Goof Troop Snes Rom Hack

ROM Hacks: ROM Hacks/Translation. Goof Troop Extreme Edition Hack of Goof Troop. Hack Information; Goof Troop Extreme Edition. Hack of Goof Troop. The SNES Classic Edition/Mini has been hacked. Exploiting the SNES Classic was a simple matter of updating Hackchi2, the program used to hack the NES Classic. As of now, cult favorites like ActRaiser 2, Goof Troop, Illusion of Gaia, and Kirby's Avalanche won't work on the SNES Classic. Download Goof Troop (U) [T+Spa070_Roms] ROM for Super Nintendo completly free. All roms have multiple mirrors and work across all devices.

Goof Troop Snes Rom Hack

OmegaDL50 wanted Secret of Mana 2 box art in the style of the cover of the first game, so I whipped something up. I hope I got everything right, if not I'll update it as necessary. Also, it's pretty much impossible to find a full version of the artwork I used in a nice quality, which is a shame because it's great. Cdm1250 Software Download there. Artist is the late Hirō Isono, just like with that iconic Secret of Mana art of course. It's from the manual.

So I stiched one together myself in photoshop. And man, I have never done anything like that before so I'm sure I screwed up in places. Still, here it is: It's not perfect, but I should probably share this somewhere more visible sometime.

Like, on a Tumblr or something. Because it's a bummer to me how hard it was to find this thing. That said I still had to cut off parts, like artist's signature. That felt bad. Hopefully SE will remake the game and make the piece more accessible in the future. Best full scan of the manual I could find for reference: I also used a scan of the CD cover, and a closeup I found of the characters.

I think I did a decent job all things considered. Took a bit longer than I had planned though!

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