Delta Force Black Hawk Down Widescreen Patch

Delta Force Black Hawk Down Widescreen Patch

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Game Update Details (DFBHD) - Search Delta Force - Black Hawk Down - General Update You do not need this update if you have already received the update through the update wizard. 1/21/2004 33.5 MB CH 1/21/2004 33.5 MB DE 2/3/2004 33.5 MB ES 2/3/2004 33.5 MB FR 1/21/2004 33.5 MB TW 1/21/2004 33.5 MB UK 1/21/2004 33.5 MB US This update is for Delta Force - Black Hawk Down ONLY. You do not need this update if you have Team Sabre installed. Development Notes: Version Update 1.5. 3d Runway Designer Download here. 0.5 New Lobby code added for Mod games. Fixed Tail on Blackhawk so players cannot ride on it. Fixed Sniper rifle inaccuracy glitch. M16 leaf sight in auto lob is now changing range automatically. Added fix for 'X-Ray' wall hack cheat. Square smoke’/Abnormal load screen bug. Fix mesh glitch for Sniper. Fixed Scope elevation inaccuracy. Addressed 8 Claymore bug. Fixed issue with smoke grenade that doesn’t stop generating smoke. Remove Silenced MP5 warnings from spin map. Fixed Claymores & Satchel charges not working correctly. Fix claymores G satchels flitching up helicopter flight Fix sniper bonuses awarded to non-sniper characters. Fix cheat allowing users to move around before start delay is over. We have fixed the crashing ibrowse issue some users have experienced. Reduced the number of active claymores per person from 8 to 2. This has been done to remove the 'Field of Claymores' issue. Added up to 50 player hosting capability for consumers. The 'Auto Range' feature in sniper rifles and grenade launchers is now a server setting. Added mod support for users. Players will be able to run mods thru NovaWorld. Removed the glowing white outline of all claymores. The number of active smoke grenades has been reduced to 3, to clear up slowing the framerate on certain machines. Fixed rapid firing issues for certain sniper rifles and shotguns. Fixed the quick reload of machine guns glitch. Added a performance indicator to NovaWorld. Helicopter rotor blades will now kill your character in multiplayer should you get too close. We have removed the cartwheel animation from the emote list due to glitch exploitation. This has been replaced with a new emote. 1.2.1 General Maintainance Update 1.2.0 New Host option that allows the server to choose as to whether teammates set of friendly claymores 1.2.0 Additional Cheater validation checks 1.2.0 Minor tweaks to a few single player levels 1.2.0 Fixed erroneous punting problem 1.1.0 SP: Anim fixes for Windows XP machine 1.1.0 MP: MP flag respawn and zone color issues have been addressed 1.1.0 MP: Claymores now respond to friendly fire option and are not set off by teammates.

1.1.0 MP: Claymores at spawn point no longer crash the server 1.1.0 SP: Waypoint fix for Diplomatic Immunity 1.1.0 SP: Minor fix to goals on SP mission Radio Aidid.

Digging out over a year old thread. The game natively supports only 4:3 resolutions. To be precise, these: 512x384, 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1600x1200, 1920x1440 and 2048x1536. However, playing around with Hex editor, I was able to locate addresses responsible for both width and height of 1024x768 resolution. And since the game checks for aspect ratio, I can basically replace them with any resolution I want - 16:10 or 16:9. Boris Fx 10 Keygen Software there. There is some HUD stretching and some elements of HUD are a bit out of place, but that's not a problem, since the game itself isn't.

The problem is, I have no idea whatever Steam is using some specially recompiled files or is it like System Shock 2, where they've just put DRM-Free version in a Steam folder. With a first case, it's very likely that addresses and even whole sequence of bytes is different. With a 2nd case - it's likely, they are the same and they can be edited easily. I'm currently doing some testing - I'll be checking it with Team Sabre version as well and I should have an easy resolution hack ready by the end of the day. -- EDIT -- OK, so I added a solution to PCGW: and I wrote a report on WSGF. It probably only means that DFBHD on Steam uses modified EXE files (different than normal retail version and nocd), so that the byte sequence scan (I think properly called signature scan) finds nothing.

You'd need to adjust the byte sequence to a DFBHD exe file on Steam, by basically looking into exe file using hex editor and finding 8002 (640), E001 (480), 2003 (800), 5802 (600), 0004 (1024), 0003 (768) all clomped near each other. And then basically modify one of the pairs (640x480, 800x600, 1024x768) to a resolution you want to use. It's tedious, but not really difficult. If you look into a lines in config file for UniWS: sig=EB42BF00040000BE00030000EB36BF xoffset=3 yoffset=8 You can see offsets and a byte sequence in this file.

Basically, UniWS is looking for EB42BF00040000BE00030000EB36BF sequence and then edits bytes 3 and 8 from the left in that sequence. Knowing a byte is a hex number from 00 to FF, this gives: EB42BF 00040000BE 00030000EB36BF so values representing 1024 and 768. Really not that complex^^. Originally posted by:I still don't understand any of that. So much for wanting to play this in 1920x1080. Is there anyway you could upload the fix for the steam version? I'd have to have access to dfbhd.exe from Steam version I'll try to get acess to it via friends Family Sharing.

Alternatively you can try using dfbhd.exe from novahq ( [] / []). Assuming it works with Steam version. If the file works with Steam version and UniWS still doesn't work - try running UniWS as administrator. I am having a hard time getting widescreen to work. Even with these excellent instructions.

I have windows 10. After installing and running it vanilla first, I run UNIws file after editing patches finds the folder but does not give me the option to change resolution.

Ok so I D/L the no-CD patch and paste into game directory. Well it shows up now in UNIWS and will let me edit resolution but the game wont run. I get a sysdump.tx every time. Even when attempting to start without the widescreen patch. I've searched these forums but still cant figure it out.

I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I grew up playing this game on a terrible computer. Would sure like to play in Widescreen glory.