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You are not allowed to view links. Or to view.Really?

Fenrir at IL? You made already C4 here, now it will be C4 + IL + H5??. If u wanna exp with wolves go play stupid H5 At all I like oyu Herni for that quote. Once say 'omg omg omg it is retail' and now +1 to add H5 into IL. What the hell is with you, if sb want to exp with wolves go play another H5 server, this is INTERLUDE. Not C4, not H5, not Freya. What C4 you keep talking about?

L2 Interlude Client

'You made already C4 here' - can you tell us what do you mean by dropping these phrases day after day? As for the suggestion, I will make a thread with this and following subjects. You are not allowed to view links. Or to view.If this server is supposed to be completely retail, why are there zoom hacks? Why are there drop tables on the mobs? Why can we see mob levels and if they're aggressive or not?

Why is fantasy isle in the game? Why are there offline shops?

Why are there class change npcs? That's a silly argument. This server is clearly not completely interlude.

And it's misleading to say you want this server to be retail like. Retail is a mess right now, and is updated to GoD. If anything you should say this server is meant to be interlude like. I get that some people are concerned about how 'hardcore' this game will be. However if they're already adding baby pet buffs, they clearly want to make soloing easier and lower the barrier of entry to new players. Adding great wolves won't help higher levels nearly as much as it will help people who are trying to level through the game for the first time.

Not discouraging new players is a good thing. Within reason of course.

This isn't a offi replica. Things like class npcs, rates, off shops, drop/spoil patch are server features. About fantasy island I agree, it doesn't belong in IL. How exactly are we discouraging new players btw? You are not allowed to view links. Or to view.If this server is supposed to be completely retail, why are there zoom hacks?

Why are there drop tables on the mobs? Why can we see mob levels and if they're aggressive or not? Why is fantasy isle in the game?

Why are there offline shops? Why are there class change npcs? That's a silly argument. This server is clearly not completely interlude. And it's misleading to say you want this server to be retail like. Retail is a mess right now, and is updated to GoD. If anything you should say this server is meant to be interlude like.

I get that some people are concerned about how 'hardcore' this game will be. However if they're already adding baby pet buffs, they clearly want to make soloing easier and lower the barrier of entry to new players. Adding great wolves won't help higher levels nearly as much as it will help people who are trying to level through the game for the first time. Not discouraging new players is a good thing. Within reason of course. This isn't a offi replica.

Things like class npcs, rates, off shops, drop/spoil patch are server features. About fantasy island I agree, it doesn't belong in IL. How exactly are we discouraging new players btw? I know it's not an off replica, people argue though that great wolves don't belong because interlude didn't have them, i think that's a silly argument went this server is clearly not purely interlude. We aren't actively discouraging new players, the nature of this game discourages new players. The game becomes exponentially easier as you progress(tedious =/= hard). Things like pets tend to favor new players as opposed to older players, because it allows soloing to be easier.

It makes it so you dont need several accounts set up to support your leveling. Which is what i meant by it lowers the barrier of entry. Now the argument as to whether we want those sorts of players to not be discouraged is something else entirely. This is a hardcore game, and if we begin catering to the more casual audience then this server can face the same problems retail faces.

I feel like that's a different debate though. If we want to encourage new players, and we want them to be less likely to quit before they become a real member of the server little things like pets help them catch up to everyone else. I don't understand why people suddenly start throwing arguments like 'Fantasy Island is not retail-like Interlude'.

FANTASY ISLAND IS EVENT ZONE. In my opinion it's superb addition for future GM held events. IF YOU DON'T LIKE DON'T VISIT IT. But please shut up and be grateful for GMs and Admins to keep making this server better and better with every patch. Back on topic. I am all in favour of making entry level easier and more encouraging for casual players to progress towards high levels.

The server must have constant wave of fresh characters otherwise it will die out.

Though this is strange to post, methinks it's just as important in recommending what game to play as it is to suggest why NOT to play a game. I suggest those of you considering a new MMO to forget Lineage 2.

