Sgs3 Imei Nvitem Generator Download

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Sgs3 Imei Nvitem Generator Download

Hello guys some few months back i happened to flash a custom Rom on my T-Mobile and when on the Rom it was all good i had network and stuff but later on i decides to switch back to the stock Rom. After doing so my S3 lost network and so at first i thought it was a problem but later after trying different sim cards i discovered that it was an issue with the phones software i had lost some internal applications(as i may call them) Later i started searching for guide on how to return my phone’s network since i couldn’t do anything with it except listen to music but nothing concerning data usage, I even made a (even thou it was too shady) noone responded to it. No worries if you happen to have the same problem if you found this page then your phone is all well. Virtools 4.1 Rapidshare: Software Free Download.

Thanks to a few forums that helped me and later found all the solution to my problem now i’m gonna help everyone in need. I don’t have a video for the procedure i never made one but i feel bad i didn’t cause its many people who are in need with no service next to gabage Galaxy S3s. I will make sure i explain everything clearly.but first you will need to download the following application INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Download NV reader/writer and install drivers. 2) Dial *#7284# and select “ Settings” then check “RMNET + DM + “. 3) Create backup. A) Click “port” in the top left and select your samsung serial port.

B) Make sure BOTH boxes in the top bar are checked. C) Click “Connect” in the top bar. D) Click “Read” in the top bar.

E) Click “Read” in the lower ‘NV-items’ section. F) Save the.txt file, this is your backup *The process will take 5-10min. The file size will be roughly 3mb and “inactive item” and “bad parameter” sections are normal. *To restore click “Write” in the lower ‘NV-items’ section and navigate to your backup file. 4) Dial *#7284# and select “Qualcomm USB Settings” then check “ + “. Demonstration video.

Hey techglobal101, thanks for the tut. However, my i9300 with 4.1.2 restored stock FW, still has IMEI 40000 / 01.

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In addition, after dialing *#7284# and selecting Qualcomm USB Settings, it shows the following: MTP MTP + ADB PTP PTP + ADB RDNS + DM + MODEM DM + MODEM + ADB Can you advise me which to select, as well as what cable to use e.g. Standard USB, UART USB, and should I downgrade to fix this. Also were you getting the phone information after connecting to NV reader/writer?

Please help me Thanks. After installing a rom from Sammobile or rooting process with CF-Root, I lost voice service. The IMEI is there and matching the one showing on the device. But the phone keeps saying “Insert SIM card” or “No SIM”. No phone calls possible.

Chances are the efs got corrupted in the process. When I try to follow your instructions, I don’t even see the Qualcomm USB settings. Maybe that’s because my phone was bought in Europe. I only have 2 sets of options: UART (modem or PDA) (modem is selected) USB (modem or PDA) (PDA is selected) Alledgelly I have to pick one option in each group and press Save and Reset. I’m clueless.

Thank you very much for your working helping people, techglobal101. There should be more people like you on this planet.