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Publisching-firm:Longman John Carstairs: John is a secret agent and he have worked overseas for six years. That's why he's very happy to be in Londen again. He wants to take a holiday in Devon. He don't want to go overseas again. D.O.:The Director of Operations is the boss of John Carstairs.

Professor Mastermind:His real name is Tom smith. He has build the computer DOT. But now is he a magician. Rudolph P.Hardbaker: He has build the computer Dot with Tom Smith.

But now he wants to be the boss of the world. He wants to that with DOT. DOT:Data Overseas Transmission. This computer works by itself. It doesn't need a special programmes.

Operation Mastermind Pdf Download

The computer sends information to other computers all over the world. DOT also wants to be the boss of the world. Plot The story begins when professor Mastermind is killed on stage. The police find a strange number in his hand. They can't find the murderer.

When John by D.O comes, gives D.O. John the strange number. He must learn that. D.O sends John to the island where DOT is standing because computers are stopping all over the world.

D.O things that Dot has something to do with it. John goes the island by submarine. When he is on island he get captived. Rudolph wants to kill him, but DOT saves him. DOT wants that John is his agent.

John does as if he obey DOT. Than John sees a keyboard. He types the stranger number and DOT is 'dead'. When John back is in Londen, he read a newspaper. The paper says that compu-ters are working again. John goes to D.O and D.O. Gives him a new assignment.

The assignment tolls:go to Devon and take a long holiday. Own Opinion This book was the most exciting Englisch book I have ever read. I finished the book in one time.

OPERATION MASTERMIND Longman Structural Readers Stage 3 Structural Readers are graded in six Stages according to the following principles: 1.The structures of the language are introduced in the same order as in the majority of modern course books. 2.The vocabulary is controlled as in other series, with the important development that words required for special purposes are included freely by a prescribed process of repetition.

A professor (Mastermind) is killed, and a secret agent (John Carstairs) is sent overseas to a remote island in the Agean sea to investigate. All computers around the world are stopping.

A computer called D.O.T. (Data Overseas Transmission) is programming other computers.

Saves the secret agent and wants him to join him. The secret agent then types in a secret number found with the professor and kills D.O.T. What is interesting is that the simplistic plot includes a lot of themes from other science fiction, such as '2001 A Space Odyssey', 'The Matrix' and 'I, Robot'. This includes smart computers who rebel on their master humans and try to dominate the world.

John Carstairs is a secret agent, his job is often dangerous. And now he has an opportunity to save the world.

There is a small island in the Aegean Sea. Its name´s is Doriphoros and something very strange is happening on the island.

The Americans have bought it and built the biggest computer in the world there. They call It D.O.T. The letters D.O.T. Stand for Data Overseas Transmission.

This big computer sends information to other computers all over the world. It´s different from other computers. It doesn´t need a special computer program.

All the computers in the world need a special program but this one builds its own program. It works by itself. Its plans is to control all computers all over the world. Will the computers control the world?

Could computers do this? What about Carstairs; Could he stop the computer plans? Author:L.G.Alexander Paperback, 64 pages ]Isbn 058253741X Original size: 16412 KB File format: pdf.rar Download: OR OR Reduced: 3969 KB OR Last edited by arcadius; at 04:53 PM. Reason: Cover added-arcadius.