How To Install Rear Speakers In Peugeot 107 2012

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C1OC - CityBugClub - Citroen C1, Peugeot 107. Than buy a good pair of rear speakers 200 quit pair should do. I also advice to install better speakers in the.

I've had one of these for a week as courtesy car. First impressions where how small it is, second how flimsy, thirdly after driving how unsafe I felt. Absolutely everything is budget driven. The steering is so light you wonder if the tyres are in contact with the road.The seats after half an hour were giving me back ache and the base so short it pressed into the back of my thighs. I found the heater controls pretty naff to use, you have to push down quite hard to make it cooler only to find you've pressed all the way to the bottom (cold). The bottom air flow symbol is hidden by the curve of the dash, the air flow speed button isn't lit at night. The engine makes a stupid noise (yes its 3cyl) and when you throttle it (which is the only way to get some progress) the exhaust sounds like its about to drop off.

Motorway speed the wind hums around the rear glass boot lid and the car is buffered by any cross winds. The boot lid is basically a piece of glass which, when open, carries a lump of a motor for the rear wiper which is at the right height to catch the back of your head when you stand upright. In summary, all I can say is thank heavens I don't own this car.

My normal car is nothing 'flash' but at least I feel safe and I don't feel like you could break into it with a toffee hammer. Compared to the VW 'UP' or a second hand Fiesta or even a second hand old style KA (which I've driven and loved, its like the MINI of old)its waaaaaay off.

I hope to heavens its dirt cheap to buy! Anthony green, avon, November 21st 2013.

I have owned this car for 1 year and 3 months and I have had only one problem with it. I was told the battery is quite low (I don't know how much that would cost to replace, but I have been taking it out for longer drives to help the battery). Other than that, I use it to get to uni and it is really reliable, I have never had any problems with it.

The only thing is, is that it can be quite noisy on the inside, I thought that was just my driving, but it changes. There are times when the driving sounds quiet,but there's been times when it is really loud and on occasion I have been asked if I am driving a diesel car? But I like this car a lot because it is easy to park and nice for driving around town. I haven't had any problems with it on the motorway, except for one route on a dual carriageway where it goes slow on the uphill, but that is a really steep uphill climb. But generally on the motorways, it can cope with the speeds of other cars. I find that the boot is small, but you can fit a lot in it. I recently went on a picnic and had four rucksacks, a thick blanket and two big boxes of drink in there, along with the other general car maintenance equipment I always carry in the boot.

I chose the five door version because I am the only one in my family who drives, and thought it would be more practical. The space in the interior is really good for a small car (though I dont know if that is just because I am small) but the space in the back is roomy so I have been told. Elizabeth Cottam, Hertfordshire, June 11th 2013. Cute, Clever, Economical.what more could you ask for? I have this car just over a month and a half and I must say: I am extremely pleased with it. First, the pros:.It looks absolutely stunning.Interior space for front passengers is more than adequate.Cabin looks and feels excellent quality, dash is spacious and everything is easily accessible & usefull..Running costs are great, and isurance and TAX rates are brilliant..Parking really couldn't be any easier..Despite its small engine, picks up the speed nicely and is a fast car..Comfortable, nice looking seating.

Secondly, cons:.Despite its modern look, the car doesnt exactly feel as 'solid' as, say, a Volkswagen. The front bumper is pure plastic and would never survive a small crash..It is apparent where costs were saved, the whole car carpet is rather flimsy (however this does mean that cleaning and modifying the car is a lot easier). The body-colored interior door panels will appeal to some people, but will look cheap to others..Suspensions are dry, and going over a ramp will be uncomfortable until you get used to the car..Motorway crosswinds will blow the car all over the place. Overall, I highly reccomend the Peugeot 107 S.E.

It's truly a great, economical, modern car. It may not be cheap, but the low running costs will make up for the extra hundred.

This car is truly Smiles better than the rest!!! Jason jalet, October 13th 2008. We hired our 107 in Madeira. For those who have not been there, this is a mountainous island to say the least and the locals often drive at breakneck speeds on the steep and winding roads. In these circumstances the little 107 did feel vulnerable and we had to make extensive use of first gear when taking uphill hairpin bends - of which there were many.

