Google Maps For Windows Ce 6.0 Download

Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - GPS/Mapping Applications Categories (18) (5) (22) (0) (1) (7) (7) (6) (1075) - (252) - (45) - (139) - (65) - (279) - (255) - (19) - (32) - (42) - (9) - (12) - (53) - (14) - (13) - (14) - (20) - (10) - (5) - (5) - (4) - (3) - (31) - (9) (13) (6) Sponsored by: Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - GPS/Mapping Applications More Pages: • AmAze is a free turn by turn voice guided application for a GPS enabled Windows Mobile device. AmAze provides a wide area of coverage including maps of Europe, North America, Australia and parts of Asia and Africa. AmAze provides both visual guidance you your GPS as well as voice navigation. A search feature is provided that lets you navigate and get directions to many different businesses. AmAze also provides a number of other naviational features to help you get from one location to another in the fastest or most efficient way. Currently it also will work with your social networks such as Facebook so you can share your location easily with others. It is available to download for free for Windows Mobile devices.

• Amigalarm is a free GPS application for Windows Mobile 6 and above that tracks your speed and allows you to set thresholds and alarms if your phone moves faster than a desired speed. • BikeDashBoard is a free GPS tracking application for Windows Mobile devices. BikeDashBoard allows you to keep track of where you have gone, your distance, top speed, highest altitude and more. You can export your tracks to other software such as Google Maps or Google Earth. If you download maps from other companies you can also have real-time maps available.

You are downloading Google Earth 6. The latest version, Google Earth 6. Google Earth Pro 6. INSTALLING GOOGLE MAPS IN WINCE FOR. Nov 11, 2010 INSTALLING GOOGLE MAPS IN WINCE. I want to install google maps in wince 5.0.How can i. Unless you can actually find a Google Maps for Windows CE.

It is designed to work with Windows Mobile 5.0 and above devices that have a GPS. • BlackMe is a free utility for Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6 that will shut off the screen when you dont need it to conserve battery power. It is particularly useful if doing route tracking with a GPS enabled mobile device when the screen display is not needed.

Google Maps For Windows Ce 6.0 Download

• BTAudioNav is a free piece of software designed to redirect GPS audio to a bluetooh device for Windows Mobile PDAs. Essentially it automates a number of steps involved in setting up your bluetooth headset so that you can do it all with a push of a button. So it turns bluetooth on if it is off, redirects your PDA output to the bluetooth device, starts your PDAs GPS and when you turn your GPS off it disables everything and exits. It can also function while you take calls. • CatchMe is an interesting free application for Windows Mobile devices that have a GPS.

It allows you to communicate from one device to another using SMS messages (no internet connection is needed) and pass the GPS coordinates of the phones. This allows the application to tell you how far away from the other phone you are and in what direction the other phone is. • CloudGPS is an open source project desgined to create a mapping application using Java ME for various mobile devices including Windows Mobile. It uses OpenStreeMap data as well as Cloudmade services to provide mapping functionality that includes panning and zooming, point of interest (POI) searches as well as the ability to get directions between two locations. It can also record and replay NMEA options on your Windows Mobile device. • CommMgrPro is a free skinnable application for Windows Mobile devices. It allows you to create profiles that will get automatically selected based on your location, current time and or calendar appointments.

It also lets you monitor the batter levels of your device based on what apps you are running. It lets you manage all of the connectivity of your PDA in a more configurable fashion (Wifi, BT, etc ) than the default commMgr that comes with Windows Mobile. • EpDetect is a free application that can be downloaded for Windows Mobile Phones. It uses your phone's accelerometer and GPS to help detect and report on epileptic seizures.

Download Sheryl Crow Detours Rar Free more. The application uses the accelerometer to help detect when a seizure is occurring by distinguishing between normal movement and siezure like movement. Once a seizure is detected it can then use your Windows Mobile Phone GPS to determine your location and then send SMS messages to contact your emergency contacts. • FindMyCar is a free Windows Mobile application that helps you keep track of where you parked your car. It requires you to have a GPS enabled Windows Mobile phone. It will then run in the background and use your GPS to keep track of where you last were with your car. • G-Watch is a free timer that supports a number of differnt timing activities.

It features a stopwatch, countdown timer, and geocaching ( for GPS enabled devices ). It works with Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Mobile 6.1 • GateCacher is a free Windows Mobile application designed for geocaching. It lets you store multiple caches, find nearby caches and has support for multiple waypoints.

• GCZ is a free application that was designed for Geocaching. It lests you store information needed for successful GeoCaching. • GeoTrack is a free program that attempts to emulate a GPS for non GPS enabled Windows Mobile Phones. It use information it receives from nearby cell towers to triangulate where you are and allows you to associate pictures or text with your location.

Then you will be able to retrieve that information every time you visit that location or you can share it with others. • GPS Dashboard is a free dashboard for Windows Mobile devices that provides the status of the GPS. More Pages: Last updated:Sun Sep 25 13:28:06 CDT 2011.