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Study Flashcards On Bio 20. It lowers the activation energy required for a reaction by bringing together the molecules that are. (like a thermostat). 2EF5 – MAP Thermostat, Activation. 30A2 – Ignition coil cylinder 3, activation. 30A1 – Ignition coil cylinder 1, activation. Enginostics is a small. Code 599/279c thermostat map cooling activation what usally goes wrong with that code 03 bmw z4 - Answered by a verified BMW Mechanic.

A programmable sequence controller is disclosed utilizing digital and analog inputs in order to generate digital output driver signals for the control of external systems or devices. The controller emulates mechanical sequence drums so that at any one time each of the simulated drums within the controller executes one of the addressable drum lines programmed within the drum. Each line of each simulated drum can be programmed to specify the energization or deenergization of any output driver as well as the energization or de-energization of any memory bit utilized by the controller in order to provide communication between drums. Each drum may also be programmed to have one or two sets of exit conditions, which if met, cause the controller to effectively rotate the drum to a specified drum line and execute this new drum line during the next scan of the controller. The controller can also sense emergency conditions and cause any or all of the drums to rotate to a specified line regardless of the drum line then being executed by the controller for each of the drums. An improved power-down, power-up circuitry insures an ordered and complete shutdown of the controller if any of a number of conditions exist, including utility AC failure and impending failure of several of the power supply voltages. Handshaking circuitry between the power supply and the remainder of the controller insures that the controller maintains memory validity for all types of shutdown situations, including momentary losses of any supply voltage.

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention This invention relates to programmable sequence controllers and to improved power-down, power-up circuitry for any data processing device. Sgs3 Imei Nvitem Generator Download. Description of the Prior Art A number of prior art patents disclose sequence controllers or mechanical drums for providing sequence control capability. A list of prior art is set forth below in Table 1. A majority of these references are directed to mechanical sequence drums of which U.S. 3,307,382, Hacker et al, appears to be the most relevant.

This reference discloses a random access drum having binary coding for moving drum 11 to desired positions. The sequence of operations on drum 11 may be completely random, as specified by the operator, and is thus unlike most of the other prior art references. In short, this reference discloses an electro-mechanical random access means for controlling and moving an electro-mechanical programmer to control the sequence of cycles actuated by the programmer independently of the sequence of arrangement on the programmer. This reference, however, does not disclose an electronic emulation of mechanical sequence drums nor the capability of these simulated sequence drums to communicate with each other by internal memory bits; and thus become part of the overall control program. Branching capability TABLE 1______________________________________PRIOR ART REFERENCES YearPatent No. Inventor Issued______________________________________U.S.2,922,900 Gieringer 19603,008,059 Gorsuch et al 19613,189,697 Holzer 19653,194,902 Bauer 19653,204,087 Millis, Jr.

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