On the 'Rapida' dual carriageway it could keep up with most of the traffic and had just enough punch to overtake slower cars before the next BMW or Audi filled your rear view mirror. We drove on the island roads extensively and I found the driving position very comfortable. I often suffer from neck and backache when driving for long periods but not in the 107. The five doors were very practical but the rear hatch was very tiny. There is very limited boot space but enough for shopping and carrying around the usual bags and cameras etc that you tend to have on holiday. Around town it was great and very easy to park. Difficult to comment on fuel economy because so much time spent in lower gears both up and downhill.

It did have trouble pulling 5th Gear on anything other than a level or downhill stretch. A great city car and fun to drive on challenging Madeira roads but may be a bit too slow to keep clear of the lunatics who hurl their 4x4s around our county roads down here. Roger Burfitt, Somerset, July 24th 2008. I rented a 107 for a week and to begin with, I was rather disappointed with it. The door panels are very flimsy, the metal flexes even putting the key in.

Also it is very noisy when getting up to speed although it cruises reasonably well due to the high top gear. The boot is extremely small even for a car this size but my passengers tell me that space in the rear seats wasn't too bad and it was reasonably comfortable in the front too. I got a poor 35 mpg out of it with mixed driving including motorways. This fuel consumption is the biggest black mark.

Alan Marriott, Worcs, June 8th 2008. I have had my 107 for nearly two and a half years. Presntly only done 17000 miles. It's nippy, very cheap to run and looks cute. Its tougher than you think because I found myself in an icy situation on a rather steep hill and with a good run she climbed to the top and left some of the bigger engine cars behind! The drivers of the 4 x 4's were impressed.

The only negatives are side back viewing. There is a column which blinds a little and the tyres wear quite quickly. Apart from this I would not hesitate in recommending this car. Angela Stanway, Derbyshire, April 13th 2008. I have owned an '06' 3dr urban in red with the 2 tronic transmission for just over 20 months. Just about to part company with it, trading it in for a new Mitsubishi Colt.

Good points: Good reliability. Cheap running costs. The Heiress Script Pdf.

Quite nippy for a 1.0 engine. Bad points: Dont believe the hype, you will get 50mpg at best under any conditions. Very, very noisy cabin environment.

Terrible auto gearbox. Lack of power out of town. Very harsh ride quality. It may look good value compared to other cars in this class, but you can do a lot better for similar money. To sum up, a cheap city car built down to a price with quite a few corners being cut. Dont buy the auto, you wont like it.

Les Latham, Flintshire, February 10th 2008. I bought this car in 2005 brand new and sold it in November with 38000 miles on the clock. The first 6 months of owning this car i had nothing but trouble and it spent more time in peugeots garage than in my own. It started cutting out, after several visits to the garage they finallt discovered a problem with the electrics. Then things went bad to worse when i drove it round a corner one day and the steering locked!! I rang my local dealer who took it away and gave me it back saying nothing was wrong with it, i then got on to head office as i didnt thing that was good enough, they eventually sent it to a different dealer where they told me there was a fault on the steering lock and it all needed to be replaced, they did this under the warranty, although they didnt want to and tried to make alot of excuses. After the 'teething problems' i loved the car, it was cheap to drive, it was nippy for a 1.0 ltr and the boot space wasnt terrible for the tiny car it was, i could fit my little boys pram base in the car.

The only other problems i had were the tyres which is why i have rated the running costs only at a 3 star, i had to replace the tyres every 6500 miles, the dealers said that the car hads obviosly had a hard life but i disagree, i may only be 21 but i have a baby boy so would never drive eratically and this was my 3rd car and tyres had never been a problem on these. Overall i would say this is a lovely car but i think the dealers really let it down!! Lianne Masters, durham, February 2nd 2008. This is a cracking little car - it's what the Mini remake should have been. They have reduced cost where is does not really matter yet kept in everything you actually want. I went for an Urban Move which gives you air-con, red trim, a rev counter and metallic paint.

Go look at the C1 and Aygo as well and play each dealer off against each other. You can get a great price as long as you don`t care which one you get (they are 95% the same car!) The Toyota involvement means reliability should be good. The engine is surprisingly nippy and has no problems keeping up with traffic on the motorway. The ride is firm, yet the gearbox is nice and smooth - overall, it's a really fun drive that puts a smile on your face. The car cost next to nothing to insure, run and tax and does its bit for the environment. Highly recommend for anyone who does not need the space of a larger car.