I'm venting here. Support has ticked me off to all high extremes after playing for MONTHS, so I needed to do this. Simple off-the-top-of-mah-disgruntled-brain reasons why Lineage 2 shouldn't be considered, in no order: - Customer support is non-existent. - GM's do not help with anything aside being 'stuck' in the map. - You can be scammed easily out of money/items, GMs do not help you get items back, ever, period. - Your account can be hacked and GMs will not return anything stolen. - XP is the most difficult to obtain of all MMOs and consumes 90% of your in-game time.

It is not fun to XP after a while, it is dramatic and tedious. - Constant server crashes. If something happens to your account in a server crash (lost item, etc), you're screwed. No help for you, you lost it and that's that, no matter the expense of what you lost. All losses to server glitches/bogs are just that, losses. - The cost of items in-game is rediculosly disproportioned to what you can afford in any sane amount of time. It will take you months to aquire a good weapon (YES -- MONTHS.

You almost always outgrow the weapon you spend months getting before you need it as well. - Items can be dropped in a fight and almost always are when a monster kills you during normal XPing. Being the cost of items is extreme, losing a vital item (weapon/armor/jewelry/etc) renders your game and possibly MONTHS/YEARS of work, over.

In one second. Just like that. (example: A decent B-grade sword, which is considered middle class in the 'grade' system of lineage, costs upwards of 30-50 million adena. It takes about 1 week to earn 1 million adena at 50+ level.

IN JUST 30-50 WEEKS, YOU CAN HAVE IT!(grades: NoGrade, D-Grade, C-Grade, B-Grade, A-Grade, SS-Grade). The cost of a top D-grade is 1.5 million or so.

Top C-grade 12-15 million, B-grade 30-50 million. CAN YOU IMAGINE A-GRADE? 500 MILLION???????. Got 5 years to kill?? AND IF YOU DROP IT??!??) - The PVP/conning system is anti-fight. You stand to lose great quantities of XP, or items, both requiring you to XP for hours/days/months to recover, from a single event.

The system allows you to drop up to 5 VITAL items (weapons,armor,etc) if you kill another player outright. It ends up making you not want to do the entire point of the game, which is to fight. - GMs are not fair.

Community forum moderators will ban you at will, GMs can decide if your support request is worthy without ever speaking to you live and dismiss you just as easily. - The interface is amazingly LIMITED. You cannot do several simple things other RPGs let you as well as the chat interface is near worthless and unmanagable. There are no niceties in-game, everything is barebone. - Graphics are lamely re-used on more than one thing (5 spells have the same animation for example, you can't tell between them).

Several materials have the same graphic icon and you can be scammed into buying the wrong thing via this. - The game client crashes more than any game I've seen, bar none. You can't even jump in this game, yet you fall through the ground onto a second ground below the ground and have to restart at least 2-3 times a day. - L2 has massive lagouts, load studders and generally boggs any system known to mankind while somehow being graphically uninteresting and simple. - Any mass cluster of people, like at a siege, renders your framerate down to garbage. Lack of distance sprites and objects that reduce rendering requirments are lacking and your rendering/game freezes when loading clusters of people at the same time (which gets you killed). - No 'systems', like classified buy/sell systems - No bulletin board systems in-game - No information on other players available - No useful clan status or clan 'management' tools for teams, nothing at all is in this game.

- On top of everything, Chinese play the game just to earn in-game money (called `adena`). They sell the adena online and if you interfere with them while they collect money (called farming), they will exploit the game to kill you. Chinese lock down good XP spots as well as high ranking teams lock the best XP spots so you can't go there. NCSoft does nothing about chinese exploiting/ruining the game as well as failing to stop the chinese from ruining the in-game economy. Chinese have inflated ALL of the prices of everything in-game, don't speak english and have the worst `!@#$ you` play ethic. There are more chinese on most servers than actual 'players' (sadly, this is not exaggeration, more Chinese on North American servers than, Americans.) The list could go on forever.

