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What is BetterSpore? BetterSpore is a community made mod which improves many aspects of Spore. There are many features in this mod all of which are optional. This is not a Maxis made mod, it is made by the community using, and will be used at your own risk, we describe later on how to minimize problems. We have extensively tested BetterSpore on a variety of spore gaming platforms, and we have reduced out many of the problems. Go to the to see all the current know bugs, and to post new ones.

Hey, im using the platinum spore mod which adds genetic modification to space stage allowing you to change your creatre, BUT i need to install a force save mod. Look at most relevant Spore force save download websites out of 7.07 Million at KeyOptimize.com. Spore force save download found at forum.spore.com, youtube.com. S >SPORE >A force-save hack that works on the Steam version of Spore:GA? Spore Creature Creator and Spore should not be installed on the same machine.

Spore Force Save Mod Download

With 1.5.1, just replace your old package files with the new ones. Read the readme for more info. ( READ THIS PAGE BEFORE DOWNLOADING) NOTE: If the download does not work, we will be getting a Mirror download tomorrow, so just wait and be patient. What is unique about BetterSpore?

So there are over 100 mods out there and why does BetterSpore stand out? It stands out due to its combination of the best mods to create a smooth change to a more enjoyable version of Spore. Not only that, but BetterSpore is customizable. Don’t want the new tools? Don’t use the tools package.

Only want the parts? Use only the parts package. You get to choose what you want. The Readme for more information. Features -46 New Parts -Over 20 new space tools -Overhaul of the Creature and Space stages -Changes to the Tribaland Civilization stage -A complete GUI (Graphics User Interface) change For more on these features the Readme. How to Install BetterSpore safely First of all, make sure you, and.

This is only precautionary, and will mean nothing happens if you have to reinstall Spore. The next step is to install the mod as explained in the “” section. Start up your game and start a new game.

Make sure when using the mod you only use save games which you started when you had BetterSpore, and you remove the mod when playing any other saves. FAQ Q: There were parts advertised in the which never made it in, why so?

A: We removed the parts we made because it did not live up to our standards, and are not yet ready to be used. We decided not to delay BetterSpore to get these parts working. We will try to create an updated version of the BetterSpore_parts.package in the coming weeks for you to use these new parts. Q: Why aren’t my creatures saving? A: For some reason, some of the parts do not save. This is why we included the Spore Editor Hack (Made by RamonNZ), which allows you to “Force Save” your creations, for more on how to do it please read the.

Q: What is Maxis’s position on mods, and will my online experience be affected? A: Maxis is fine with the modding community existing, and we have talked a few times, however they do not provide support for mods. The only effect on your online experience is that all creatures which use the complexity packages or the new parts (grox/cell included) will not upload. Q: I’m not to sure about using this mod, it could be dangerous, or contain viruses.

A: Wait a few days, come back on and see what the comments are (also look through the ). Mod Links – – – – – – – – Credits – (Better Spore Team Leader) – (Lead Part Developer) – (Part Developer/Part Code) – (Space Tools Code) – (Editors Coder) – (Creature Coder) – (Civilization Coder/Artifact Coder)) – (General Programmer) – (Team Member) – (Team Member) – (Alpha Tester) Regards Ball Lightning/FutureFilms. Gill Kaiser said I had a few bugs in v1.2, if I captured a planet from an enemy and then terraformed it, it wouldn’t let me put any new colonies down, saying that the planet was already claimed.

In v1.3, the terraforming tools that used to use energy (cloud vacuum, heat ray etc) have been converted to use money, but the problem is that those tools do not have a set duration, but are rather intended to be used constantly until the desired effect is achieved. Thus, when you use them, the full cost (50,000 sporebucks or so) is deducted every split second of use.

