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Transoft Solutions AutoTURN Pro 3D 9.0.1 Final 841.6 mb Transoft Solutions, Inc., a global leader in transportation engineering design solutions, announced a major upgrade to AutoTURN, its flagship product and the world's leading vehicle swept path analysis software. Hecking tool, AutoTURN has evolved to become a powerful and comprehensive vehicle turn simulation software, with the Pro version being the world's only solution capable of generating 3D swept path envelopes.

Available in both standard and Pro versions, AutoTURN 9.0 comes loaded with exciting new enhancements such as the ability to perform sightline analyses on horizontal alignments and vertical profiles, advanced vertical clearance checking capabilities, and the ability to study complex load shapes. Also new are Speed Profile Reports which allow engineers to study vehicle speed changes along a generated path, and vehicle grade templates useful in analyzing maximum ascending and descending slope ranges.

For more information on new AutoTURN 9.0 version release, please visit Please login or register to see this link. Mac Os X Mavericks Vmware Admin Password more. About Transoft Solutions Inc.

Established in 1991, Transoft Solutions Inc. Develops the most thoroughly researched and innovative CAD software for the transportation engineering community. Download Gta Extreme 2009 Free. Transoft Solutions' suite of productivity enhancing software have become the trusted de-facto standard for over 90% of the Top 100 AEC firms (ENR), over 85% of state/provincial departments of transportation, and numerous global regulatory agencies.

Providing design solutions for roads and highways, airports, light rail transit, and highway signs, we give transportation professionals the tools they need to design with confidence.

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