I could list issues with lineage until I'm dead and never be near the brink of being done. I've played this game to the fullest since about when it came out (shortly after), and I give it the biggest thumbs down. The issues listed here are just a FEW of the issues in the game. They are not the only and they are not even the worst problems with the game. Those are hard to explain, but it involves there being 'absolutely nothing to do' after achieving a certain level at a certain time. This game is beta, unpolished, uncharming and tedious.

I liken it only to a second job. On top, once done with lineage, you can barely even sell your account or money in the account, the rates people pay for this amazingly difficult to play game are very low. I would run like hell from this game.

I don't feel it's worth the life wasted on it at all, it produces no end-game. Updates are late, server resets are unannounced, zero customer support, nothing to do, tedious leveling (which is all you REALLY do), slow XP, slow money, slow drops, low population (server I'm on has less than 1/4 the people I started with), high cost (should be $5/mo not $15 for this garbage).

Sorry for the rant but I needed to get that off my chest in a place where I respect gamers and would never want to see them waste their time as I have. Forgot to list one of the bigger problems, the entire 'World' of lineage 2, is tiny. It's a VERY small map. After you cross it once (walk time of about 30-40 min, THAT'S IT. WALK.), it's tiny. You can't kill someone and hide on this game, there's very few areas you can hide at all, and no place to hide at medium+ level.

Lemme just outline one example of they screwed up, anti-fun, second-job-like mechanics of this game. There are castles in the game that teams can 'siege', conquer and own. You then own the town the castle is associated with and earn the taxes (at your set rate) from the other players.

We just had a siege event this weekend where basicly both entire sides of the server (2-sided) played against each other. The siege timer is 2 hours. You have to break down the castle doors by attacking them while the defending team shoots you from atop castle walls and from the sides/rear. The attacking team plants 'respawn flags' on the castle front lawn (castles are small, one more uninteresting thing). They attack and die, and respawn at the flag. The flag has health and the defending team can destroy the flag and make attackers respawn at the closest town (5-15 min walk back to action every death). The attacking team continues eh, attacking, until the outer doors are down, then the inner doors, then they capture a crystal and the castle is theirs (generalizing for ease).

Well, this all happened as said. The attacking team threw themselves at the front door while people atop the castle and people inside the castle shot them, and vice versa. This went on the entire 2 hours. Each death costing you 1% XP. After 2 hours, several people lost 2+ LEVELS. What does this mean? Let me give you the math on what you have to do to re-earn 2 levels after level 50 (and level 60+ people were involved/killed, level cap being 75 currently, and >level 60 is TWICE AS DIFFICULT TO LEVEL AS STATED BELOW.

At 50, if you kill a single monster 'yourself', you gain from 0.02% - 0.04% of your current level. Speaking from my own charactors standpoint, which is a Spellhowler (most powerful mage, easiest to XP with!). It takes me 3 casts of my most powerful spell to kill the monster.

I have 1800MP total and each cast takes 48MP-75MP. I often use 2 48's and 1 75. This requires 171MP total to kill the mob. 1800 / 171, or just about 10 monsters. I regen as I attack so I can get in about 12-14 monsters as I go.

Say, for this cases sake, I get even 20 monsters (just 20) per this run. Shadow The Hedgehog Ps2 Iso Direct Download on this page. I got, at highest XP, for 10 minutes work: 0.80% XP. I now have to sit for 15 minutes to regain all of my MP to do it again. 25 minutes - 0.80% XP Time To Level: 0.80 * 100 = 2500 (80%, + 20% = 3000) minutes (quick and dirty, I'm tired).

So +/- 3000 minutes, or 50 hours. There are 25 levels from 50-75, each increasing the difficulty at a rate of about +10% extra per level. If it was as difficult to level all the way to 75 as it is to level 50-51, it would still take you 1250 hours (52 days) to get to 75. Now add in the REAL difficulty in even leveling from 74-75 (probably 2 months solid) and you might even START to get an idea at how retardedly difficult it is to level.