I activated cloud vaccuum for 5 seconds and realised that it had cost me 10,000,000 sporebucks. I suggest changing the cost of such tools to a much lower value, or switching them back to energy. Ballightning said “In v1.3, the terraforming tools that used to use energy (cloud vacuum, heat ray etc) have been converted to use money, but the problem is that those tools do not have a set duration, but are rather intended to be used constantly until the desired effect is achieved. Thus, when you use them, the full cost (50,000 sporebucks or so) is deducted every split second of use. I activated cloud vaccuum for 5 seconds and realised that it had cost me 10,000,000 sporebucks.

I suggest changing the cost of such tools to a much lower value, or switching them back to energy.” I see, well this will definitly be fixed. Sinropa said i agree with the above: the cost on those items makes them almost useless (still buy the “place on planet” versions) but my real issue is crashing. Just wondering if anyone else is having crash issues. Crashed today seconds after dropping a colony pack (tho moving at full speed while doing so may have been a bad idea lol) this crash took me to the desktop(no error) one before it was a lock up with a not responding warning all i recall going on @ crash was zoning into a planet. My PC is higher end, never crashed prior to mod install. The crashes were about 1 day apart. This was a fresh game (figured starting from mid game with new settings would cause issues) what im getting at is the crashes arent every 10 mins or anything.

Runs smooth until i trigger something when i can pinpoint it more ill let you know. Otherwise, awesome mod prolly wouldnt play without it. Gill Kaiser said Hey, thanks for fixing the terraforming tool cost problem. I’m still getting the “this planet is already claimed” bug, however. If I have bought the system from an ally, or captured the system via conquest, and I then terraform an already colonised planet further, the game won’t let me drop any more colonies onto that planet. This occurs even if I destroy all my colonies on the planet and drop them again it lets me drop the number that were there when I acquired the system, and then repeats “this planet is claimed”. This bug only occurs when I have Better Spore installed, so I’ve taken to uninstalling the mod, dropping the extra colonies, saving, and then reinstalling the mod.

Needless to say, this is getting tedious. I really hope you can suss out the cause of the problem. Anyway, thanks again for fixing the terraforming cost. Megazear7 said I had some ideas to give creature stage more depth and make it more realistic and more like evolution/natural selection. Thought I’de share. 1) More animals just roaming about.

60-80% of animals should be out and about not at nest at any given time.(this one is probably unrealistic, but for this mod to work, it is needed) 2) No more finding skeletons for parts. You get all parts at the start. 3) Make three 25 dna-cost parts add up to the same ability as a 75 dna part, ect 4)Make creatures of all ability levels mixed together, not a progressive game as it is now where you go from weak creatures, mid, to tough. Make them all jumbled together. 5) Force you to eat way more. 6) Give dna for eating 7) all pack member slots available from the start no dna for extincting 9) no dna for socializing with creatures And some that probably arent possible:: 10 )Make some animals go by themselves, if they are really advanced(end of creature stage animals).

Animals that are weak group up when they leve the nest(beggining of creature stage animals). This is probably not possible 11) The less other pack members you have the more dna you get(this one is pretty essential for mod to work). Ar91 said No, I meant to reduce the cost of creature parts in the creature editor. Like, you would still get 1 DNA for eating other creatures, but when you call a mate and go to the creature editor, you’d only have to spend 3 instead of 5 DNA for a new eye or whatever. The cell stage would still be short, but you’d end up with a more complex creature.

I’ve always wanted to create a funny looking cell like the one made by maxis, with tons of eyes and flagellae, but there’s never enough DNS for that. Link99912 said Well It’s got some problems I’d like to point out 1.

Strangly changes all level one items to look like there level 3 counter parts For instance, mini bomb to mega bomb Single turret looks like tribble turret That kind of stuff. More importantly, it makes spice storage not work, you can only have a max of 24 spice holding on a planet, kinda gay. Also, 864 spice an hour? Don’t ya think? All weapons such as ultra laser ect need to be bought from a different empire, you can’t find them like you normally can at yours.

