Trainz Thomas Downloads

Well, with my new Trainz: A New Era game on the way from the UK, I’ve decided to take this time to download as much Thomas & Friends content as I can; which is A LOT at this point. And don’t worry.

This is a pack of generic engines reskins that can be used for several things; such as the workshop engines from Trouble in The Shed, Background characters and even new characters if you have a Trainz series. This is a reskin of what Thomas looked like when he arrived on Sodor in the special The Adventure.

Trainz Thomas Download

All the Thomas content is free to download. So here’s a list of everything I have.

WARNING; this is a long list (over 100 items)*. Igo8 Software Windows Ce 6. *(#) means I have this many of a certain character; mainly for a different variant (I’ll give some examples to them) Standard Gauge -Thomas (10); Classic, CGI, Golden, LBSC paint job, Awdry model, Christmas, etc.