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Funny video: Portable is a photo viewer, organizer, and converter. Add realistic motion blur to moving objects and make or import 3D. The program opened with a simple. 271-m1_decrypted.bin download at 2shared. File 271-m1_decrypted.bin download at www.2shared.com. I've tried the rom again n it says CRC32 not correct.' 269-m1_decrypted.bin what does this mean n can someone pls explain to me how to overcome it?


Hi typh0id, thanks for the tip! Actually I found that if you add the contents of mslug3.zip to the mslug3n.zip and then run mslug3n.zip in piFBA, it works perfectly! Actually this works indeed nicely 🙂 With respect to your themes related question I trust this has something to do with the tag. If it’s present in your just remove it or comment it out that should do the trick. Always refer to the from Aloshi to find more informations. I have no clue if it’s possible to save dipswitch from piFBA. I can’t help on that one I’m afraid.

Hey typh0id, if you can’t access the service menu it indicates that you’re using the wrong neogeo bios file (neogeo.zip). I was in the same situation but since I’ve found a fairly smaller bios file (with less files within) I can successfully access the service menu by pressing SELECT+LT+RT on my Xbox controller under piFBA and turn on the blood in all mslugs 🙂 Regarding sound and some Neo Geo games well it also means that you’re using the wrong rom files or as trimmtrabb said you need the “decrypted” M1 file to be present within those roms (for SVC it should be 269-m1_decrypted.bin). If you Google a bit I’m sure you’ll find a good place to get these. Also have a look at the output.log file located in the /home/pi/RetroPie/emulators/pifba/ directory.

After testing all Neo Geo games I can confirm that only 4 don’t work properly with piFBA: * mslug3 (crash on launch) * kof2000 (crash on launch) * ridhero (launch but crash w black screen as soon as the race starts / works ok on mame4all) * zedblade (glitches/messy background / works perfect on mame4all) Finally with respect to your last question, the script from Cacophony555 helps a lot to build a gamelist.xml file allowing you to specify a name for your roms. It’s still manual though but better than nothing!

As a bonus if you have images/boxarts for your games they’ll be picked up automatically (you have to use same name rom file/image). Let me enclose my own file here, simply rename it to gamelist.xml and put it into your neogeo or fba roms dir and you’re done!

Hope this helps!

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