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Bill And Desiree: Love Is Timeless

Nov 04, 2008 From real sex erotic documentary film 'Bill and Desiree: Love is Timeless' Bill and Desiree recall their first lovemaking session in a California redwood.

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--- Bill and Desire: Love is Timeless is the sixth installment in Tony and Peggy Comstock's award-winning series of erotic documentary films. Bill and Desiree has played to packed houses and rave reviews in film festivals in the US, Canada, Uruguay, France, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, and Israel.

Now we need your help to make Bill and Desiree available on DVD so we can share it with anyone who wants to see this beautiful film. For just $10 you can get a copy of this film on DVD, and help make it available to everyone. 'Comstock Films has created a unique film series that explores sexual relationships among couples.

Each film focuses on one couple and begins with an intimate interview that sets up the background of the couple's relationship: how they met, the basis of their intimacy, what attracts them sexually to one another, and how they share their innermost desires and fantasies. The camera then turns to an intimate lovemaking session, recording in detail the passion and eroticism that exists between the two.

Coverage is explicit, but not provocative; it allows viewers to share in the couple's healthy, passionate, romantic relationship and to experience firsthand the erotic intimacy of their lovemaking.' Sarah Block, All Movie Guide. Bill and Desiree's story starts in the second half of life: a chance meeting, a powerful attraction, a carnal connection, and a deep, sensual love. Through an intimate and lively interview, we hear the story of how Bill and Desiree met, and what drew them to each other. When we witness the playful intensity of their beautifully photographed lovemaking, we see that pleasure is ageless, and that love is indeed timeless! “American film makers and sex on screen pioneers, husband and wife team Tony and Peggy Comstock may have invented the best little documentary formula ever: take a couple who are in a committed, loving relationship, and film them in conversation about it, and also the physical conversation they have with each other during sex. What could be more illuminating, educational, erotic, instructive, profound, fascinating, – take your pick.” Megan Spencer, triple j – film critic Australian Broadcasting Corp. Bill and Desiree: Love is Timeless is a film about passion, about desire; a film that gives older lovers a reason to celebrate, and younger lovers something to look forward to.

Bill and Desiree: Love is Timeless is a film that invites us to re-imagine what love can be and should be in our later years. Risks and challenges The film is completed and has played in film festivals around the world to rave reviews. The DVD is authored. We already have a long-standing relationship with replication house and a fulfillment company. They will make sure that every order is picked, packed and shipped within 2 days of the finished DVDs arriving at their warehouse. The only risk is that I'm a big fat liar, and we're just going to take your money and run away with it. But I'm not going to do that.

We're professional filmmakers and small business-people. We have a reputation to uphold. We boot-strapped our first four films with Kickstarter-style pre-sales back before there even was a Kickstarter. We put the 'yourself' in DIY film distribution. We know how to make films, we know how to put them on DVD and we know how to get them to our paying customers. Help us raise the money to put Bill and Desiree on DVD and we'll get a copy to you. You have our word on it!

Authentic, Mature and Real. Free Download E0001 For Fifa 12 here. Love is timeless is an intimate look inside the life of a real couple. Bill and Desiree’s love and desire for one another radiate from the screen, which is why this film is award winning.

These two are the subject of an engaging documentary by the husband and wife production team Comstock Films. They bring “real people, real life (and) real sex”. Beautiful and tasteful, Bill and Desiree relate for the camera the intimate details of their union – a chance meeting in their later years, an instant connection both emotionally and sexually gives us a glimpse into their private passions.

We then get to see this mature and graceful couple demonstrate the kind of adventurous and romantic lovemaking that we should all be so lucky to experience. Their love and trust of each other is palpable and their generosity towards us, as viewers, and each other, will inspire the viewer. Bill and Desiree is a film that celebrates authentic, mature love in a manner both erotic and educational and that gives us all something to look forward to.

Love is Timeless! Citation: Bill and Desiree: Love is Timeless, USA, 56 minutes, 2009 Performer(s):,.