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Hi, firstly i'd like to say that I'm not really that experienced in the whole networking thing, but i can get a network together and working. In half bridge mode you would not setup dhcp on the am200. Half bridge mode means your gateway (modem/router combo) am200 will log into your PPPoE/PPPoA account for you -- but instead of doing nat, it will bridge your ISPs connection to the wan interface of your router.

Release Date: 5/05/2005 Linksys WAP11 Firmware Download Instant Wireless Network Access Point. Release Date: 1/19/2004 Linksys WET54G Firmware Download. Linksys Cable / DSL:: AM200 Firmware Download Corrupt Jul 1, 2010. I am downloading the latest firmware for the Annex A version of the AM200.

So your router will get the public IP from your ISP, not the am200. But you would not have the am200 dhcp server enabled if that is what your wanting to do. The dhcp client of the wan interface of your wrt54 would get its IP from your isp's dhcp server. I have got a very similar setup.

I have a AM300 modem and a DD-WRT v24 router. It was a bit tricky to setup but heres what I did: 1) Got the modem working with just the PC and the AM300 in half bridge - ie the AM300 was passing the real world IP to my PC. Once I got that bit working then I knew that AM300 was doing its bit ok. 2) Then I introduced my DD-WRT into the equation. Firstly I checked that it was handing out a LAN IP to my PC ok, and it was. As you have said the tricky bit seems to be getting the AM300 to pass the address to the DD-WRT.

With the AM300, and I dont know why, the AM300 DSL connection must be up before it will (a) handout an IP to the DD-WRT, which will be the real world IP and (b) the DSL must be up for you to be able to access the setup pages for the AM300. The AM200 might be slightly different to the AM300 but thats what I did.

Also not that if you get it to work and for some reason you modem drops off line and reconnects, thus getting a new IP, it wont automatically pass the new IP to the router, until the DHCP release/renew time is up. If you look on the DD-WRT forums there is a script which will ping the gateway every 10 seconds to make sure it is up and if not will automatically do a DHCP renew. I am sorry but I cant remember if I had to have DHCP on in the Am300 or not, you would think that you wouldnt need to because its halfbridge, but then again it was so picky when setting it up, i just cant remember at the mo. Anyways try the way I said one step at a time. I'll just bump this thread seeing as nobody has posted in nearly a week.

I've setup my AM200 + WRT54GL as the original poster (with slightly different IP addresses), to recap thats PPPOA with half bridge, NAT off and DHCP turned on. On the WRT54GL side, I've set the WAN port to retrieve the public IP address from the AM200 via DHCP. The same problem occurs, although the router receives the public address you cannot ping remote sites by name/IP from the PC side or when you telnet into the router. The reason is definately down to an invalid routing table. If I run the 'route' command on the router, I receive only the routes for the LAN side of the network. There is no default route out to the internet on the WAN interface.

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If I connect the AM200 directly to my PC, effectively giving my PC a public IP, everyting works correctly! When I run the 'route -print' command in a dos window I can see the default routes out to the modem. Looking at another post on this forum with a different router (Buffalo I think), the same problem occurs.

The question is why isn't the default routes being created in the routing table? I've looked how to turn on a routing protocol (RIP) but I can't find it. Hi everybody!! My config is router WRT-54GL with DD-WRT v24 and modem AM200 with lastest firmware Soooo I have this problem: HALF BRIDGE: I have a half bridge configuration which works just fine. Download Grundig Tk 600 Service Manual Free on this page.

The problem: When my IP provided from my ISP is changing (every 3 days) the router is not getting automatically the new one from the modem until 'DHCP Lease time' has reached 0. Only when it reach 0 the router will update the adress by himself.

It means that I regulary need to update the router's 'DHCP lease time' manually to get the connection again! FULL BRIDGE: A subsidiary question is: I'm not able to make the WRT-54GL get the IP from AM200 when AM200 is in full bridge mode.

But connecting my AM200 in full bridge mode directly to my computer is working, the computer gets the adress. My connection is PPPoE. Thanks in advance for your help, advice, recommandation and and and:-))) Cheers Fred.

Linksys Cable / DSL:: AM200 Firmware Download Corrupt Jul 1, 2010 I am downloading the latest firmware for the Annex A version of the AM200 DSL modem and windows (7 / 2003 / 2008) is unable to extract the contents of the zip. Similar Messages: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ADVERTISEMENT Jul 26, 2011 I'm trying to setting up a Linksys AM200 in routing mode, with static ip (WAN), but when I insert ip and subnet, a popup show up and sais that the ip si not valid. The same happend when i put the address in local side.

