Dod G7 Guitar Effects Processor Manual

The DoD G7 Guitar Processor! I hope I can get a picture soon. Let me tell you a little about my DoD G7 Guitar Processor. First of all, I just want to say that this little baby kicks some serious guitar effect butt! It is a one rack space unit. It's got a wide range of really rippin' sounds. I got it as a gift for the Christmas of '96.

However, if you are thinking of buying it yourself, you better be willing to dish out about $230 dollars. But how can you argue with that? It's a great processor and it's definately worth the money. It features: 30 Factory Presets A List of the 30 presets with brief description of what they sound like.

Big Guns - Solo Distortion + FX Cowboy - Clean Tremelo Crusher - Heavy Distortion Big Slap - Clean Slapback Mr Clean - Clean Chorus Lap Steel - Volume Pedal Gtr+Bass - Overdrive + Pitch Change PedSteel - Volume Pedal + Pitch Change Chor LR - PingPong Delay + Chorus Rocktry - Country Rock AtomPunk - Distortion + Phase Bleusy - Overdrive + Detune Grinddet - Distortion + Detune Pajamas - Overdrive + Chorus M Ballad - Clean Chorus BluSlide - Overdrive + Reverb Oh Yeah! - Heavy Solo + Delay Orleans - Clean Chorus Rude Boy - Grunge + Distortion Hardtime - Neck Pickup Distortion Rhythm - Distortion + Reverb 3rds - Ditstortion + Pitch Change Lil'Bite - Light Overdrive BigSwell - Auto Swell + Chor/Delay FlangeFac - Clean Flange JimiFaze - Fuzz Phase Anarchy - Punk Overdrive Surfs Up - Vintage Spring Reverb Mermaids - Heavy Chorus SynthTar - AutoSwell + Dist/Pitch/Delay 30 User Presets This feature allows you to program your very own sounds for you guitar!

Make really cool choruses, distortions, overdrives, phasers, MONO or PONG delays, flangers, reverbs, and Equalizers. Equalizing - Choose from 3 LowBoosts, 3 Midboosts, 3 High Boosts, and 6 Mid Cuts! Compression - Set your compression rates to Low, Medium, or High. Distortions - Choose one of 8 overdrives or 7 Grunge sounding distortions! Noise Gates - 8 Different gates, 3 Fat Swells, or 3 Small Swells. Afterthoughts On Visual Pleasure And Narrative Cinema Pdf. Mods/Pitches - WAY TO MANY TO LIST!

Probably about a hundered of these babies. Including Phasers, Choruses, Flangers, Pitch Changers, Detuners, and Tremelos. Delays - 63 Mono Delays, 36 Pong Delays, and 36 Tap Delays. Reverbs - 3 Rooms, 3 Halls, and 3 Stadiums!

The DoD G7 Guitar Processor! I hope I can get a picture soon. Let me tell you a little about my DoD G7 Guitar Processor. First of all, I just want to say that this. A voice from the old Ampage days here. (Search the archive for 'Reid') I'm trying to fix a DOD G7 rack unit ('Guitar FX Processor/Preamp'). 8 user reviews on DOD FX7 Guitar Processor / Preamp. PDF Manuals & Misc; REVIEWS. MGR/galen's review 'DOD FX7 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor'.

Levels - Adjust your levels from 1 to 100! Jacks The bad boy has input and headphone jacks in the front.

Dod G7 Guitar Effects Processor Manual

In the rear, it's got Left(mono) and right outputs for stereo sound, the power input for the unit, a footswitch input, and a Midi input. It also has Input AND Output level adjustment knobs, so you can control your sound to the maximum and not worry about clipping. I am do not work for DoD, and I am not trying to sell this thing to you. However, I highly recommend it.