Omsi 2 Serial Key Download

Omsi 2 Serial Key Download

OMSI 2 Update v 2.2.013 New features: Successfully quicksaving the situation causes a feedback at the red status line. Entry point selection: If you place a new bus after loading a map without busses, the preselected entry point will be remembered and reselected.

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The preview window at the bus selection ('Place a new bus') can be deactivated to increase loading speed of that window. Manual Del Buen Bolsista Epub Gratis here. The needless date selection button 'Use standard time of map' has been removed from the start menu. An option to activate error message showing as dialog box has been added. Error messages that do not affect OMSI can still be read at the logfile, but will not interrupt game flow.

If you need message boxes for debugging purposes, you can activate them via the options. Corrected bugs: Hot keys that are newly developted by us will be placed into keyboard.cfg automatically.

Consequently you do not have to add them on you own. We had that problem with release of 2.1.993 (2.2 pre patch) when we added the new quicksave function. Quicksave entry in the hot key configuration has been added to the language file. We removed many, many causes for long-burning issue CV.Calculate. It is rarely possible that you experience this bug again. Of course we will repair those possible issues as soon as possible. An error on loading live weather (METAR) named 'P.TL: 9' has been removed.

The freeze while the options dialog was opened is solved. Freeze after collisions (log file entry 'SoundSort Fail: Invalid distance calculation') is solved. Error CMO.StationManCalculate is solved. Error message 'Tourentry von arrList.' Error SPS.3B is solved. Error TPM.CABAD.SPLDZ is solved. Freeze on loading KI (logfile entry 'Try Placing Random Bus') solved.

Freeze on driving with options 'Use LowRes textures only' and 'Limit textures to 256 Px' has been solved. Loading maps without busses without selecting an entry point does not anymore cause an error. Busses driving to a left side bus station do not anymore indicate right. Range error RS.DrawAllParticles is solved. How To Pmdg 737 Ngx Liveries. Lost alignment of texttexture_enh is now functional again.

Freezes: We restructured many lines of code to get a stable, crash free OMSI. Freezes/errors caused by such code lines do not have a specific name, but you will experience a vast improvement on stability.