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I picked up a slightly used FC3100-60 this weekend for $300. The owner claimed it had been in storage for 10+ years after he replaced it with a larger cutter. It test cuts perfect but I cannot get it to communicate with my computer. I have tried HP-GL and GP-GL settings. I am using the parallel interface on LPT1.

The interface setting is at RS-1 (9600 8bit N H)I also tried (9600 8bit E H). I checked that the COMM settings match.

I can switch the cable over to my Copam and change the settings in SB and the Copam works great. SB has a setting for the FC3100-60 and from the literature I found from GraphTec it does not need a special driver and it should work with generic HP drivers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I changed the setting to HP-GL but still no luck.

I have looked for a driver but I cannot find one for this model but I have found them for every other model of Graphtec. I have tried drivers for some models that are close but it did not work. I also tried some HP drivers but my computer did not recognize them.

I installed the HPGL/2 driver but that didn't work either. I found a 64 bit driver but only my laptop is 64 bit and it is USB only so I ordered a usb to parallel adapter. I hope that works. I stopped by a computer repair store and picked up a cable. Go Tell It On The Mountain Karaoke.

It has a DB25 connecter on the computer side and a CN36 on the cutter side. It is a Belkin F2A036-06 Bi-Directional Printer Cable (6ft), $3. I plugged it in and the cutter started cutting, I guess it has stuff in there waiting to go.

When I say it works I mean it works, it puts my Copam to shame, and I really like my Copam. That is from a 20+/- year old cutter. Here are the things I did but I don't think they did anything I am almost sure it was the cable. The settings on the cutter RS-232C Cond No.

3, Command HPGL, running on LPT1 I also installed a Roland GSX-4000, Graphtec FS3100-60, but I don't think it is using a driver. Hi, I have asked similiar questions in another thread but still no joy getting my cutter (Graphtec fc2100-60a) to talk to the computer (XP). I have tried using an old parallel cable from a regular printer, rs232 cable to USB and to 9 pin serial all without any luck. Cutter in HP-GL. Settings in signblazer and computer match. I have checked the settings in signblazer and have selected the copam 2500 and also the 60a plotters from the various lists (among others also) and still nothing:( i also downloaded the trial of signcut and nothing.

Im at my wits end thinking i have tried everything (short of swapping computers - i have tried on my 64bit win 7 laptop and nothing) - any help is really appreciated.