That siege costed that level 50 player 2 levels, or, 6000 minutes (100 days) of 'normal' leveling. I say 'normal' because some people spend 12 hours a day in the game leveling using every shortcut (read: spends real-life money to help speed leveling.) Most people use things called soulshots/spiritshots which increase your damage which reduces the time to level by approximately 1/2 (twice damage) but is VERY expensive and unmaintainable without 'buying game money with real-life money', or by using them sparingly. Either way, even if it reduced your leveling by 1/2 (it won't, but for a chipper example), you spend the next 50 someodd days recovering from the siege in XP alone. To get back where you already WERE. My figures are an extreme high example of what this game costs to play in time and effort, but it is not exaggerated. It's how patheticly difficult L2 really is on what players call XPing over a loooonnngggaaasssss time, 'The Grind'. I tried as hard as I could to be unbaised in my criticizm of the game in this post.

I stuck to the issues that reaaallly got to me, but I assure you I've listed only a few things that are distasteful to me in a game that requires a monthy payment. To synopsis everything in an extremely generalized way, I would say NA Lineage 2 is simply out of the correct demographic. It requires more time than an Ameerican would typically issue to a game, or expect to have to at least. For me it surely did and everyone at my LAN center also thinks so. They originally got me into the game and a good deal of them still play. I do agree that Asian markets (NCSoft = Korean) are much more embracing the type of dedication you'd need to play Lineage 2.

In North America, I think the gaming market is filled with people who are a bit busier in their everyday life (just a faster paced civilization, g0g0g0). When you get used to do everything as quickly as possible, when you come up against a game like this, it's everything that speed is not. It's a slow paced game that requires excessive amounts of time beyond any MMO I've ever tried. L2 breaks into an area I consider 'tedious' and a 'second job'. Honestly, I would rather stack shelves for 8 hours a night than grind in lineage 2 for 8 hours, at least I'd make a buck rather than spend it and the effort is identical to me. Due to this, I think Lineage 2 was a poorly thought out game in NA.

I find that most of the people I know dedicate much less time to anything like 'playing games' then a game such as Lineage 2 requires to participate with others in the 'fun stuff'. By require, I do mean that you cannot participate in any large-scale PVP unless you can at least nip the heels of the people there. They tend to be of the level 30-60 range, so your game effectively starts months after you begin leveling. Unless you play the game 24/7, and I've come across some that do.

I have seen a person take a charactor from level 1 to level 50 in 3 weeks time, but this was expending huge quantities of adena (read: they bought in-game money on ebay for this), and powerleveled the charactor using a healer/buffer. The typical level 50 charactor has been played for months to achieve that level, and it honestly IS an achievment. I didn't play Lineage 2 because I thought the game sucked.

I have never played a MMO or RPG outside Lineage 2. This is perhaps what kept me going so long. I didn't realize how much more difficult leveling was compared to other games until I saw EQ (some EQ2 videos), DAOC, FFXI, WoW, etc etc. I didn't understand how much of the game interface was TERRIBLE until I saw what other games had for myself. Lineage 2 is by every description, barebone. I've just had it with the game and due to my inexperience with MMOs and coming to find out just how much time has been wasted on a game that's so difficult to play, I needed to vent.

That is the purpose of this post. To share my MMORPG newbie impression of this title months into the game. The silver lining is that they plan on having many updates for the game.

In the next update (currently happening now, preparing for launch tomorrow), they have adjusted things they realized Americans hate. They have increased the amount of XP monsters drop, as well as the drop rate of items/materials and adena (money).

They have created more places to XP but the world is still tiny, you cannot hide. They enhanced the interface a 'smidge' and included new graphics pretty much overall. Yet I highly doubt due to the amazing amount of lackings in this game across the board that they could fix it all. This is a very unfinished, beta game.