Super happy ray cost about 600k a second. Happy ray cost about 200k a second. Most things that cost money that are ‘rays’ take about 500k a second+ Planet buster cost 5million to use, which is MORE then you could buy it singly at your home planet, which is 4 million. I can’t seem to find intersteller drive 2, although I did find all the ultra weapons. I would suggest putting the ultra bomb on conquer five though.

Said Ok I have a question and a recommendation. Do you know if it is hard coded in the programming to have city’s that are underwater? Like Aquatic city’s? If it is possible please add this in the 1.5 mod. I think it would be awesome.

If not maybe someone at Maxis should do it. I am excited about the expansion pack coming out in March.

To leave your ship on an alien planet is very cool Sincerely, Shannan Rohde – lulu banish wah ne nah p.s. Is it me or when you hear donkeys on TV you think of when you putting a creature on the planet to terraform it.

Maybe I am playing to much. Polcsi said I forgot to mentione my ideas for improving your mod: 1. Every trade route makes some many for you and this money is automatically transferred to you. OR Every trade route adds some spice to your trading planet.

The spice generated by your planets are automatically transferred to your space vessel. Much more chance to capture a colony instead of destroying it on a T0 planet. I dont know, if it is possible, but can you make it to get allied space ships not just from your allies, but from your own empire too! It would be cool to make fleet just containing your ships. I think you could try it trough adding a new dialog, or something like that.

This is all for now. Sikgamer said Hi, can you please fix the annoying gliding problem. I’m not talking about the flying feature itself, it’s really fun flying across the planet, but this feature causes other creatures to zoom upwards when they try to fly. The AI are not designed to cope with the flying mod, because they already can fly in the original game. Whenever they try to fly they zoom upwards into space and don’t fall back down for several minutes This happens for all the other phases too, which makes the tribal phase almost impossible since when you order your tribe to go somewhere, they try to fly over and as a result shoot off into space where they aren’t seen for several minutes, leaving your hut defenceless. Perhaps make it so the flying only affects your creature and not allies, or just remove it altogether please.

Henry said well it certainly makes laser more powerful and some diff with proton missiles and bombs, don’t have the ultra laser yet so cant compare but, but what you mean by ‘so have the terra tools be faster’ i think they reload quicker not too sure if that’s what you mean, some are slow like mega pulse. Also whether this is an issue with the mod or its compatibility with better spore the atmosphere rays such as heatingect are grosley to powerful you tap it and it goes from when end to the other with no hope of control lol.

Makes a few things free to. Sikgamer said Also there is a slight (actually not so slight) problem with the Tactical Nuke. If you use one on a planet it sends the heat up to the maximum (to the right).

If you use a nuke on a planet then use any atmospheric tool, the planet’s status gets updated and, as a result, instantly turns into a molten planet. This is funny to watch, but shouldn’t happen with a nuke. Also make it so the nuke costs energy and has a higher cooldown. You shouldn’t be able to fire a nuke a second with no cost in energy or cash:P.

Wailwulf said Just registared to down load the mod. I have one question and sugestion from after reading the FAQ. I have two installs of SPORE on my computer (Did a copy and paste into a different folder). It runs fine and I have used it to try the cell and Flora editor. Now if I put the mod into this folder, will the mod affect my other game in any way? Two reasons, One SPORE likes to connect to SPORE.com, will being connected cause problems?

Two, I was still able to see all my creations in my new copy, so would creations/creatures I create in the Mod affect my stock game/connection to SPORE.com? My suggestion after just reading the FAQ is for tribal, 100 food seems to be a lot.

Food has not been a major problem in the game for me yet, though there are times I have run low. And is there at least a way I could lower the intial starting food with out too much trouble? The suggestion to lower the cost of parts in Cell stage I would agree with if it is not possible to lengthen th Cell Stage. Otherwise, this mod seems to address most of my critiques of the stock game.

