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This is a Blue's Clues pack of games that work under ScummVM. Blue's Birthday Adventure (1998) Blue's ABC Time Activities (1999) Blue's 123 Time Activities (1999) Blue's Treasure Hunt (2000) Blue's Art Time Activities (2000) Blue's Reading Time Activities (2005) These other games are not in the pack and aren't currently supported by ScummVM (1.70):- Blue's Clues Preschool (2003) Blue's Clues Kindergarten (2003) Blue's Clues Takes You To School (2003) For more info check out For the XBOX version of ScummVM Please read the comments on that page as well! PLEASE NOTE: On some systems, you might have to cut the folder name down a bit / get rid of grammar symbols.

Blue's Birthday Adventure. FBA items qualify for FREE. Blue’s Birthday — A Learning Adventure,Free Blue’s Clues. Blue’s Birthday — A Learning Adventure Free. Free users can download 2 files simultaneously right now! Enjoy your game! Tell everyone what you're playing! Don't stop playing now! Check out our personalized game recommendations - just for you! If you need help running this game ask the experts at our forum. If there is a problem with the link report it!

Since some systems have a max file/folder length and are a bit picky about what can be used for a file/folder name! BTW it's a 1.75GB download, not 1.75MB.

DescriptionIn Blue's Clues: Blue's Birthday Adventure, spotted puppy Blue and her human friend Steve prepare for Blue's birthday party. Four questions are posed to the player: What does Blue want to do at her party?


What does Blue want to play at her party? What does Blue want to give her guests at her party? What does Blue want to eat at her party?

As in the Blue's Clues television show that the characters are based on and in, each question can be solved by discovering 'clues' indicated by blue paw prints. As each set of three clues is collected, Steve retires to his thinking chair to ponder the clues, and the player must select the most likely combination from a group of three pictures. The player's reward is the party itself with a special activity dictated by the question that was solved. There are two discs, each one covering two questions, or pathways - each pathway is a complete game, and can be played independently of the others, in any order. Velamma Episode 7 Pdf Download Malayalam Movies more. There are nine directed activities in the game: • Find My Friend • Tickety's Puzzles • Pizza Making • Flower Picking • Party Toys • Hide and Seek • Find Turquoise • Treasure Hunt • Mixed-up Music These activities are set to an intermediate difficulty level as a default, and will adjust automatically up as a level is completed, or down if the player seems to be having a problem. They can also be set manually from the Pathway selection screen.

In addition, there are some purely creative play activities that don't have difficulty levels, such as choosing a gift for Blue and selecting puppets and scenery for the puppet show. As in other gameplay uses the mouse to point, click and drag. Parents can view a printable progress report available from the sign-in screen, which shows what activities and at what levels the user has played.