Their open beta was an open alpha. Their retail release was a public beta release. This is how I see it, because you cannot POSSIBLY have so little built into the game compared to other MMOs and consider this game complete. It has a long way to go and it just may be updated to perfection down the road. Where it is now, however, is too far from completion for me to put aside other games for it any longer.

I've purchased WoW and HL2 and all I can say is I've breathed a HUGE sigh of relief inside me to delete this game. It does help to see that some here feel that this game is a bit more difficult than a 'game' should be. Helps me to know I'm not just a really lazy MMORPG player, that it IS actually a tedious game. Ya those are some of the things I left out. WoW has a great, known storyline as well as eventful, interesting quests. Lineage 2 has no storyline that matters (or that anyone knows about in-game), and the quests consist of 'Travel to X/Y, Kill 100 of this, rinse repeat'. Very shallow thought.

No fun involved, just a genuinely tedious task, and on top, the quest rewards are insulting. You spend a day doing one to earn less XP/adena then you'd get if you grinded for 1 hour. It's terrible. Another thing is WoW GM's get involved in the storyline and create some of it with the players. They spawn into the game and have fun with the players!

Lineage 2 GMs do nothing. Absolutely, nothing. Know what they did since the game started?

At halloween they spawned some zombies to come into town that were defeated in 30 seconds. They spammed the chats with 'A great evil is coming' for weeks only to have the lameass weak zombies. And they didn't drop anything special, it was for the most part, hype and anticipation due to the messages, for a 30 second kill spree only 1/1000th of the server population even saw. Otherwise you'll never see L2 GM's do anything 'special' or get 'involved' unless you inevitably get stuck on a piece of terrain.

Then they unstick you. (This should tell you something. L2 doesn't even have a 'unstick' button to automatically teleport you a few feet over to unstick yourself, it's THAT LACKING OF A GAME. Did I mention you CAN'T jump? There is no ability to jump...... ) And I WISH L2 revolved around PvP, and you'd honestly think it should if they knew what players considered 'fun'.

But do you know what happens during PvP? All that goes through your mind is how much grind you'll have to do to make up your losses. You're not 'about to have fun', you're potentially 'about to earn more grind'. It alllllllllllllll comes back to how much grind you'll have to do to get back where you were before PvP.

What happens? Nobody wants to fight because it just means mmoooorreee grrriiinnnnnddd. I can't believe this game sucks this hardcore and I'm just realizing it now. The thing that killed LIneage 1 for me was the realization that there was nothing i was doing in game that a macro couldn't. Once i understood that half the seemingly 'uncommunicative' people i was playing with were probably robots, i quit.

I can appreciate that Lineage is designed as a hardcore game, with real wins and real losses. I can appreciate how this makes the game that much more intense, and for a while, i enjoyed that intensity. I don't consider this broken gameplay, but different gameplay. They are conscious design decisions. But when you come to understand that you arn't playing on an even footing with other people (of which ominous' concern for 'chinese' game farms is another aspect), it just sucks all the meaning out of what could be an honorable contest of wills. That is Lineage's biggest problem. And because none of these issues were addressed in the sequel, there was no reason to think about picking up where i left off.

Personally, I would prefer that WoW was a little harsher. The content (quests, story, world design) is absolutely awesome, but I don't get the excitement I once did in LIneage. I'm right there with you in agreement that the difficulty is parallel to the value. This sucked me in at first as well. What I later decided is there's a limit to this. While the cost is so great, the context of what I'm doing becomes prevaliant in the mix. I realize I'm playing a 'game', and at some point, I relent in what I'm willing to do for such a context.

I am willing to work VERY hard IRL for my business, day in and day out, just not for a game. It always comes down to 'to each their own'. I never expected to come here and find a majority agrees with me. I expected more along the lines of flames for being unwilling to invest necessary effort and that I just wanted to complain about being impatient. Though after L2, I genuinely think there is a limit to what you should ask of your gaming audience in the way of effort if you want to keep their satisfaction away from danger. I like the value added to my charactor, even if it lives only in my mind, directly due to the difficulty in leveling him.

