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You know - at first, I thought Factory Talk Studio Machine Edition was a bloated mess of a software package. Then I got used to it, and realized what it's actual intent is, and while I'm not necessarily happy about it - I've grown to accept it. 3/4 of the reason that it's such a 'mess' is because it is supposed to be forward / backward compatiable with everything from Panelbuilder 1200 / 1400 up to Panelview Plus 6. The conversion utilities that it has for re-working the old programs into new hardware, and for saving new programs in a method that can be exported to backup for future posterity (rather than having to convert later, it's already backed up in a 'ready to digest' form). Well that and it uses Windows CE (or Mobile? Unleashx Skins Xbox 360. Or whatever? Zebra 2.6 Keygen Mac here. ) as the runtime environment, and anythign relying upon Windows for it's runtime is bound to be f***** up.

And to hell with the pirate kid - if he wants to pirate software he can do it like a man, long arduous hours on the internet scouring torrent sites / file sharing networks / and everything else just to get the program - then spend another 3 days looking for serials / cracks and infect every computer he has with 200 viruses in the process. Moral of the story - we 'pay' either way. Deal with it - or go Open Source. But stop being a child.

Factorytalk View Studio Serial Number

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