Download Warcraft Iii Frozen Throne Full Version Free

The Frozen Throne is the expansion of Warcraft II: The Reign of Chaos, and is has been developed by Blizzard. It is important to notice that you need to have installed The Reign of Chaos to be able to play The Frozen Throne. This expansion brings new units for every race, an aerial one and a land one. In addition, it also brings new heroes, such as Rokhan for the Orcs, Kael'thas for the humans or Anub'Arak for the Undead. The storyline tells the story of every race except from the Orcs.

There are three main campaigns and one extra campaign. Besides, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne adds the ability to gather together several players into what we can denominate clans.

Download Warcraft Iii Frozen Throne Full Version Free

Update the Warcraft III expansion pack Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne is an expansion pack for Warcraft III that brings to the expansion set. The popular Warcraft III saga lets you join the battle 7. 4M downloads. PROS: Free patch, Fixes bugs and improves the game; CONS: None worth mentioning.

Those clans can have from 10 to 100 players, and the clans must have a boss or leader. With you clan, you can compete in different modalities and get scores. This way, this expansion for the real-time strategy expansion offers new features for those player who have already get bored of the main game, but were expecting for a new opportunity to play Warcraft III. You will know more about the Warcraft universe and you will have the opportunity to test the new units and heroes that the expansion provides you with. This expansion pack is a must try for any Warcraft fanatic.

It includes some new upgrades, units, and cool heroes to make the game look new once more. Aside from the new cool heroes and units, the expansion pack brings more balance to the Warcraft III game play. If you like Warcraft, you will surely enjoy this expansion pack. This version of W3 is an exciting expansion version that is equally remarkable to be played both on Windows and Mac. Adding to the real depth of the original game, Blizzard Entertainment made the game better by reintroducing sea creatures, queuing upgrades, extending its script system, and adding multiplayer mode.

Warcraft III is one of the most exciting RTS games of all time. The Frozen Throne expansion continues the story of Arthas as he rises as the Lich King and I have to say that playing this game will surely lessen your time to sleep. I will assure you it is worth it! Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne is the expansion version of Warcraft 3: The Reign of Chaos and it provides gamers with a vast new chapter of the epic Warcraft saga. This expansion pack took everything that’s good in Warcraft III and adds elements to it to make it better.

This includes everything from the single player part of the game to the online multiplayer portion over battle net. This expansion pack offers a total of four different single player campaigns. The core campaign continues the story of Warcraft III right where it left off. Much like Warcraft 3, the story in this Frozen Throne is narrated with lots of good voice over and cut scenes of missions that show what’s going on with all the complex characters.

The most important feature to this new expansion pack is the new set of heroes, all nine of them. Each race gets one, besides the five neutral heroes and the gameplay of this new expansion is as solid as ever. Review Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne is a real-time strategy videogame developed by Blizzard Entertainment, and the expansion pack of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. This pack offers new single-player campaigns for the game as well as new units, buildings and heroes for each race. Note that you will need to have the main game installed to play this expansion. Pc Roset Kawasaki Download Free there.

This strategic game adds depth to the already complex storyline, and also includes several improvements and new features, such as the ability to group with your fellow mates in “guilds” ranging from 10 to 100 people, including a guild leader. These guilds are classified in different online modes using Hail to the King After defeating Archimonde in the battle for Mount Hyjal, a new threat has arisen to put Azeroth in danger. The first campaign will take you with the Nagas—snake-like creatures that used to be Night Elves. Illidan Stormrage pledges allegiance to the Nagas after escaping from his prison and obtains an artifact of great power: The Eye of Sargeras.

His old warden, Maiev Shadowsong, will have to pursue Illidan and put him behind bars again. The second campaign deals with the Blood Elves (remainder of the High Elves), led by Kael’Thas. They belong to the human alliance, but human marshal Lord Garithos despises them. After finding that Kael’Thas received help from the Nagas in the past, he imprisons the Blood Elves. Then, Kael and his people are set free by Lady Vashj, the leader of the Nagas, so they join Illidan’s side. In the third campaign, the undead are divided into three factions.

We follow Arthas, leader of one of the factions, in his path to become the New Lich King in Northrend. All these little stories serve to prepare the player for a huge clash between two big characters: Arthas and Illidan. There is also a bonus campaign, similar to Diablo’s playstyle, which features a Beastmaster called Rexxar as he plans a strategy to develop and defend a new home for the orcs, the land of Durotar. Gameplay mechanics are still the same as in the original title, but there are new units and heroes. Humans will get new Blood Elf units: the spell breaker and the dragonhawk rider, and a new hero: the Blood mage.

Orcs will get the troll bat-rider and the spirit walker, and the shadow hunter as a hero. The undead can now recruit Destroyers and Obsidian statues, as well as the mighty Crypt Lord. Last but not least, Night Elves have the mountain giants and the faerie dragon as new units and the Warden as a hero.

The game is significantly different from Warcraft III Reign of Chaos. Now at its base you can build a store of items and buy them right there. Each race has a unique store. There was a tavern in which you can hire neutral heroes. Each race has several new units and one new hero.

Prices have been changed for all objects in the game items units buildings improvements and mercenaries. Added new types of attack (magic 'hero' etc.) and protection ('without protection'). In subsequent updates new neutral heroes were added as well as the continuation of the original campaign for the orcs. The game editor has been significantly expanded due to which players could create their campaigns voice them do their quests etc. Thanks to which the game remains popular to this day.

More From Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne Game. Horror from the depths The first campaign is dedicated to the night elves.

Mayev The Song of Shadows head of the Order of the Guardians for centuries guarded the underground prison the main prisoner in which was Illidan. After the liberation of Illidan Tyrande during the Third War Mayev intends to return him for jail. The guard along with her order hunted Illidan from the elven villages of Azshara and the Chopped Isles. Meanwhile Illidan having absorbed the demonic power of Gul'dan's skull became incredibly powerful. He also found new allies-satyrs and those who came from the depths of the sea of ​​the mysterious naga. Illidan enters the Tomb of Sargeras located on the Cleaved Isles. There he manages to obtain a powerful artifact - the eye of the fallen titan Sargeras - for the purposes known only to him.

Mayev intends to interfere with Illidan's plans. She notifies Tirandu and Malfurion of his increased strength and calls on them for help. Glitchy`s Model Editing Suite.

Together they go after Illidan to the fallen kingdom of Lordaeron. Mayev and Tyrand meet Prince Kael the leader of the blood elves and help his squad escape from the Scourge. During the battle with the undead Tyrande falls into the river which Maiev uses in his favor. She lies to Malfurion saying that Tyrande died. The furious druid takes part in the battle with the forces of Illidan in the midst of the ruins of Dalaran. They manage to disrupt the ritual of Illidan carried out by him with the help of Sargeras' eye.

Mayev is going to execute Illidan but at the last moment becomes aware of her lies about the death of Tyrande. Malfurion abolishes the execution and together with Illidan goes to seek his beloved. Illidan and the naga save Tyrande from the undead for which Malfurion allows his brother to leave. He leaves Azeroth with the help of the portal but at the last moment behind him are sent Mayev and her army. Malfurion notes that because of his fury Mayev 'became the embodiment of retribution.'