Versapro 2 04 Software As A Service

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Versapro 2 04 Software As A Service

I been having a life long Versa Pro problem that I've always just dealt with. So I am going to ask the question now because it's happening more frequent. I am using VersaPro 2.04 and more and more VersaPro is crashing. VersaPro crashes generally when I am online with a PLC. When it does crash, I lose the 'Logic Equal' when online. I can only get my program to go equal again by doing a complete upload. If I stop the PLC and do a store all to the PLC from laptop, it still doesn't go equal.

If I clear the PLC memory and re-download my program, it still doesn't go equal. After downloading either method above, I then do a verify to check and see if the version in the PLC is the same as my copy on my laptop and VersaPro shows that the copy is all EQUAL, but it won't go logic equal. The only way for me to recover from this problem is to re-upload my program from the PLC back into my laptop, then VersaPro goes equal finally. Of course when VersaPro crashes, I've always have to end task the 'Cam Stop' service then re-start VersaPro so I don't get that 'Can only run one instance of Cam Stop yada yada warning you get when you try and launch two copies of VersaPro. VersaPro mainly crashes when I have Quick Designer running editing a panel, while VersaPro is running in the back ground and connected to my PLC already logic equal.

When I close the panel editor in Quick Designer, this is when VersaPro crashes. Close the panel editor in Quick Designer causes VersaPro to crash.anyway. Any else have this problem? I have seen this also. What I think is happening is that the routine that checks to see if the PLC and Computer are equal is seeing it to be equal. The routines that actually run the GUI doesn't see this, therefore you get teh not equal message adn can't see logic flow. When you try to do the download, the download routine thinks that the PLC and computer are equal and so the download isn't performed, again the GUI doesn't give the the message that the two are equal.

In order to get around this I have added a dummy comment in the program and downloaded that program and it will take. Hope this helps, It is a pain when you do an upload and lose Comments as GE is wont to do sometimes. As an aside I havn't had this problem with Cimplicity ME. Regards, John M.

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