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Game Title: The Sims 2 - Happy Holiday Stuff Year: 2006 Languages: 16 languages, including Spanish, English, Chinese & Korean. The Sims 2: Happy Holiday Stuff (The Sims 2: Festive Holiday Stuff in Europe) is an official 'stuff pack' that re-packages the content from The Sims 2: Holiday Party Pack with twenty new additional items. It is considered the third 'stuff pack' and is available for sale from major video game outlets (unlike Holiday Party Pack, which was only available for purchase via Electronic Arts's online store in the US and as a retail version in the Asia Pacific region). Happy Holiday Stuff adds additional holiday themed content to the game,[7] and was released on November 7, 2006. A revised edition of The Sims 2: Holiday Edition was released simultaneously with Happy Holiday Stuff; containing the original The Sims 2 game and the Happy Holiday Stuff expansion in one bundle, similar to that of The Sims 2: Holiday Edition released in 2005. On October 24, 2006, EA announced a special mini version of this pack titled The Sims 2: Happy Holiday Mini Pack The mini pack was targeted specially at owners of the previous releases of Holiday Edition and Holiday Party Pack and includes the twenty new items not included in those releases.

Sims 2 Holiday Stuff Pack Torrent

The Sims 2: Happy Holiday! Pack Free Download. Get a high speed download of The Sims 2: Happy Holiday! This crack works for both PC and Mac users. Nov 03, 2011. Sims 2 Christmas Party Pack.

The Happy Holiday Stuff pack is the first and only Sims 2 game or expansion that does not use a key to unlock the installation. It includes 63 items including 18 new items from The Sims 2: Happy Holiday Mini Pack. In Spanish it's named Navidad (Christmas) The Sims 2 Happy Holiday don't needs a serial code or a crack.

Sam Naprawiam Mercedes W203 Download more. Only mount the files and install:D Uploaded by Slash701.

Well, I just got the party pack today, and my game is not acting normal. Control+Shift+C is not bringing up the cheat window. And several of my hacks are not working, Insiminator being a main one. If anyone else has the pack, can you check this. I did a new install on everything and am still having the problems, but it could still be something on my end. *edit to add: Well, I've done a complete uninstall of my sims. Reinstalled everything but the holiday pack, and am still having the probs.

It isnt the holiday pack, but I still have the errors. Off to figure that out now. I don't know if this will help.I don't have the Party Pack, rather I got the entire Holiday Edition because I didn't have TS2. I've installed and re-installed, but I can't get the game to load w/out crashing.

Producer Kit Torrent Download. (As it's a brand new game, I have no hacks or downloads). I thought it may have been an issue with my computer/memory, but now that I see others are having trouble with the Party Pack, I'm not so sure. To add insult to injury, I can't even properly register the product, as they only have options for TS2, Uni, Nightlife, and the Party Pack on the registration form at I can't ask anything on their forum because I can't register.

Hello, Hope my answer can help someone out here. I have Sims 2, Univ, NL and the Holiday Pack on one computer, and have not had any problems. I downloaded the Holiday pack from Maxis, and the game runs fine. You do not have to register the Holiday Pack. It does check for updates to make sure you have all the patches.

I also have the Sims 2 on another computer, and installed the Holiday pack on that computer as well. It runs ok, no problems. To play the other features with the Holiday pack, you can click on the stove, click serve desert, and Santa cookies.

The sim will bake the cookies and leave a plate on the counter for Santa. I believe you have to place the Christmas tree in the House, also I placed the large tree outside in the yard. When the Sims go to sleep, Santa will arrive and they will wake up and run downstairs.

Oh, the rain deer will catch on fire, not sure why this happens, but you can burn up a sim, or fry them, by petting the rain deer. I don't understand. Why would Nance want to by the Holiday Pack again at any price when they already bought it? Nance- you may want to pm MaxoidTom with suggestions on how to handle your situation. I'm not sure how often he roams here at MTS2 or if he even reads pm's here but it's worth a shot I think. Seeknpeace, I guess you paid for having everything early instead of waiting day by day.

But it seems, according to Ladydrb58 that there are some special actions that the pack comes with and the downloads do not. (could be wrong about that though. TheSlackG, the Holiday Edition consists of the base game, plus the holiday party pack. So if you already have the base game plus EPs installed, you need to uninstall them all, then install the Sims2 holiday edition, and then install the EPs. The Holiday edition is really for those people who haven't bought the Sims2 base game yet. If you already have the game, all you need to purchase is the Party pack which is a download from the EA Games Sims2 website. PS: why is your avatar wearing a CPAP mask?

Simsample thanks for the help, I unfortunately blindly purchased the holiday pack. I was hoping that their was a way to get to that content without all that. Guess whats not getting installed.

Good eye on the cpap mask, I borrowed it from one of my patients. I thought it might look interesting for my avatar. I returned it before bed-time. (just kidding) Re: previous question, four disks came with the Hol edition, including a Sims2 manual with a new holiday edition cover and another quick key chart. Also the disks all had unique holiday sim-pictures.

You can order sims 2 party pack from But you better hurry.

Its not december anymore and i'm not sure how much longer it will stay seeing how its not 2005 anymore. If your lucky it will stay for a long time. And since you got holiday edition, if you know where the receit is whatever store you got it from might be returnable. If not, you can sell it on or sell it at school/work to somebody.