Linksys Wag354g V2 Firmware Download

Hello, I have a Linksys WAG354G (v1) and I want to upgrade the firmware from 1.01.03 to 1.01.11 (WAG354G-FR-AnnexA-ETSI-1.01.11-code.bin) the web interface says me 'failed'. Here is the link I was redirected to: I searched an english firmware on the site because my router is in english (Is the router only accepting english firmware?) but I didn't find one anywhere.

Is there any way to upgrade the firmware, for example with TFTP protocol (that I prefere because it works at the boot and it's more reliable)? I need help and it's important. Thank you in advance.

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Linksys Wag354g V2 Firmware Download

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