1/1/97. I was also wondering if the '1895' Mauser existed before the actual year of 1895. You'd think it wouldn't, but you never know. If that is true, then that would narrow the gun's year of manufacture to between 1895 and 1896.

4th set of 10000 would more than likely land it in the year 1896, but that's assuming the '95 Mauser's do not predate 1/1/95.