AMartinez said I have a few suggestions. I dont much about modding so i dont know if the the space stage suggestions are possible During Space is it possible to mod so that you can, during a time of war, place a colony on planet thats on the same solar system as the on you are fighting for?

Next idea is similar, is it possible to place a colony on the same planet? And from the there the battles take place like a Civ mode battle? Also can you make Civ a little longer and make it a little more “strategic” and slowing the pace down a little, meaning, Spice gathering should take a little longer thus delaying attacks and make you take care of your vehicles more instead of spamming them. Maybe add “blindside” and “flank” damage, height advantage etc. Ballightning said @ Spiritleech, you can remove the mod if you don’t have any of the new artifacts on you when you remove the mod. @ ROFLCOPTER, go to the mediafire link, then click on the “start your download” button.

If it still doesn’t work try a different browser. @ ESPee, I don’t want it to be put on a torrent, if they want to download it they can do it from here, the only official sources are here and any others may have viruses or bugs, also i can’t make it 1.00 compatible as i don’t have that any more so i can’t do it. And you really should get the patches. Henrik said I have installed the Better Spore mod 1.48 and played a bit in creature stage and I think I found a bug. In the test drive mode in the Creature Editor the ground is gone. The circular area you can walk on is invisible and you only see a dark void. I can move the creature as usual and the problem is the same in all the “test backgrounds”.

I use the macversion of spore, have the latest patch and I have no other mods installed exept for the offical mod to reach the Grox. If I delete “Better spore” it works again. Anyone else got this problem. Bogus1 said BUGS!!! My only mod is betterspore 1.48 super powers don’t like it.

Raider Rally causes crash when you purchase it. Repeated process several times with same results. Fanatical frenzy and soothing song (maybe others too) are removed from my inventory (after saved) when restarting the game. I found and bought fanatical frenzy and soothing song, then saved the game, exited out, shut down, came back next day and they were not in my inventory anymore. This has happened twice. Otherwise its been fun.

Tartarian said Suggestions for the Cell Stage (most of these are probably not possible though 😦 New Stats 1. Proteins: DNA +10 for each level (max 5) 2. Energy: All available stats +1 3.

Storage: Fill the bar faster New Parts 4. Nucleolus- Proteins 1 (limit: 1) 5. Ribosomes- Proteins 1 (limit: 1) 6. Endoplasmic Reticulum- Proteins 1 (limit: 1) 7. Mitochondria- Speed 1 (smooth, cost: 17) 8. Chloroplast- Energy 1, Herbivorous 9. Lysosome- Energy 1, Carnivorous/Omnivorous 10.

Golgi Body- Storage 1 11. Vacuoles- Storage 1 12.

Centrioles- Health 1, Carnivorous/Omnivorous 13. Cell Wall- Health 2, Herbivorous New Editor Stuff 14. Add the parts from the hidden editor 15. To have herbivorous or carnivorous/omnivorous parts, cells must have that kind of mouth New Gameplay 16. You can play in “survival mode” in which you have time limits to get enough DNA and lose (and are forced to start over) if you don’t succeed in the time limit or if you are killed.

It takes longer for the bar to fill up, increasing the time it takes to play the cell stage. ZZGashi said A couple of things I have noticed with the new version. 1.) The outer rings on the colonies that help determine placement seem to have gotten larger, so it makes it difficult to place three colonies on a world. 2.) It said in the changes that you fixed the problem were it still cost money to travel from star system to star system. Does that mean you reduced the amount of money it takes, or were you trying to eliminate it altogether?

Since it still takes some money dependening on the distance you are traveling. Chaossupersonic said This looks good, but I’m not sure whether I should download it. I can’t be bothered. 😀 OK, to real things now, I might get it, but here are a few suggestions: Cell stage: (yes I know it’s really hard to edit, but you can always try some of these) *Spine extension [meaning that you can change the length of the spine]. *Creature parts in the editor.

