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01 Cbeezy - The Logo 02 Charles Calvin - Intro 03 Cbeezy - Next To Me 04 Cbeezy - Oh (Feat. Hotel) 05 Charles Calvin - The Liquor 06 The Nobodies - Get It 07 Cbeezy - Head Roll 08 Vertigo - Get Away 09 Cbeezy - Shake Dem Hips (Feat. Quick G) 10 The Nobodies - Mug Buck Ill 11 Vertigo - That Vibe 12 Cbeezy - U Can't Be Me (Feat. Quick G) 13 The Nobodies - Cake Dat (Feat. Marilyn Faye) 14 Vertigo - What Can U Say 15 Cbeezy - Outta Da Ghetto (Feat.

Sean Levert The Other Side Rar Download

Uncle Sam) 16 Sean Levert - Caught On Tape 17 Jennifa - Gotcha Thinkin 01 Intro 02 J Live - Braggin' Writes 03 Brainwash - Break It Down 04 Laster feat Ed OG - Off Balance 05 G Deep - Head over Wheels 06 Skit 07 Natural Elements - Lyrical Tactics 08 Company Flow - 8 Steps to Perfection 09 Shades Of Brooklyn - Change 10 L The Head Toucha - Too Complex 11 Intro 12 Street Smartz - Metal Thangz 13 Residue - Inner City Blues 14 Godfather Don - Properties of Steel 15 Brainsick Mob - Mix Master 16 Choclair - 21 Years 17 Outro 18 Finsta Bundy - Feel the High (Pt.

The discography of American rapper, record producer and songwriter Missy Elliott consists of six studio albums, three compilation albums, seventy-four singles and twenty solo music videos. 1.1 Studio albums; 1.2 Compilation albums; 1.3 Box sets. 2.1 As lead artist; 2.2 As featured artist. Sean Levert - The Other Side (VBR) Shai - Blackface (192k) Shannon - The Best Of Shannon (192k) Shiro - Can We Talk (192k) Side Effect - 'N' Effect (192k) Silk - Silk (VBR) Sista - For All The Sistas Around Da World (192k) Society Of Soul - Brainchild (192k) Soul For Real - Candy Rain (320k) Soultry - Soultry (192k). Wind Beneath My Wings -- Levert and Eddie Levert, Sr. Written All Over Your Face -- Rude Boys & Levert 06. So Alone -- Men At Large & Levert 07. That's What Love Is -- Miki Howard & Levert 08. A Rose By Any Other Name -- Teena Marie and Levert 09. I Believe I Can Fly -- Yolanda Adams and Levert.

2) 01 (5 Minutes) 02 TLC - All That Theme Song 03 (Good Burger-Good Weenie) 04 Immature - Feat. Smooth And ED From Good Burger - Watch Me Do My Thing 05 (Superdude) 06 Brandy - Baby 07 (ED & Coolio) 08 Coolio - Fantastic Voyage 09 (Vital Information I) 10 Mokenstef - He's Mine 11 (Miss Fingerly V. Bacteria) 12 Soul For Real - Candy Rain 13 (Coach Kreeton) 14 Aaliyah - Age Ain't Nothing But A Numbe 15 (Loud Librarian) 16 Naughty By Nature - Clap Yo Hands 17 (Earboy & Pizza Face) 18 Faith Evans - You Used To Love Me 19 (Vital Information II) 20 Immature - We Got It 21 TLC - All That - Outro Theme Song (All Skits In Parentheses)

Collection of Gerald Levert A contemporary soul singer whose smooth yet robust vocals brought energy and emotion to even his most serene recordings, Gerald LeVert grew up in the shadows of his father, Eddie LeVert, Sr., of the O'Jays. As a child, his father's status in the music industry nurtured and helped prepare Gerald for his prosperous music career as a writer, arranger, producer, and performer. As Gerald was entering his adulthood, he, good friend Marc Gordon, and his brother Sean formed the trio LeVert. They recorded their first single, entitled 'I'm Still,' on the independent Tempre label. Even though Gerald was still maturing as a vocalist, his powerful, stirring delivery on the single is worthy of praise. Peaking on the Billboard R&B charts at number 70, it survived for eight weeks.

Nonetheless, that single set up a deal with Atlantic Records the following year, and it could not have been a better move. Initially, Gerald recorded with the group, scoring five number one singles, seven Top Ten singles, and four Top 20 singles on the Billboard R&B charts, including the Reggie and Vincent Calloway-written and produced number one single 'Casanova,' which also peaked at number four on the Billboard pop charts. He also managed to make room for a duet with labelmate Miki Howard, recording the number four single 'That's What Love Is.' In 1991, Gerald released his solo debut album, Private Line.

The title track spawned his first number one single as a solo artist on the Billboard R&B charts. The following year, Gerald came back with a duet with his father and scored another number one single with 'Baby Hold on to Me' and the number three single 'School Me,' reminiscent of Babyface's 'Whip Appeal.' However, in the midst of all his success, Gerald's only major pop appeal remained the 'Casanova' single.

Pop producer David Foster presented a pop tune to Gerald, and 'I Swear' became a number one and Top 20 hit on the pop and R&B charts, respectively. Subsequently, Gerald returned to Foster's stable to record 'I'd Give Anything,' also produced by Foster.

