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• • • • • • • • • • • • • • Powerful sample-based drum synth for all kinds of electronic music Soniccouture Konkrete 3 is a powerful sample-based drum synth for all types of electronic music. Features • A creative beat generator - The Beat Shifter • An incredible sonic arsenal - 90 kits over 5000 sounds • A massive range of custom convolution effects • Real time glitch module • Focus Mapping maps single sounds across full keyrange • Beat Library • NI Maschine 2 presets Edit, Shape, Modulate The Konkrete 3 interface is packed with knobs and modulation faders: every single sound in every kit can be independently edited, modulated and warped into something completely unique to you. Each parameter can be modulated using velocity or LFO faders, and there are 3 full AHDSR envelopes to shape each sound.

Soniccouture´s Glitch technology makes fast drlling textures and beats possible in real-time - just add your favorite MIDI controller, as shown in the video below. The Space Between the Drums A full custom effects section gives you all the tools you need to produce innovative, creative, yet polished beats.

94 custom IR responses power the two Space processors to add everything from fine texture changes to vast echoing soundscapes to individual sounds. Roy Jones Body Head Bangerz Rar. Modulate send levels for each drum sound individually, using either velocity or LFO. The Konkrete mixer lets you route individual sounds to their own output buses, and process each bus seperately with Kontakt 5´s Solid Bus comp, G-EQ, Lowpass filters, cabinet emulators, tape saturators - inspiring possibilites for killer mixes. Focus Mapping Konkrete´s Focus KSP Script makes it a pleasure to work with single sample drum sounds. Konkrete has 61 drum sounds mapped across the keyboard in each instrument. You can play and sequence beats, no problem. But, this is where it gets interesting - if you play a key and want more possibilites, simply hit the ´Focus´ button - now that individual sound is automatically mapped across the whole keyboard, enabling you to play a bassline or even a full melody - endless creative possibilities.

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The Konkrete Kits. The kits are the foundation that gives Konkrete 3 its unique sonic range and power.

Send FX 2 Space convolution processors, each with a different set of custom impulse response. Space 1 features short, textural based effects, Space 2 has longer, reverb/ SFX type impulses.

There are also two Delay units ( sync/non-sync). Mixer A four-bus mixer, with 4 inserts per channel.

Each channel can be routed to any of Kontakts virtual outputs. Inserts: Bus Comp, Transient Master, Tape Sat, Distortion, LPF24, G-Series EQ, Cabinet, Limiter. Download Size (RAR file): 849MB Expanded Size: 1.14GB.