Android Sdk Manager Download Too Slow

Just started learning Android programming environment configuration, cost a lot of time, Android SDK Manager download always I can't download from the Internet, and eventually found a solution, here, for your reference. The first step, we update the host file.

Cache your Android SDK with Travis. Enjoy faster builds by not doing unnecessary downloads. If you use Travis to build your Android app and followed the official guide, you may have noticed that your builds are well, slow For instance, a very small app I'm working on would take about 10 minutes to. I am new to Xamarin, I am trying Hello Android example, but all pages under the Developer section below was frozen without response, around 9am Oct 16th 2014 London time.

Open the C: Windows System32 drivers etc directory under the hosts file. Open the 'NOTEPAD' open, will you copy text into a hosts file, save, careful not to modify the contents of the documents of the original, but added the content To explain principle: in the hosts file to join these content why will accelerate download speed? We all know that each site has a corresponding IP address, so let's open the domain name, such as, will be first DNS server IP address resolution, and then go to visit. That's in the hosts joined the Android SDK to get updates links and download the update link URL and the corresponding IP address, purpose is to save the steps of DNS, so to save time, but also to speed up the download speed.

Android Sdk Manager Download Too Slow

The second step, change the HTTP request, to force the HTTP request, rather than the HTTPS request. The principle is to reduce the amount of data transmission, it will also speed up the download speed. Courtyard Houses A Housing Typology Pdf Editor.

Open the Android SDK Manager, under Tools Options, a Force to be fetched using This check, you can. So that you can, download quickly. More To share.