Formerly a number four country hit for Boy Howdy under the title 'She'd Give Anything,' Gerald's version managed a pop Top 30 hit. Intended for crossover appeal, the single was actually a bigger hit on the R&B charts, peaking at number four and reinforcing Gerald's major following among R&B music lovers. In addition to his impressive string of hits, the Cleveland, OH, native rendered his services as songwriter, vocalist, and producer to many artists, such as the O'Jays, Barry White, Stephanie Mills, Troop, Teddy Pendergrass, the Winans, Patti Labelle, Rude Boys, and on and on. In 1997, Gerald added another dimension to his prosperous career; he joined forces with R&B vocalists Keith Sweat and Johnny Gill under the acronym LSG, spawning the hit single 'My Body.'

As a solo act, he released Love & Consequences the year following, returning in 1999 with G. He continued to be extremely productive throughout the early 2000s, releasing the albums Gerald's World, G Spot, Stroke of Genius, and Do I Speak for the World before 2005. Shortly after completing a personal memoir with his father, as well as another album, Levert died on November 10, 2006, at the age of 40. By mistake, he had taken a lethal combination of prescription and over-the-counter drugs. The album he had just completed, In My Songs, was released a day before Valentine's Day 2007.

Something to Talk About, recorded with his father, followed that June. Allmusic by Craig Lytle Album: Private Line (1991) 01. Private Line 02.

School Me 03. Baby Hold on to Me 04. Can You Handle It 05. Shootin' the Breeze 06. I Wanna Be Bad 07. Just a Little Something - Gerald LeVert, Gordon, Marc 08. Hurting for You 09.

Just Because I'm Wrong 10. Hugs & Kisses 11.

You Oughta Be with Me - Gerald LeVert, Gordon, Marc 12. Private Line Album: Groove On (1994) 1. Rock Me (All Nite Long) 3. Let the Juices Flow 4. I'd Give Anything 5. Answering Service 6.

How Many Times 8. Can't Help Myself 9. Have Mercy 10.

Same Place, Same Time 11. Nice & Wet 12. Love Street Album: Love & Consequences (1998) 01. Thinkin' Bout It 03. Point the Finger 04. Breaking My Heart 05. That's the Way I Feel About You 06.

It's Your Turn 07. I'm Not to Blame 08. No Man's Land 09. Men Like Us 10. Taking Everything 11.

What About Me 12. Definition of a Man 13. Humble Me Album: G (1999) 01. Application (I'm Lookin 4 a New Love) 02. Callin' Me 03. Nothin' to Somethin' 04. Strings, Strings 05.

It Hurts Too Much to Stay 06. Too Damn Good 07.

She Done Been 08. Heart Don't 09.

Don't Take It Away 10. Second Time Around 11. Baby U Are 13. These Album: Gerald's World (2001) 01.

Soul Mate 02. DJ Played Our Song 03.

What Makes It Good to You (No Premature Lovin') 04. You're a Keeper 05. Smile for Me 07. Can't Win 08. Make My Day 12.

Made to Love Ya 13. What You Cryin' About 14. Forever You & Me 15. Dream With No Love Album: The G Spot (2002) 01.

Too Much Room 02. Since You Ain't Around 03. Wilding Me Out 04. The Top of My Head 06. The G Spot 07. Oh What a Night 08. Raindrops 10.

Your Smile - Gerald LeVert, Johnson, Tommy 11. Catchin' Feelings 13.

All That Matters Album: Stroke Of Genius (2003) 01. 1st Stroke (Intro) 02. Knock Knock Knock 03. Long Hot Summer 04.

Stroke of Genius 06. (They Long to Be) Close to You 07.

I Got a Girl 08. U Got That Love (Call It a Night) 09. Wear It Out 10.

Good Morning 11. Keep It Warm 12. Didn't We 13. To My Grave 14. Let It Be 15. The Visit (Interlude) 16. Eyes and Ears 17.

Rest of Your Life 18. You Got That Love Again 19. Won't Get Up 20. Last Stroke (Outro) Album: Do I Speak for the World (2004) 01.

Intro/Speak For the World 02. Cornel West/Tavis Smiley Interlude 03.

Crucify Me 04. Greater Later 05. Show You How to Love (Interlude) 06. Lay You Down 07. Better to Talk It Out 09.

It Was What It Was 10. Duty Calls 11. One Million Times 12.

What Happened to the Lovin` 13. So What (If You Got a Baby) 14. Where Do We Go 15. Click a Glass 16. Do I Speak For the World (Outro) Album: Voices (2005) 01.

That's the Way I Feel About You -- Levert and Mary J. Hurts Too Much to Stay -- Levert and Kelly Price 03. All The Times -- LSG, Faith Evans, Coko, & Missy Elliott 04. Modelling Binary Data Collett Pdf Download. Wind Beneath My Wings -- Levert and Eddie Levert, Sr. Written All Over Your Face -- Rude Boys & Levert 06.

So Alone -- Men At Large & Levert 07. That's What Love Is -- Miki Howard & Levert 08. A Rose By Any Other Name -- Teena Marie and Levert 09. I Believe I Can Fly -- Yolanda Adams and Levert 10. My Side of the Bed -- LSG Album: In My Songs (2007) 01. In My Songs 02.

I Don't Get Down Like That 03. Wanna Get Up with You 05.

Fall Back 06. Deep as It Goes 07. Hang in There 08. What Cha Think About That 10. To My Head 11.

Is This the Way to Heaven? Album: The Best Of Gerald Levert (2010) 01. Casanova (Single Version) 02. Private Line (Single Version) 03. Baby Hold On To Me (Feat. Eddie Levert) 04.

School Me 05. I'd Give Anything 06.

Answering Service 07. Already Missing You 08. Thinkin' Bout It 10. Taking Everything 11. Made To Love You 12. U Got That Love (Call It A Night) 14. In My Songs 15.

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