Yes, that includes the Grox parts if you can. Creature stage: *Basically what everyone else has said. *Different spice on your planet (so it isn’t always red spice, this also applies to civ and space stage. *You can have all mouths, so if your a carnivore, you can still get omnivore and herbivore mouths. Tribal stage: *More tribes coming into the game, and more huts needed to win the stage.

*Maybe some new food? *Try and change the powers from the cards that you get(history and timeline cards, you know, the red, green and blue ones). What I mean is that you should try and change what they look like, and what they do. *No spaceships abducting your pets! Civ stage: *Ummmmm, nothing here really, apart from what others have said Space stage: *Stop the Joker badge from appearing when you cheat, meaning that you can still get achievments. Do this for all stages.

*This would be very hard to do, but try and allow some CPU empires to have the Grox archtype, for this you would have to make text and stuff appear, and also allow it that you could also do a change archtype mission from them. You would have to create a consequence ability for it, something like KO chaos, where you could get empires to attack each other. I dunno how you would do it, but if you could, it would be great! That’s about it. Mark Henderson said I may have found a couple of small bugs. (inly in creature stage so far.) In creature stage one group of creatures seemed to have spawned incorrectly.

They all ran around in groups of three. Each group of three were ‘linked’ together and so close together, side by side, they were touching, almost like holding hands. Each group of three all did the same thing at the same time, they were synchronised – right down to animations. Also in creature stage when a storm came I got a large dark cloud witha line through it, almost as though the graphic textures ended abruptly. This never happened before the mod. Mark Henderson said I may have found a couple of small bugs. (inly in creature stage so far.) In creature stage one group of creatures seemed to have spawned incorrectly.

They all ran around in groups of three. Each group of three were ‘linked’ together and so close together, side by side, they were touching, almost like holding hands. Each group of three all did the same thing at the same time, they were synchronised – right down to animations. Also in creature stage when a storm came I got a large dark cloud witha line through it, almost as though the graphic textures ended abruptly. This never happened before the mod. But still – great mod!!! Said [] March 15, 2009 the legendary Better Spore that I told everyone about has been released!

The custom made parts were not included for it did not meet the Better Spore team’s standards however the Grox Parts and Hidden Cell editor parts were included, aswell as all the other extras included. There are some other perks that weren’t told to anyone before the release such as a new GUI (menus and stuff look different).

Anyway if you want to learn more about Better Spore 1.5 go here: []. Creeperella said I have only played through to space once previously, so bear with me for not knowing names/stats of everything, but I will be as clear as possible, regardless. I added this mod this morning, so I assume it is the latest version.

It’s a legal copy, Vista 64, English, on Normal setting. Still in creature stage currently. We will start here. Some things I am having issues with: 1.

Can’t seem to acquire BFF 2. Have been playing about 4-5 hours, and have only encountered one group of epics, which seem to always be in the same small area. (this one might be my ignorance of the mod specifics)I began at creature stage, there were two items in the “better spore” tab for creature creation. This has not changed. Should there be more by now?

It stops telling me after a point which pieces I am gaining from befriending alphas and digging skeletons. I just thought I wasn’t getting them until I returned to the nest after much frustration looking for them! Still missing an eye, which I feel I should have found by now.

First Column, third row. Whatever eye that is. When I began there were many groups of rogues (rogues which had “normal” creature versions as well). I befriended them as I came across them, and added them to my pack. As they died off, the group of rogues they came from seem to have disappeared, and only the normal version could be found. Now I am not encountering any more rogues at all.

It seemed like they were more frequent before the mod. Is this on purpose? I know that’s a lot, my apologies. Thanks for your time, though! Creeperella said Thank you, dear. My rogues came back after I nested maybe just a hiccup.

