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After defeating the Mechtogan that appeared in Bakugan City, a temporary peace arrives. The peace isn't meant to last though as a new danger known as Wiseman arrives.

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Armed with his Nonet Bakugan (evil Bakugan he has released from the Doom Dimension), Wiseman hopes to destroy all peace that exists between humans and Bakugan. Seeing no choice, the Brawlers and new ally Reptak enter into battle with Wiseman, but once the battle begins, Reptak notices Wiseman's style is similar to his missing partners: Gunz. What could the connection be? The desire for real Bakugan has increased on Earth so much that many Bakugan have decided to leave New Vestroia and come and live on Earth in the peaceful town of Bakugan City.

Peace is to be shortly lived. An evil leader known as Coredegon invades Bakugan City and summons evil Mechtogan with the intent of destroying all the Bakugan and allowing the Mechtogan to take over the Earth. Dan, Drago, and the other Brawlers refuse to tolerate this and move swiftly into action calling on some old friends for assistance, but is there an even more deadly enemy behind Coredegon and these Mechtogan? Spectra appears to have sacrificed himself to stop Mag Mel, but it has been in vain.

The energy used to destroy Bakugan Interspace has allowed Mag Mel to open a dark moon portal straight to the Earth. Now the Battle Brawlers must unite and use their five real Bakugan to battle the forces Mag Mel is sending to the earth. With Drago's ability to mutate now possible, could Drago hold the key to restoring Helios and Spectra?

Will Helios and Spectra be needed to finish this intense battle against Mag Mel? As Mag Mel's chaos Bakugan attack all of Interspace, the Battle Brawlers are forced to leave the dome and try to allow everyone to escape safely. Just as the chaos Bakugan appear to be overpowering the Brawlers, not one but two sources of help come. Dan and Drago return with the ability to summon Mechtogan Zenthon and their Mechtogan Titan, but everyone is shocked to see Spectra return with the powers of darkus on his side ready to assist the Brawlers. Things may slowly but surely be turning in favor of the Battle Brawlers. Sellon travels to New Vestroia to faceoff with Dan and Drago. The Art Of Card Throwing Rick Smith Jr Download there. Dan and Drago are able to summon Mechtogan Zenthon for help and fully control him, but when Sellon breaks out 3 Mechtogan's the two appear to be sorely outmatched.

Can Dan and Drago find a way to summon teh next level of Mechtogan- the Mechtogan Titan? Meanwhile in Interspace Team Anubias and the Battle Brawlers are battling for the Interspace championship. The Brawlers seem to be in control, but Anubias keeps laughing and saying the end is near. What do his mystic words really mean? Shun's battling continues to grow in intensity, but it continues to wear on Shun.

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After getting tired of proving himself Shun decides to enter a battle royale to prove he's the best once and for all. However his intensity creates his own demon- a new Mechtogan. As Shun begins to lose control and be destroyed by this new Mechtogan two new mysterious battlers enter the fray- Paige and Rafe, but will these two be able to defeat this new Mechtogan, or will Taylean and Shun cause these two to fall into Mag Mel's newest trap on accident?

It has been one year since the Battle Brawlers freed Nethia from Gundalia's invasion. The Battle Brawlers have returned to Earth, and Marucho has turned control of Bakugan Interspace over to the computer so he can compete freely.

Dan, Shun, and Marucho have formed a team together, and Dan is ranked #1 in the World. However new mysterious Brawlers are popping up to challenge Dan and Drago, and Dan and Drago keep having dreams of a mysterious Bakugan they don't know that wants to steal Drago's powers to take over the universe. Believing them to be only nightmares, Dan accepts a battle from the #2 ranked team- Team Anubis, but the powers Drago ends up unleashing could end up harming everyone in Interspace if they aren't careful. More less • • •.