Is The Woodhouse Activity Centre Haunted House

Brief History Armley Mills in Leeds, West Yorkshire, is an eerie looking building that was first built back in the 16th Century. It wasn’t until 1788 that the building became what was then, the world’s largest woollen mill. In 1805 the mill was almost completely destroyed by fire.

However, the owner Benjamin Gott ordered the rebuild of the mill using mainly fireproof materials such as brick and iron wherever possible. It’s Gott’s mill that you see to this day.

During the cotton boom in England many mills employed young cheap labour, in some instances children as young as six, Armley was no different. Conditions were really poor to say the least, and young children were often the worse treated, working very long hours in horrible conditions, resulted in many deaths from exhaustion and machine accidents. In 1969 the mill closed it’s doors to the cotton trade, due to the world’s shift over to a lot of man-made fibres. Due to the building’s historic importance, the site was purchased by Leeds Council who then re-opened the building in 1982, as what is now the Leeds Industrial Museum.

Due to the terrible history that resides within this building, it’s very little wonder there have been many reports of paranormal experiences over the years. Perhaps the most common reported experience of all, is doors slamming shut and shooting open. Another quite common report is being pushed rather forcefully by unseen hands. The ghost of a man in a top hat and cape has also been seen on occasion. It may be him that staff and visitors have also heard whispering in their ears. Other phenomena includes: The apparition of a Victorian woman in a black dress, who is believed to be searching for her lost child.

Located in the Adelaide Hills, Woodhouse Activity Centre has been owned by the Scouting association since the 1950's and used for all kinds of scouting, and public activities, including weddings. The house is. The house that is referred to now as “Old House” has long been rumoured a haunted location. Haunted Sheffield - a list of ghosts, hauntings and other paranormal events and places in yorkshire. Location: Sheffield - Industry public house, Darnall. Woodhouse Park is an outdoor activity centre located near Bristol. With traditional activities available such as camping, hiking and orienteering, Woodhouse Park also offers a number of other activities on-site, including an assault course, climbing, archery and an indoor rifle range. In conjunction with Avon Scouts, Saturn.

Poltergeist activity; things such as cotton bobbins being thrown across the room and at people. The feeling of tugging on ones clothes, as though a small child is trying to get your attention.

Is The Woodhouse Activity Centre Haunted House

And also, sounds of crying can be heard that appear to be from a young boy. Around since the time of the Domesday Book, this grand Tudor mansion has quite the colourful history and more than a few spooky tales to tell.

A long-standing resident in the grand building, so much so she has her own room named after her, is the ghost known as the Blue Lady of Temple Newsam. Robbed of her pearl necklace by highwaymen when returning home, Mary Ingram (the Blue Lady) descended into madness convinced she had somehow lost them. It is said she can still be seen roaming the house and brushing past people on stairways still on the hunt for her belongings. Ghosts of monks in brown robes, a Knight’s Templar and a small boy, along with hair-raising screams from the South Wing, are among some of the other haunted happenings in the house.

The Thackray Medical Museum, a former workhouse and asylum, has had so many deaths on its premises that it’s come to be known as quite the hub of paranormal activity. Many a curious haunted happening has occurred in this historical building, with unexplained noises, coin throwing, ominous moving shadows and chilly temperature just a few of the ghostly activities that have gone on inside its vast and oppressive walls. It’s no wonder then that the former asylum has become a popular haunt for ghost hunting, with events held regularly throughout the year for those bold enough to brave it. With its impressively authentic Victorian street, complete with pitch black winding walkways, its operating theatre, and other spooky exhibits. Although paranormal activity has ceased, this location had strong unexplained activity for a period of 20 years. It was discovered in a documentary named Haunted Homes. It belonged to the Hassetts family, who claimed to have reported strange noises, saw hanging pictures falling, and felt cold spots.

The dogs also refused to go into the dark cellar. Huawei E156g Firmware Update Passwords. A black shadow had been seen walking in the house numerous times. It was seen “watching” the couple on the bed-side and even violently shook someone out of bed.

The audio highlights of a ghost hunt at a form underground, wartime aircraft factory in Kidderminster. I recorded audio with a Sony digital audio recorder for the whole four hours and spent today picking out the best bits and the bits which were loud enough to be picked up by the microphone.

The audio includes the mysterious whistling sound we heard, the moment something was thrown/fell in the kitchen, and our reaction to the flashing lights we witnessed during the table tipping experiment.