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Like this, but smaller and more hypothetical. SNES Classic wishlists? So two thousand and late: I’m gonna scoop everybody and write the 30 games I want to see on. Nov 29, 2015 Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon has been given a PAL release date of 19th February 2016 in. Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon PAL Release.

I've already played them myself, but my personal idea when it comes to games is that a good story and good gameplay makes a game great, but a great story and shit gameplay make a game shit. Great gameplay and a shit plot, however, still keeps something good. I actually ENJOY the gameplay of the WiiWare PMDs, and the community as a whole needs to accept them as games in the series. They're fun, and lower priced than every other PMD game.

This is why I find Gates to be absolute shit and these games to be good. Admit it, all of you below have never played these, and just read on the internet once 'Hurr durr no sotry', and now openly pretend they don't exist or that they are lesser. Telecharger Windows Xp Sp3 Iso Startimes there. These games need a chance.

Chocobo's Dungeon 2 on PSX was one of the best games I have ever played in my life. We played the game with my fiancee together co-operative and we had so many good memories. After playing it thru, it was really sad to learn that the first game was only avaliable on Japanese region. So i tried to find a fan-translation on the net. This is what I found.

This is not my project, but a wordpress blog called 'Gamer's Haven' the site's owner was making a translation patch for the game during 2009. I think his nickname is fallensaviour and he abandoned project since then (or released on a unknown platform). Here is the his project page and blog: So do you know who he is? Z International Labels Templates there. Any idea to reach him?

Maybe he can at least give us the his dead translation patch and it would be much more easier to play than a full Japanese version. I really want to e-mail him. I have found? This I didn't read fully but it seems to me like same game? And this one seems fully translated?

P.S I googled a bit more. It seems that PSX game did got English release?According to this: Although i was not able to find a dump.But my browsing capabilities are not fully functional atm.First of all thanx for the effort that you put in to help me. It's really appreciated The DS game is a completely different game from the original first PSX game. It's enhanced port of Wii version (which is I got also) and never released outside of Japan. But it has a complete fan translation unlike this one. The version I asked is the very first game of 'Chocobo's Dungeon' series which only released in Japan for PSX and WonderSwan.

It's sad that I never got an official or fan translation (because there are lots translation patches for trash games, no offence). So that was the all I found and I'm trying to reach that 'fallensaviour' guy. Maybe he can send me a copy of his incomplete work because 2nd game was awesome. I checked the link also you provided but the link there doesn't work for now. I will try to reach him with a PM.

By the way if you find anything new, please let me know. And thanx for everything again! Let me know if you have any luck contacting the guy, sounds like an interesting game. Any other games in the series, or similar spinoff ones that are available in english?(or japanese with a translation patch to convert it to english)This game is a part of Mystery Dungeon game series.

And i think Mystery Dungeon series is awesome and very unique. You'll love it especially if you like tough challenges. These are the games from the series released officaly in English and I recommend: Chocobo's Dungeon 2 (PSX): Awesome game in every way with 2P co-operation support Shiren The Wanderer (DS): This game is a masterpiece. Best part of the series. One of the best games of DS.

Extremely addictive. Nightmare of Druaga (PS2): Unforgivingly tough but great Torneko The Last Hope (PSX): Don't mind the stupid reviews. Nice game especially you love Dragon Quest world Final Fantasy Fables Chocobo's Dungeon (Wii): Lighthearted entry in the series but contains Final Fantasy world perfectly. Pokemon Blue Rescue Team (DS): Easiest of them but post game stuff is really tough and addictive You can learn more about the Mystery Dungeon series here.