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Dreamweaver CS3 enables you to design, develop, and maintain websites faster and more easily than ever before. Whether creating visually or coding directly, intelligent integration with related Adobe Creative Suite® 3 software means unprecedented efficiency. Enhance your creativity and accelerate your workflow with Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 software.

Go from start to finish with an intuitive visual layout interface, streamlined coding environment, and advanced integration with Adobe Photoshop® CS3, Adobe Fireworks® CS3, Adobe Flash® CS3 Professional, and Adobe Contribute® CS3 software. Dreamweaver CS3 is an integral part of Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium, Web Standard, and Design Premium software. The Creative Suite 3 family of software empowers creative professionals and developers to experience an uninterrupted flow of energy and ideas from initial concept to polished final execution across print, video, web, and mobile devices. The end-to-end integration is the core of what makes Creative Suite uniquely powerful—creative professionals and developers remain focused on their vision and achieve the highest quality results in less time. With Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, you can: Create rich web content—A higher standard in web design and development is emerging, powered by Dreamweaver CS3.

Create richer, more dynamic interfaces that seamlessly weave static structures together with responsive interactivity. Use the new Spry framework for Ajax to develop energetic web experiences that will leave your competition standing still. Discover true efficiency—Accelerate every aspect of your workflow with Dreamweaver CS3. Drop in Flash video, add a Photoshop image, and take control of your CSS, all before you finish your first cup of coffee.

Create visually or code directly, work on Mac or Microsoft® Windows,® and enjoy all the benefits of integration with your other favorite Adobe tools. Apply best practices—Even the greatest imagination must have methods. Dreamweaver CS3 makes it easy to apply best practices and accepted standards to ensure your websites and applications play well with others. Effortlessly include CSS from the ground up with new CSS layouts, the unified CSS panel, and CSS visualization tools. Use the new Browser Compatibility Check feature and the comprehensive Adobe CSS Advisor website to not only find, but solve problems. Instantly preview your content for mobile devices with Adobe Device Central.

Top new features of Adobe Dreamweaver CS3: The new features in Dreamweaver CS3 allow you to create engaging, interactive web sites across any operating system, browser, or platform without getting caught up in the complexities of the code. Numerous enhancements throughout the application make Dreamweaver easier to use and allow you to develop content faster than ever before. The following is a detailed overview of the top new features in Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. Spry framework for Ajax Ajax, shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is a development technique for creating interactive web applications. Ajax makes web pages feel more responsive, because the entire web page does not have to reload each time the user interacts with it. The result is an increase in the web page’s interactivity, speed, and usability.

With Dreamweaver CS3, you can visually design, develop, and deploy dynamic user interfaces using the Spry framework for Ajax. The Spry framework for Ajax is a JavaScript library for web designers that allows designers to build pages that provide a richer experience for their users. Unlike other Ajax frameworks, Spry is accessible to both designers and developers alike, as 99% of it is actually HTML. That means just about anyone can build pages that provide a richer experience for their audience without complicated coding. Spry widgets With Dreamweaver CS3, you can add common user interface components to web pages using Spry widgets. Spry widgets are pre-built components for creating common user interface elements that you can customize using CSS, and then add to your web pages.

They include XML-driven lists and tables, accordions, tabbed interfaces, and form elements with validation. Until now, these objects have been difficult to build and required advanced coding skills. Spry widgets make it easier to build out and incorporate advanced interface elements into web pages, and are very flexible; new users will appreciate their simplicity, and seasoned coders will appreciate the level of customizability they offer. Spry effects Easily add visual transitions to page elements with Spry effects. Effects are a simple, elegant way of enhancing the look and feel of your website. You can apply effects to almost any element on an HTML page.

Effects don’t require any server-side logic or scripting to work, so when a person viewing your web page browses an HTML page and triggers an effect, only the object to which the effect is applied gets updated; the entire page doesn’t need to refresh. With Spry effects you can make elements to make them grow, shrink, fade, highlight, and more.