FYI I have a level 54 Spellhowler on NA Gustin. It took considerable effort (from my point of view) to achieve this level. I appreciate the trails I've tread to get here and I don't regret it. I simply regret that when all said and done, my effort went unpaid, as I have barely anything to do now in this game, mainly due to the unwillingness of other players to earn more grind. I want some level of difficulty in the game. Any charactor fully developed (leveled/geared) in 30 days time will have significantly less value placed on it than one that took me 6 months to, as well as one that took me 2 years to develop.

I understand the 2-year duration is what NCSoft had in mind to fully develop a charactor. I just didn't know this was the timespan required, nor did I know how unfun I would find this after I learned, months later. I also wish I started with WoW. After seeing that you can do such cool things like put an item up for display in 'chat', I was just stricken by it. If you don't play WoW, what it means is you can allow another player to take a look at an item you have by dropping it in chat. They can click on it and see the actual item.

Also the whole classified system in-game removes one thing that sucks hardcore in L2, which is finding something to buy. In WoW you open the classifieds and find something you need and buy it right then and there, no hassle. In L2 you travel town to town. In each town a player sets up a shop of their own to sell something.

You're limited to selling 3 items at a time (yet one more idiotic limitation). You have to go shop to shop looking for the item you want. Stores can advertise a tiny line of text to say what they're selling but it's never enough room, esp if the items are complex ('+4 Dual Swords of Revolution'. I just find the disconnect between Western and Eastern MMORPGs to be somewhat amusing. DAOC, WoW, and EQ all have basically followed the same general evolution (though it looks like EQ2 started to deviate from that before). For instance both WoW and DAOC have moved towards instanced dungeons, largish scale skirmishes with some reward (though not yet implemented in WoW), multiple small quests to help alleviate the grind, some sort of auction or indexed player housing for players to sell wares, fairly light death penalties, virtually penalty-less PvP death, etc. Meanwhile L2 just veered in the complete opposite direction with collasal grinds, huge camping, mobs as virtually the only way to exp, expensive deaths even in PvP, etc.

Its kind off odd in a way. I forgot to mention the majority of the reason I posted here in the first place.

Customer support. I'm banned on the L2 official forums. Due to the nature of the game as decribed here (some of you played it, you know), things often get heated. As described here earlier by hambone, what's required to play this game comes down to very real wins and defeats. Being this is the case, most people get VERY upset when you kill them in L2. It directly means they have to grind for hours (depending on level) to get back just that single kill.

Remember, in a group (which is common at high level, if not necessary), you get 0.01-0.03% per kill. You lose 4% per death (unless a healer can rez you and resurrect you and spare 1%-2%).

That means you set them back like 50-400 monsters just on that death depending on rez or not. Due to this, people get MAD. I get mad, too. On the forums, it's all about who killed who and who can do what to who. It gets VERY heated and people flame away. The moderator of the forum is an asshat.

He picks and chooses threads randomly to delete as if he has a purpose on Earth. When you ask why, he spits out forum rules indicating no insults are tolerated. You go back to the forums and TRY to find a thread without an insult in it and guess what, you can't. Every single thread on the forum has an insult.

I called the moderator (AshNC) a hypocrite for deleting otherwise GOOD posts (minus a few insults) that had a good chance of clearing the politics in the server. Threads that leaders use to discuss important things to make the game more fun between teams. AshNC just apparently gets stoned, doesn't bother reading what threads really matters, and randomly removes some to appear as if he has a reason to get paid.

To me, to decide one post with insults is acceptible to delete but another insanity fest of flame that is a thread is left untouched is an act of hypocrisy. To me, the right action is to lock a thread and warn that insults will get a thread deleted. That or PMing a person about their threads and/or locking the thread. Deleting a important thread and pissing everyone off while muttering off FAQ answers is not the best way to treat customers.