Still never got bff, even after 30 some comrades. In the end, it didn’t matter because of another little glitch I keep having. You see, I really should have saved my progress something I have learned (or so I thought) the hard way over many games/hours/work lost gaming. I didn’t save. I started Tribal stage, and when I clicked on a neighboring tribe to bring gifts and/or attack my game froze. I tried again, with the same result.

Is it just me? Right now I am uninstalling the mod so I can move forward. The main thing I wanted was to avoid “babysitting” my planets and allies in space-stage, as it becomes an irritating grind-fest with no reward after a short time. Maybe I’ll just jump ahead. Nineballfool said I am sorry the BFF achievement is not working for youi have not had an issue with it. Tyler said When I play with the cell parts and the grox parts from 1.5 there are 3 tabs for every section and the third tab is always the exact same thing as the first or second tab.

I have the cute and creepy pack, could that have anything to do with this. How do I fix this. Also is it possible to use the new the cell parts in the cell stage and do you think that you could work with maxis to allow us to share the new parts to the sporpedia. Sorry I have too many questions but when do you think you’ll be able to release the new spore parts. SuperWeb said Hello, you may or may not know me, I’m SuperWeb on the forums and very much enjoy your mod. I just want to let you know when I upload creations it doesn’t always work, but I deleted the parts pack and it works fine. Here are some suggestions: 1.

In civ, you could change the cost of vehicles, maybe bring them up for some stages? In creature, the epic health is too low.

However, 1000 is too high. 500 or 750 may work.

Could you increase the reward price for missions by a little? Not too much though. Olof_ragnarok said When i´ve downloaded it i don´t know how to start it.

I don´t understand how to start it. It just shows a LOT of files in “documents” and i don´t know what to next. Does it automaticly starts in spore? By the way i bought the normal spore. And it works great, but i downloaded “betterSpore” from this page. And when it´s done a window pops up and says “allow/don´t allow” and i click “allow”. And then the documents shows up with a lot of weird files.

So i clicked on some file and a big text shows up. I dont understand it so i click it down. HOW DO I START BETTERSPORE UP??!!!

Golden97 said I have a few requests to you fancy, experianced modders out there, please tell me if this is possible 1. You should be able to start the creature stage underwater, where its in a 3d Environment, but you are underwater, with other cretures without feet, will be floating around ready to fight you if you get near them, 2. Wen i go to a planet with even red water i go underwater in the cell stage, and it turns blue, if you can fix that, that would be awsome. Also ball Lightning, the Epic warz and planet buster, (witch i really dont use, the neuclear death cloud owns that tool) Dont show up wen i buy them, i just lose money, just like spice market. Axims said bugs using BS 1.5.1. When I go for a swim in the sea, the sea monster doesn’t eat me, but the history says I died 198 times.

In space stage all of the colonization tools are free, colonies, spice storage, loyalty booster, ect. In the space stage sometimes herds of creatures will vanish as I’m about to abduct them.

Grox background image is messed up. Some of the artifacts on planets are invisible, and can’t be picked up. (please fix this soon it’s really annoying) A blue spice planet gave me green spice. (not sure if this was because of BS, or just Spore) In creature game sometimes my pack members disappear. The grass still moves where they are walking, but they are invisible.

In space stage only 5 planets show up on the quick list when I hover the mouse over a star, even though the system has 7 planets. Oceans do strange things when terraforming (I’m pretty sure this was a regular Spore bug) Better Spore is awesome!!! Some things I would change: I was using Kittanis_Space_Tools_Mod_V1.1 and thought it had a great balance for the cost to use the space tools, and there was no ammo required for them. It would also be nice if the recharge time on terrain tools was shorter as in the sculptistsdream mod. It seems like the view distance in space has been shortened or changed.

All of the information about stars disappears if they aren’t within my immediate travel radius. Makes it hard to keep track of my galactic empire and exploration. Eiy said I like the fact that you can ‘pay at the time of use’ for items like Spice Storage and Uber Turrets.

