Casio Fx 880p Programs

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Casio Fx Cg10 Programs

Contents • • • • Specifications [ ] • 2 lines with 32 5×7 characters • (some indicators and a 5 digit 7-segment display) • 8 KB (FX-860P: 24 KB, FX-880P: 32 KB) • CPU: VLSI at 1,228 MHz. Hitachi HD62002A01 (FX-860P, FX880P: HD62002A03) • Integrated speaker • Internal slot for memory expansion (32 KB) • Connector with support for RS232 and Centronics (only level converter for RS232, Centronics needed) • LCD Driver: 2 x HD66100F • 2x 3V CR2032 lithium batteries as main • 1x 3V CR1220 lithium battery as memory backup (RAM power supply) User's manual at The calculator had a BASIC interpreter, MEMO function, a formula library. The built-in 8 kB memory could be expanded using the optional Casio RP-8 (8 kB) or RP-33 (32 kB) RAM expansion modules. An optional Casio FA-6 interface board provided a cassette tape recorder connector, a printer connector and an port. The calculator could print data and listings on any Centronics printer; printing graphics required the Casio FP-100 plotter-printer. Later, Casio released the FX-880P, which had 32 kB built-in memory. With a RP-33 expansion module, this model could be upgraded to a total of 64 kB. Download Horror Tiles Rpg Maker Vx Ace Rtp here.

General specifications BASIC programmable calculator Production years 1990 - - New price - Operating system n.a.