I put the same configuration over another different device and everything goes fine. I reset the configuration of the AM200 from the factory defaults Dec 6, 2006 how to switch AM200 adsl modem to AnnexB mode, in Slovakia working only AnnexB Dec 20, 2012 X3000 why not download firmware Ver.1.0.04? Oct 13, 2012 Latest firmware with CCC corrupted after power outage. I reseet the e4500 several times and tried to reload the firmware and still no good. Only way I got it back up is to install the older non-CCC version 2.37. Strange all was fine until the power outage. Not sure if I should even bother to upgrade to 2.38 again.

Nov 2, 2011 Hope u all fine and doing well, Everything i donwload at end it's crrupt After download finished when opining files Files Crrupt Error. Mar 4, 2008 I was just online when all of a sudden i lost connection. I have a WRT54G V8 and did a quick little browse and found out it could be corrupted firmware. When i download the firmware it wants to download as a.bin file and open VLC Media player!? How do i change this or what do I need to open it with? Dec 14, 2011 V2.0.26.124551 is now available.

I did the online upgrade and it took just a couple of minutes including the reboot. The firmware is not available as a download yet for manual install. This firmware is dated 11/14/11 so it doesn't appear to correct the Port 53 issue reported earlier.Release Date: Nov 14, 2011 Firmware version: v2.0.26 (Build 124551) - Support for the WAN L2TP and PPTP protocols Jan 23, 2012 Where can I download the 2.0.36 firmware?I flashed it through the UI but since the factiry fw is crap I want to try the third party firmware that are available but I want to make sure there is a path back to factory version in case I need to return the product. Oct 2, 2011 I was playing with the router/gateway settings on my WRT54G v3.1 router.

And I managed to hose it. I tried power cycling/ resetting it will not route my traffic through anymore.although i can still get to the setup menu.I am trying to download the firmware to flash it but. A) the site says that for this v3.1 router I need to use the ancient firmware 4.21.1 and B) the link to the firmware does not work!!! It downloads an empty zip file url.

Linksys support, if you are listening, please restore the link to the firmware so I can try and fix my router. Aug 1, 2011 link to the original v1.0.0 firmware for the E4200. That was the best firmware for me and sadly I can't find a link to go back.

V1.0.0 really had no problems for me. I initially skipped v1.0.1 becuase it disabled IPv6 which is a feature I want. V1.0.2 broke my YouTube and Netflix streaming.

So I went back to v1.0.1 and my Netflix and YouTubue steaming returned to normal but I lost IPv6. Any solution to Netflix and YouTube streaming problem on v1.0.2 when IPv6 is configured. (I'm positive the video is streaming over IPv4, but the IPv6 connectivity is available.) Aug 6, 2011 I have the original firmware, having some rebooting issues, I want to upgrade the firmware, but can't find anywhere to download it! My current firmware is 1.01.06? Mar 25, 2009 I am going to this page: /linksys-am200-firmware-download-11905.html but I can see nothing regarding firmware.

The 'Download software' link takes me to a page that has QVPN, TFTP utilities, etc, but no firmware. Mar 24, 2012 Where can I download the latest firmware for my wrt600n? Jan 16, 2013 Where I can download an updated firmware for my WRT54G RG Jul 26, 2011 The firmware update will not download? Dec 21, 2011 Is there anywhere I can download WAP610N Firmware Version 01.0.00 build 832? I have two units with this firmware version that work OK. I recently purchased another unit that has WAP610N Firmware Versions 1.0.01 and and can only access an IP address if I do not use any security.

I also spent a lot of time on the phone with Linksys support to no avail. Aug 25, 2011 Downloading the latest firmware for the E3000.

Seems like the link on the page is broken. May 24, 2012 is there a link to directly download the EA4500 firmware? Apr 27, 2012 The device has been trying for days to auto-download and all it does is fail constantly. Saying that my connection is slow - gee, I have FiOS, I know it's not slow,maybe it's your Servers Cisco?Well, where can I obtain the direct DL link to that firmware file instead of relying on an unreliable device to get it and apply for me? Aug 29, 2012 I have a problem with my WRT54G V8 router.I download a wrong Firmware and upgrade it.After this my router never work again.The PC can't get IP from the router.I tried a lot of time to access to the web admin and other IP and nothing happen. Outkast Stankonia Zip Rar Mac there. I made a lot of reset cycles, with the procedures 30/30/30 or other with the reset button in combination with the power cord.

Exist any other possibility to recover my router.Can I open and touch other button inside the board or something like this?