I opened a new thread calling him a hypocrite for picking and choosing what threads to delete when they all qualify. I PM'd him that due to how he handled the forums, he was a bad moderator.

He promptly and permanently banned my account from the forums. That is how he handles things he considers problems.

He doesn't 'deal' with them, use any common sense or have any B2C skills in the least. He deletes his problems. I told him my issue wouldn't remain in a black hole of customer non-support. I told him in the support thread that I would be dropping 'what I think about Lineage 2' on every forum account I had to warn people off of L2 in general. I won't lie just to spite NCSoft and turn people away from L2, though. I won't lie to you about how L2 is, I need not do that.

I simply offered a list of vital, everyday problems with L2 to warn people before you assume my position, months too late. This is a small handful of problems with L2, directly resulting in pissing a person off so badly that they came to Ars OpenForum to outline why they hated the game so much.

And apparently from what I read here so far, I'm preachin to da choir. Quote: Originally posted by ominous: I also wish I started with WoW.

After seeing that you can do such cool things like put an item up for display in 'chat', I was just stricken by it. If you don't play WoW, what it means is you can allow another player to take a look at an item you have by dropping it in chat. They can click on it and see the actual item. Damn, cant believe they wouldnt add something as simple as this. You could do this in Everquest 1!

I'm also surpised that you've had such a shit time when CoH is such a good game. Or is that an entirely different group of people within NCSoft?

I keep hearing that CoH is a insanely easy MMO that's just fun-driven. Somethin like you go around looking for villins to kill and XP like that (amongst other things). What I was told is it's just very easy to XP and most of the game revolves around fighting, like I think it should, and not about XP. What I'm not sure of is if the PvP in Lineage 2 sucks or not. I don't know how it is in other games. I can tell you that I don't like it much 1v1 because it's very predictable.

Distance VS Melee @ Distance = Distance Wins 99% of the time Distance VS Melee @ Close Range = Melee Wins 99% of the time Distance VS Distance = Better Level/Gear Wins Melee VS Melee = Better Level/Gear Wins There's very little in the way of actual 'skill' in fighting. It's all about your charactors level and gear.

You simply press 2-3 buttons and the fight is over. You can't change your fight style, there's nothin ELSE you can do. There's only 3-4 things you can ever really do in a fight. There's more you can do but it often gets you killed. It's a very narrow, predictable PvP system. Being this is the case, is it really even fun to PvP? What's the point?

You KNOW that there's nothing you can do with your lower level to kill someone. It's not like in Counter-Strike (sorry hehe) where you have a glock and the other person has a carbine. Your play style/tactics can render a win for you. In L2, you can't have a fight 'style'.

The fight is a very defined thing. 'Do it like this or die, period'. So most people don't end up fighting because the victor is obvious before it begins. Is it like this in all MMORPG games where you cannot get a level of 'player learned skill' that defines if you win or not? Right now it's at 'attack' or 'not attack' that defines the win, basicly.

If I forget to uh, attack, I can lose. Quote: Originally posted by ominous: I keep hearing that CoH is a insanely easy MMO that's just fun-driven.

Somethin like you go around looking for villins to kill and XP like that (amongst other things). What I was told is it's just very easy to XP and most of the game revolves around fighting, like I think it should, and not about XP. To be fair, from levels 30+ on CoH gets pretty grindy and most high-level strategies are just aimed at inhuming as many enemies as possible in as short a time as possible. OTOH, I made so many alts that I only reached 30+ once in half a year of regular play (and still had tons of fun, mind) and you can have engaging and challenging battles at any level if you know where to look. The level curve around the twenties was just perfect for me: XP requirements were high enough for levelling to be an achievement, SOs made slots really matter so you looked forward to the odd levels too (you get a new power at every even level and enhancement slots at every odd one) and missions gave enough XP and were fun enough so you didn't constantly feel like you were just working for numbers. I'm rambling.

