Rogers And Spencer Serial Numbers

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Rogers And Spencer Serial Numbers

However, there would be a number of other markings, so if this pistol is a replica, then either it was assembled from a kit which wouldn't require proofing or perhaps proof marks were removed in an attempt to 'create' an original Rogers & Spencer revolver. Did original Rogers & Spencer pistol serial.

Thanks for all the tips. I used to be involved with the N-SSA (about 20 years ago), and just purchased this Spencer and three other CW rifles and muskets from a more recent member. All these guns are shooters, and the previous owner said that the barrels had been relined. I'm not sure if the Spencer has been converted for centerfire.

How can I tell? Manual For Sanyo Vwm 400 Vcr. I did remove the stock to check the S/N on the barrel and it matched the one on the receiver. It's in great shape with a nice patina.

Windows 7 Pro Oa Hp Iso Download. Looks like the rear sight might be a replacement. There's a slight amount of wiggle in the lever. Not sure if this is normal, but I suspect so. Pictures can be seen. Gradoon, Is there a Government acceptance stamp on the left side of the stock, between the Receive/Frame and the rear lock screw? This is known as a 'cartouche' and shows the arm was inspected and accepted into US service. Dept.) Without this Government acceptance cartouche, the arm may well be one of many such arms that were purchased privately.

You may not be able to get an accurate date of manufacture based on the serial number as a result of this. This would also include finding the Unit that may have used it. Best case scenario maybe based off of the serial number range with known Government purchases for dating, but that wont tell you who bought it, or used it. Still, it is a nice piece! Perhaps if you do a pic from the right side, with the breech block opened. We might be able to tell you if it has been converted to center fire? Blair Last edited by Blair; at 02:13 PM.