However, what if I purchased some, anyways? Does it store my purchases and use them before charging for new ones? Or does it ignore the purchases? Since there are no longer counts for these items I can’t tell. When I start head out for the center of the galaxy I like to really stock up before heading out. It would be important that I can purchase things in advance so that I am not limited to my cash reserve. Said Ok, here’s some of MY suggestions: I always wanted to have more gameplay length.

I can get from cell stage to space stage in a matter of 2 hours. I wanted it so that you: Need to eat more to finish Cell Stage Have to get more DNA to finish Creature Stage Have to conquer at least 2 more tribes in Tribal to advance Have to actually GET all the cities in Civ, and your allies don’t ask to band together In space, I want it so that there is a decent amount of time before you meet the Grox. I also wanted to see weapons: A deployable Uber-Uber turret, which is basically a fast-firing version of the Uber Turret (fires three times as fast, every bullet is half-normal damage to keep things considerate) and costs about 1.5 million Sporebucks per use.

It is ammo weapon. A newer version of a weapon I saw, it is called Orbital Napalm. It is a fired weapon that is fired at the ground. Once it hits, it sets up and then fires a napalm blast at the sky, which fissures and turns into multiple bombs that leave behind blue lightning as they streak toward the planet. They detonate with the force of 750 damage. Problemmaker said Hi! I tried to download this Mod, and the download itself worked, but eventhough I put the.package files in the correct spore folder, it still has no in-game effect.

Could someone please tell me step-by-step what file I need to place where in what order? I have Windows Vista. Is it normal that Betterspore doesn’t work on Vista? The computer never lets me write to my Program files folder, which only contains files supporting the Windows System itself.

Instead, all of my games and other Programs are stored in a folder named “Program Files (x86)”. Is this normal (for Vista)? All of my Spore folders are here as well (except for My Spore Creations, of course) 3.

I would like to have every effect the Mod offers, plus the maximum complexity it supports. I really hop anyone can help me out. Thanks in advance! Mike Spree said I don’t know where else to put these, but here are my problems: 1. I’m pretty sure someone has already put this up – In Creature and Tribal, it is the AI which only gets the “improvements” from the mod (higher health, etc.).

For instance, you start with 10HP in creature whilst the others get 50HP. In Space, you can use the colony pack, happiness booster, etc., an infinite number of times WITHOUT any deductions to your sporebucks (again, someone probably has pointed this out already).

In addition to the above-mentioned problem, the following items remains perishable or limited (that is, you still have to buy them): (a) Repair Mega, (b) AOE Repair, (c) Energy. On the other hand, the following seems to have disappeared and remains so even when bought: (a) Energy Mega, (b) Repair.

The mod description says the the Staff of Life can now be bought. I can’t seem to do such. I absolutely love the “Ultra” version weapons. But as for the other relatively new weapons, well, they’re just too “goofy” for me.

Maybe you could separate the Ultra Weapons from the others. Pirate attacks and Ecodisaster rates remains the same. The only other mod I am using is the improvedinterstellar drive mod. Oh, and I have Vista (I know, I know.

Confound me.). Goober said i have a few bugs that need fixing and a few solutions to problems. Bugs: 1: when you run the game, a message sometimes pops up say “please insert spore(galactic adventures) CD. This can be fixed by taking out the CD and then re inserting it but it would be great if this would not happen in the first place. 2: Sometimes cutscenes in the space stage wont show or will only partially show. This leads to planets that claim to have artifacts or something valuable on them but turn out to have nothing at all.

3: This isnt really a bug but i cant get force save to work. I dont mind but i would like to get some cool creature parts. Svend, all you do is put in the regular CD and run the game. If you put the modded packages in the right spot the game will be altered. Hope this helps. Oldewindmill said Okay, so I’m a bit confused: Most of the time I do this stuff with hacks, but I’m looking into modding.

