Diplopia Paul Vigil Pdf Download

FRK wrote: Looks very interesting, but with all Must have interesting things £15 for a pdf.:shock: I don't think I have ever seen a pdf/instant download worth more then a fiver curiosity value. Thoguht that was pretty good. Love Chris xxx 'An amazing mind manipulator' - Uri Geller 'I hope to shake.

DIPLOPIA BY PAUL VIGIL The Effect A revolutionary mentalism effect involving the magician reading the spectator's mind to reveal her MERELY THOUGHT-OF CARD and the spectator removing the magician's merely thought-of card as well! A double mentalism effect unlike anything you have seen before. Cost $15 for the PDF download at Difficulty (1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used, 4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only) 2- No sleights are used, but there is a very tricky technique used that could be challenging for some. Review Diplopia is truly an amazing effect. It utilizes so many great concepts in magic to create the best routine of the year.

And the best part is that the spectator revealing the magician's card is not what you think at all. If fact, it is so strong that it is the climax if the whole routine! The spectator actually removes any card at random, sight unseen by the magician.

We'll say it is the Six of Hearts, and the magician later says 'If you correctly read my mind, you should be holding The Six of Hearts in your pocket! Gowin Deluxe 2011 Serial. ' This really frys laypeople, but the technique for this phase will take some practice to get down.

Paul Vigil Magic Book

The rest of the routine is almost stupidly simple. This routine also utilizes various aleady known principles in a whole new way so even magicians will not even know you are using them! The Infinity Principle is also used and is relatively unknown mechanism. Good thing too, because it is so good!! The routine can play in street magic, close up, or even stage settings. This piece, however, is a relatively long routine so it is best suited to a formal close-up performance. It can be performed in a stand-up situation as well, so Diplopia is pretty much perfect for any magic venue.

Not just that, it's just perfect! The ebook is VERY thorough, and each behind-the-scenes technique such as card clocking is taught so extensively that they take up 10 pages on their own.

Paul makes sure each technique is understood, and even executes tests within the ebook to make sure you know what you are doing. The entire ebook is over 30 pages long, and everything is taught so extremely extensively. He credits everyone, gives histories on each technique, and provides tips as well. Everything is so well put together, it is what more single-effect ebooks should be like. With crystal clear teaching, a killer effect, and a universal technique that can be used for so much more, this is an excellent buy and is a must have for any mentalist and card magician. Overall Overall, I give this effect a 10/10. This is the best card effect to come out in a while, and as stated before, uses revolutionary combined concepts to create a stellar routine that packs flat, plays BIG, and provides at least 3 minutes of solid close-up enterainment.

Never a dull moment, this gets my vote as the best card effect of 2007. Highest recommendation to all card workers and mentalists! Michael Kras. Code 14 Drivers Learnerships 2018.

Product Tags SIGN BY LEWIS LE VAL SIGN allows you to secretly discover your spectator’s star sign, leaving you to reveal it in any way you wish! As you casually talk about star signs, you show your spectator a few images on your phone relating to the Zodiac. Moments later, you know EXACTLY what their sign is, even though they NEVER say their sign (or any signs) out loud. SIGN is fast, conversational and there is nothing to hide. You can perform this without any memorisation, and you do not need internet access or any special apps.

Just store this small number of images on your phone and you are always ready to go. They are also COMPLETELY EXAMINABLE, meaning you can hand your phone to your spectator, safe in the knowledge that there is nothing for them to find. No suspicious or sensitive information is asked of your spectator, and even though you do most of the talking, they will give you all the information you need without even realising it, meaning this works every time! You can even use SIGN to discover the star signs of numerous spectators. Already have a method for discovering star signs? You still need SIGN! How many times have you revealed a star sign, only to be immediately asked by someone else if you can guess theirs too?

SIGN is a perfect followup for this situation. One of the best things about SIGN is that the reason for revealing your spectator's star sign is built in to the effect, and it is not just a random piece of information that is revealed.

SIGN uses an old but effective mentalism concept which has been adapted to suit a modern audience and performance. The images look like simple and elegant screenshots from a website about star signs. Your.zip file download contains a PDF with full instructions and the JPG images required to perform the effect.

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