It's pretty morbid to see how LII turned out considering it's connected to CoH through NCSoft. One of the things that I feel CoH has over all other MMORPGs I've seen is the stellar dev team and their activity in the community, the complete opposite of what you described up there. I guess I can see why people might enoy playing it, but you couldn't get me to touch it with a ten-foot pole... I'm a carebear to the heart. Carebear is what the server has turned into. Not because people don't enjoy fighting, but because they don't enjoy the grind.

The grind is as restrictive of a force as the eye is to the ring in LOTR. It pokes you in the eye if you even think about 'using' your charactor or 'playing' the game (PVP). CoH sounds worth checking out. Unfortunately I'm a spiteful gamer. I try not to buy games from companies that flounder a good title. I hate almost all EA Games outside NFS or Sports.

They are almost all bug ridden to the ends of the earth, and EA official forums and whatnot are nothing but a place for EA to drive their advertising down your throat. If you post 'I don't like.' , doesn't even matter if you said '.

That I can't play NFS right now!' , your post is deleted. They have a MASSIVE campaign against negativity toward anything that could resemble themselves. You will be forced to spu nothing but game advertisments and praise or your posts are deleted.

I -hate- companies that control their community like this, it likens to Nazi's to me. I don't think I'd buy CoH or try it due to such a horrible job on L2. Blizzard has my admiration and respect as a game developer, I think WoW is definitely next. HL2 is already installed though. Valve is another company I admire for many reasons.

After-purchase support is reason #1 though. And it's also reason #1 that I dispise Lineage 2. Magix Music Maker 14 Activation Keygen. My recommendation: 1)Quit Lineage 2 2)Quit MMORPGs altogether or switch to one that's actually fun (WoW, CoH, etc) 3)There is no step 3 Seriously, it sounds like this game is completely unfun.

You may have invested alot of time/money into your character, but if you're not enjoying the experience, what's the point of continuing to play? Why give the people who make these mindnumbingly tedious games more of your money if you have so many complaints? If it's because you have alot of friends in the game, exchange contact info with them so you can keep in touch or encourage them to switch to a different, more fun game you know you'll enjoy playing more. Why keep punishing yourself?

I can understand wanting to play a challenging game (I'm a fan of insanely hard scrolling shooter games myself,) but once it moves from 'challenging but enjoyable' to 'mind-numbing worklike grind' it's time to take a step back and think about what you're doing. (Edit: Ahh, you did quit, good for you! I didn't see your post mentioning you quit until after I posted. Have fun with HL2!). City of Heroes was only published by NCsoft, because they have barrels of money to throw around and seem to be trying to cover as many MMOG demographics as possible with their offerings.

Cryptic, the studio that develops CoH, is by far one of the best companies in the market when it comes to customer service and developer communicativity. Browse through the posts linked in the thread on their forums for a taste of that. It's a smaller game, with a smaller community, which allows them to be much more personable, I think. The guys at Cryptic are a class act, and their game is fun for a few months, at least. On the topic of dev communication with the community, I think that as much as I love World of Warcraft, Blizzard's forums are just too overwhelmed by moronic, whiny scum (and have been, even in closed bete) for their devs to have any useful amount of communication with the players, at least at this point in time.

Perhaps once the initial release month bumpiness settles down, things will get better. As an added note, I currently maintain subscriptions to both CoH and WoW, and am only considering cancelling the former because I haven't played the game since WoW's final stress test started. Aye, I will try WoW most likely. Many people in my lan center play it and personal friends do also. More play Lineage 2 at this point but everyone is at about the level I am, but still play.

I've just had it, and honestly, I could quadruple what's listed here in the way of blatent gameplay disaster, and I'm actually still really re-reading everything I said while pondering why I played this thing so long. I think I really like abuse and I just don't know it o.O.

Heck I visit Counter-Strike forums, need I say more? What WoW server do y'all play in?