Gareth Jones, November 3rd 2007. I have been driving a 107 the last couple of days as a courtesy car after writing off my mum's Fiesta (doh!) So although I am a bit of a racer I have to say this car is not bad to drive even if it looks a bit dumpy.

It's quite a laugh around corners however the steering could do with a bit more feel, and I was surprised how quick it goes with the little 1.0 litre engine. I actually though it was allright at higher speeds out of town too. The skinny tyres don't do it any favours, but then if you are looking to buy one of these you're probably not going to be fussy over how good a drivers car it is like I am. The 107 feels reasonably solid however certain things such as the pedals and gearstick hint at the car's low price. The omission of a rev counter seems ridiculous to me even if its a standard model, and why anyone should have to pay extra for a proper glove box is beyond me. In fact I'm yet to find anywhere in the car to hide valuables (under the seats????) which is a bit of an issue I think. Overall though I can see how this car could be a good cheap runaround if that's what you need it for.

Ross Morley, August 26th 2007.

How to install front speakers. Your front speakers are in the left and right corner of your dashboard, right under the front window. You can take the speaker cover away from the dashboard, you can use a little screw driver or just your nails. You place them in the corner and can just take out the cover very easy. If you have no pre-installed speakers you will see this.

The white connector is the one you need to look for. It's taped to a bunch of other cables. You can just pull them out. If you are lucky the connector fits right into your new speakers. If not you have to replace the connector with new ones. Blue connector is -, Red connector +.

But please double check. Pink wire is - Dark Purple wire is +. The right side, was: green wire - and blue wire + Links = Left / Rechts = Right / Hinten = Back / Vorn = Front Schwarz = Black / WeiB = White / Blau = Blue / Grun = Green / Violett = Violet / Rosa = Pink / Rot/Schwarz = Red Black / Rot = Red Connect the + to the + and the - to the - of the speaker. There are only two corner screws you have to use, I had to bend the other corners of the speaker that are not used to make the speaker fit in the hole. I used a flexible screwdriver because the front window is in the way. Here is the finished result.

Cover back on. A lot of people have been asking about the grill witch wont fit back on sometimes. Underneath the speaker grill is a round holding, the plastic is soft enough to be cut with ordinary house-hold scissors/ hobby knife. Trim this and it will fit in nicely! Thanks Trys for the speaker grill tip. Cheers for you help Guido, sound system is a LOT better now got some MTX's at the front and some Fli at the back, the overall quality is awesome. Also i've installed a underseat 100w sub (or bass-enhancer, LOL).

That was a lot of trouble installing.ended up taking the headlight off to pull the wire through on my right-hand drive C1. Just a tip (trying to give something back to the community) a lot of people have been asking about the grill with wont fit back on soemtimes. This can easily rectified.underneath the speaker grill is a round holding, the plastic is soft enough to be cut with ordinary house-hold scissors. Trim this all the way round and it will fit in nicely!

Thanks again mate Anonymous said. This is an awesome site! Your step-by-step guides with photos are just great. The one thing that I keep coming back to all the time, is that my Pug 107 is a 2010 model, which has a different front, different housing on fog lights etc etc. This leads me to the subject for this thread - front speaker question: Do you know (by any chance) if the front speaker housing is different too? It´s hard to find information about the 2010 on the net.

I have a Sony Xplod MP3 stereo, Sony Xplod 6x9 rear speakers and thinking of getting for front speakers. (match your Pioneer specs).

What do you think? Thanks in advance for any answer! Rebecka said.

In my C1 I've put 2 MOREL DOTECH 4' midwoofer that fits in the OEM speakers position, plus Technology LS29 tweeters with hand made supports. Amplifier Genesis profile four with Calcell CP103 for active frequency and level regulation. The boot has a shallow mount Pioneer TSW12 sub amplified by Genesis Profile sub. If someone is intrested in this configuration I can give some photos.

The 'radio' is an Alpine CRA1656SP with MP3 cd-charger 624s under the seat. The OEM radio is still in position, just for the clock. Hi, I having difficulties with the connectors at swapping dash-speakers. I bought 4' speakers and I bought connectors too for it from eBay,but this ones looks differently.

I noticed the original connector has 4 pin point with 4 wire. When I take the speakers out from the dash there's no signal at door speakers too. I think the signal is going from dash speaker to door speaker,so I don't want to cut it.

Can you recommend connector for me please. I really don't want cutting,drilling, hammering.:) Very good site by the way.