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Hello, I recently decided it was time to digitize my stock of about 60 video8 tapes,all of them 20 to 25 years old. My first captures run reasonably well but of the 60 tapes about 20 appears with strange horizontal bands that complete ruined the tapes playback. I have tried to identify the origin of the problem and a similar pattern on the forums like this one but didn´t find anything that appears identical and so far without identifying the problem I have not been able to find a solution hoping there is one. The original camera a Sony CCD-F500E is no longer in good condition, eventually it will still be able to playback the tapes but I have been unable to open the cassete compartment,t it´s bloqued,I have tried several possible solutions but gave up as I think the camera need service. Hi, The problem with your Video8 tapes is obvious - and fairly common, too. The two tape height guide poles attached to the so-called tape loading arms in your camera are loose.

These guides pull the tape around to either side of the video head cylinder. The guides also determine tape height in relation to the rotating video heads. When loosened, these guides start slowly turning on their own, bringing the tape to wrong height in relation to the video heads - during recording! We've had cases at DigiOmmel & Co., where thape guides in a Video8 camcorder had turned a little more at each reload of the tape.

So we had to readjust the guides 'on the fly' to get the footage properly captured. This is a case of serious tracking error, the one you can fix only by readjusting one or both of the guides. For this, you'll have to go inside the machine since Video8 VCRs do not have a manual tracking control knob like VHS machines do. Remember also, that once you have tweaked your VCR/camcorder guide poles for these tapes, you'll need to be able to bring them back to standard height. So, before you do anything, mark the guide pole's initial position by a felt-tip marker or something.

I am posting here a sketch of Video8 mechanism. You'll need to adjust TG3 and TG6 for these tape and then bring them back to standard height. Thanks for your useful and enlightening answer However I would like to clarify if possible where do you think it will be more effective to make the modification as I have 3 possible equipment’s to do it. Hi again, The SLV-T2000 seems the best choice since camcorders usually need to be taken pretty much apart to insert a screwdrider to the guide poles.

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Also, the Y/C video output offers the best image quality. We are using Sony EV-S9000 and EVO-9850P for Video8/HI-8 transfers since they have internal TBCs. I am just downloading a service manual for SLV-T2000. I'll take a look at it come back to you ok?