For example, an effect might highlight information, create animated transitions, or visually alter a page element for a certain period of time. Spry effects enable you to easily apply cool transitions and animations— without the need for any coding on your part. It’s just as easy as adding a drop shadow effect in Photoshop. Advanced Photoshop CS3 integration As an integral part of Adobe Creative Suite 3 software, Dreamweaver CS3 features enhanced integration with Photoshop CS3 and Fireworks CS3. Designers and developers are now free to use the applications they feel most comfortable with, and still be able to work within the powerful design and development environment of Dreamweaver without sacrifice. Adobe travels the world visiting users, gathering useful suggestions, and making note of how both designers and developers use software to get their work done. Adobe came to realize that many were struggling with the difficulty in moving content from full-page design mock-ups in Photoshop into Dreamweaver.

With Dreamweaver CS3, copying and pasting content from Photoshop just got a whole lot easier—and far more powerful than ever before. Now, designers can simply select any portion of a design in Photoshop—even across multiple layers—and paste it directly into a Dreamweaver page. Dreamweaver will present a dialog box where you can specify optimization options for the image. No further work is necessary.

The best part? Should you ever need to edit the image, simply double-click on the image, and the original layered PSD file opens in Photoshop for editing. Browser Compatibility Check If you’ve ever added the line “This site best viewed in.” to your site, you know how difficult it can be to ensure a consistent experience across multiple browsers on a variety of operating systems. Besides the extra time it takes to test your code on multiple platforms, keeping up with the latest versions of browsers and their capabilities can be a frustrating experience. The new Browser Compatibility Check feature in Dreamweaver CS3—which generates reports that identify CSS-related issues in a variety of browsers—can handle all of the browser-related details, allowing you to focus on creating great-looking sites. To reduce browser errors, Dreamweaver CS3 provides a page report that flags browser compatibility issues.

In code view, issues are flagged with green underlining, so you know exactly where the problem is. Once the problem has been identified, you can quickly fix it. Adobe CSS Advisor Because technology changes so quickly, browser issues and possible code fixes have to be updated on a constant basis.

That’s why Dreamweaver provides links to the new Adobe CSS Advisor website when offering solutions and tips for problems found during the Browser Compatibility Check process. How To Install Ipplan On Windows 7 more. Adobe CSS Advisor contains information on the latest issues, offers helpful tips and suggestions, and is maintained by and for the user community. Users can add their own CSS issues, make comments and rate entries. More than a forum, a wiki, or a discussion group, CSS Advisor makes it easy for you to comment with suggestions, and improvements to existing content, or to add new issues for the benefit of the entire community. CSS layouts Today, more designers and developers than ever are adopting web standards to deliver their content.

One example is the migration from table-based layouts to cascading style sheets (CSS). And while the benefits of embracing web standards such as CSS include a more flexible and robust cross-browser site design, many people don’t have the time to learn brand new ways to get their work done. Dreamweaver CS3 helps by offering CSS layouts that not only get your page up and running quickly, they also help you learn by providing extensive inline comments in the code. Most site designs on the web can be categorized as one-, two-, or three-column layouts, each with a number of additional elements (such as sidebars, headers, etc.). Dreamweaver offers a comprehensive list of essential layout designs, which enable you to start using CSS with the click of the mouse. Not everyone can create the right CSS rules, in the right place, on the first try. To get things right, it’s often necessary to move, rename, or otherwise change the structure of your CSS.

Additionally, many people like to introduce CSS changes incrementally to a site, first by getting the CSS working on a single page, and then working on the entire site. Others prefer to step back further and get the CSS working on a single element before trying to make it work for a whole page. The Manage CSS feature makes it easier for you to move CSS rules from document to document, from the head of a document to an external sheet, between external CSS files, and more. You can also convert inline CSS to CSS rules, and place them where you need them—just by dragging and dropping. Integrated with Dreamweaver CS3 as well as throughout the family of Creative Suite 3 software, Adobe Device Central simplifies the creation of mobile content with built-in mobile device skins and regularly updated device profiles. Besides the ability to quickly access essential technical specifications for each device, Adobe Device Central displays HTML content and allows you to scroll using the buttons on the device.

The Small Screen Rendering (SSR) mode will shrink the text and images to show accurate rendering as it would appear on the device. Now you can easily design, preview, and test engaging mobile content and rich user interfaces.