I’m a n00b at this. I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Some Questions that I think would be good if someone that can tolerate my n00bishness could please answer: *How do I install the mod? *Is the mod, like, permanent, of can you switch it on and off it you want to? *I’ve heard some talk that it’s a “virus”, but all you guys seem to be doing okay with it. I bet the talk’s because someone’s computer and the mod weren’t compatible or something (remember, I am a n00b with mods), which makes me wonder if the mod has system requirements.

If so, what are they? *How do patches affect the mod?

Do both still work fine? Because I don’t want to sacrifice my exoskeleton limbs from Patch 3 or my Asymmetrical editing from Patch 5.

*Do the Console commands still work? *Someone posted a comment that they did not like the new menus, and someone responded that they could “disable the Graphics Package” or something like that. Is the mod customizable?

If so, how do you tell it what you want changed and what you want untouched? *Does this mod affect RamonZ’s hacking program or hacking with T-search? Someone, please answer me!

I want all these questions answered before I install this glorious-looking extension of Spore! ASter said Patchs work Also there should be a thing about all your questions Consol commands still work unless they made a mod so they cant (should still work) Not a virus, would be retarded if it was. System req should be same as spore. Goober said Then just get Galactic Adventures, transfer mod packages to the data section of GA, then run GA, and it should work. Nyahaha Xionic omega device is so ridiculous:):):):):):) Wipes out everything on a planet with destroyin the planet.

Awesome, but ridiculous at the same time.-spaces out- ————————————————————————————– haha i just figured out you can hack ammo with cheat engine. Infinite Staff of Life FTW!!! Let the Green Revolution begin!

I plan to make the ENTIRE GALAXY T3!!! Current Progress-.0001%. DocDave said Hi, I just starting using GA (after needing to do a re-install of Spore for computer related reasons).

I am also using Better Spore 1.5.1. I have my new Captain with the max. Number of points, and as Ultimate Being. I am trying to get to the galactic core to get the Staff of Life and to kill Grox. Well I can’t! Ccollomb Free Fr Unlocker Download 64. The closet I can come is about 40 pcs. This is using both Drive 5 and Drive 6 (Better Spore).

The radius of action for each drive is only about 3 pcs. I hoped that Drive 6 would let me get closer to the core, but no. What does Drive 6 do?

All the other Better Spore tools I am using work. The Better Spore files are in directory Eletronic Arts SPORE_EP1 Data. Is my issue a probelm with Better SPore or Spore itself? I am also using the lasted patch 1.05.001. Any help and a work around would be helpful. This was posted on Spore MODs.

Still ho answer. I am ready to quit spore because of this problem and others I am finding with game play. When I first play at the start of 2009, everythin AOK. I could get to the core. So, please help. Firedemon7 said THATS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t play in tribal stage any more even though i installed the gameplay no tribal version! Why i get into tribal stage my creatures freeze up!

They just stop moving and after thehow to move camera tutorial i cant even access the outfit and tribe planner! 👿 Oh and half the mods on this site have download links that just take you to the home page or beter spore page. Oh and i thought you said creature stage was longer! Well i seems the same to me. I want it WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY longer. Firedemon7 said Why do ppl call spore old? The orignal game is only a year old.

People love res’ evil even though its decades old. I mean spore does have patches and hundreds of mods.(even though some one really should make a good old fashion no recharge + Ammmo for EVERYTHING!) And if you don’t have time to update to mod 1.6 please get some people to help. Eh no one even listens to me anywayWhen i ask for help no one listensstupid pplYOUR AS BAD AS GROXWell almost You can’t ally with grox if you want staff of life without mod to make grox like normal empires becuase the hate you the more to travel to the center of the universe. Said We strongly recommend to the readers to please consult the doctor who has prescribed you this drug. You may experience an upset stomach if you choose any of those time consuming and difficult commitments, you might be cautious about purchasing from them. Prescription weight-loss drugs are the first weight-loss drugs to be endorsed by US Food and Drug Administration.

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