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LIGHTCONVERSE Download Minimum configuration - AMD/Intel CPU - AMD/nVidia/Intel 3D videocard (Shader-Model 3.0 compatible) - Display resolution greater or equal to 1366*854 - 2GB RAM - OS `Windows-XP x86 SP2` - HDD free space 700 Mb - USB port LIGHTCONVERSE software Release #57, full distributive (size 416.905.662 bytes) THIS IS NOT THE DEMO, IT CAN'T BE USED WITHOUT LICENSE! Fixture Library now contains two new additional libraries: 'User' for user created and customized fixtures and 'Database' for archiving and transfer purposes (this is in addition to the 'System' fixture library which is automatically updated on a consistent basis).

DMX auto patch with Pitch adjustment (amount of channel spaces between fixtures, if needed). Patch window has all patched Objects now (Fixtures, Filters, Scrollers, Objects, Layers etc). 'Build' button for Faster and easier show database transfer possibilities with all files (Fixtures, 3D models and static & video Textures) unique to one folder.

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