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ILLUSION Artificial Girl 3 --------------------------- Please read info below to avoid any stupid questions! ABOUT THIS TORRENT ------------------ Another my ILLUSION game (final one), this time Artificial Girl 3. I had to remake the iso due some little mistake i made and now the final size is 6.97 GB. I created new installer for this game (InstallShield 2009) and simple autorun to make it easier for you. Then created iso so it can be burned or mounted using your favorite software. Installer and all files are scanned with NOD32 (database version 3843) This torrent includes: * AG3ENG.iso (MD5: 4e94665690cd85212336dddf3e09701e ) * some screenshots (read below) * Instruction how to make this iso from DVD9 to standard DVD5 in case you do not like DVD9 GAME INFO --------- This is one of the most unique and advanced adult game. You can create your own female characters as you want.

You can not only customize the way she looks in every way, but also her personality: how she acts, what she likes, what she don't like, etc. It's a pretty complicated game so be sure to read wiki if you have no idea how to play this game!

This game install includes: Artificial Girl 3 Artificial Girl 3 Privilege Disc Artificial Girl 3 Hannari Artificial Girl 3 Hannari Privilege Disc Official Clothes Add-On(s): Valentine Esk & Bael Christmas Pants Festival (All 29 models) Mods and tools: Illusion Wizzard with 21 'ready to install' mods Documents: Offline Guides from WIKI After install, the game is fully playable (in english, unsencored). INSTALL -------- 1. Mount or burn the AG3ENG.iso using your favourite software 2. Install DirectX (incase you haven't already) 3.

Install.NET Framework (in case you haven't already) 4. Install Artificial Girl 3 5. Read documents (wiki) 6. Enjoy SCREENSHOTS INFO ----------------- This time i decided to make some screenshots from the game itself. I created 3 characters: Lisa Susan Agnes2 (the first Agnes version was a total bitch so i made second better version) Also for fun i gived each one a 'blood related' (sister-brother relationship) trait. I thought it was funny. Then loaded them all into my created world.

The Sims 3 was so good that even with The Sims 4 released in the world, players all over still go back to the beloved game. That means that mods are essential to the.

It was boring at first but then they all got horny and started to rape my character over and over again (oh noes!!!!). I made some screenshots of the moments i thought was funny. Also these screenshots should give you overall view some of the game possibilities. Screenshots also available in online gallery: IMPORTANT: this torrent will be seeded with 2 PC-s. The connection is slow for both of them so this will be long download. If you finally get the file, please don't just leech and run. Help me seed for a while.

While i upload this, all my other uploads will be on hold. Titling Gothic Fb Narrow Regular Free Download. My other ILLUSION game uploads: So please be patient, help me seed when you get the file. If you have any questions, ask here and I'll try my best to answer. I've been troubleshooting for hours.

How To Install Mods For Sims 3 On Steam

I've been able to work this before on Windows 7, but I just got a new computer with Windows 8.1. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. It will open and bring me to the menu, but I can't load characters or enter into the game. I can only display characters and exit.

I've gone through almost every compatibility setting. I've tried using applocale, only to get errors. Does this just not work with 8.1? Is there any solution that might help me? Drawbar Settings Handbook.

I'll probably try using a virtual machine next. Hopefully that might work.

EDIT by wurlox Just so we can start on the right foot with AG3 Mod releases, as I don't want to do what I did for AG2 and go through 5GB of stuff and rename it all again.heh. For simplicity sake, when you name your archive, if you can follow a few simple naming schemes, it'll help people be able to sort the mods they download, as well as make sure the authors get their proper credit. So, for example my UI mod is named thus: [AG3][interface][English UI][wurlox][v1.0] Obviously, its easy to see what kind of mod this is and who made it as well as a version number. Fot a clothing mod, I would probably do something like this: [AG3][clothes][Mini Skirt][wurlox] A hair mod like this: [AG3][hair][Wild Hair][wurlox] You get the picture.basically [game][mod type][mod name][author][version] This is not written in stone, as you can tweak it somewhat, but as long as you keep the basic premise, it'll make things WAAAAAY easier for all of us.

Thanks for listening and good modding. EDIT 2 by wurlox This is a MOD RELEASE ONLY thread. No discussions will EVER be tolerated here and posts will be deleted on site! Also, we want new original mods. If a clothing mod can be made in the AG3 Character Make DO NOT POST IT! If a mod is not yours, but one you found on another site, GIVE PROPER CREDIT! If you can't find the name of the author, say so, but at least DO NOT pawn a mod off as yours when it isn't!

Believe me, I will find out if such a thing happens and I will have no mercy for the person posting it. New AG3Maker poses Sorry for the double posting, but since it's another mod. A very big thank you to XnonameX for the new poses and the instructions to make some, AND Saev for his AG3PoseSelector to make transitions so much easier. You guys ROCK!!! Your contribution are way pass great. They are AWESOME!!! Those great mods are available here in this thread.

My little way to share and say thanks. I made (sexy and perverted) new versions of their great poses. They are made for Saev's AG3Pose Selector. Extract the file and add the poses you want using Saev's instructions. You can make a pose Wizard ready if you want, by extracting one of XnonameX's and replacing the a15_01.xa file and the image.

You may have to correct names. Then repack it in the same way he does. Most credit goes to The Sims 3 artists, to tmvaegis and mk2000 for converting the meshes, and to hereaus for combining them into a manual-install mod. I only adjusted the brightness and contrast to make the hair lighter and easier to color, and made the mod ready for use with Darkhound's Illusion Wizzard. There are a total of 22 hairstyles to choose from, each including a front and a back, which are added in slots 39 through 60 of the AG3 Character Maker. To Install: Just copy the.7z file into the Illusion Wizzard mods folder, and then use Illusion Wizzard to install.

Please, always make a backup just in case. This mod would not be possible without all the brilliant modders at HongFire and Uppervolta who came before me and paved my way. My thanks to you all! Hello everyone! This mod adds 22 front, 44 back and 4 side hairstyles (found on Hongfire and Uppervolta) to the AG3 Character Maker using Darkhound's Illusion Wizzard. These are higher quality and more functional than the previous collection of hairstyles converted from the Sims3 game.

New features of this mod include: * All appropriate hair styles move in-game as girls move. * Easier to mix and match new hair styles with the originals. * Forelock Length slider works on most fronts (see below). * Semen (juice) textures assigned to most styles (see below). * Most are from hair mods designed specifically for AG3 use. Credit: I did not create any hair styles. Most credit goes to the various artist and modders from Hongfire and Uppervolta who created these beautiful hair styles, and there are far too many for me to keep track of.

I only collected, organized and gray-scaled them, and then adjusted brightness and contrast to better match the original hair styles. I made sure the longer styles can move in-game, and enabled the 'Forelock Length' slider and semen on most styles (see 'Known Issues' below). To Install: Just copy the.7z file into the Illusion Wizzard mods folder, and then use Illusion Wizzard to install. Please, always make a backup just in case. Known Issues: Front hairstyles with 'Forelock Length' slider disabled: 39, 41, 42, 45, 46, 53, 55, 56, 57, 58, 60 Front hairstyles without semen texture: 39, 41, 42, 45, 46, 57, 58, 60 Back hairstyles without semen texture: 41, 42 Thanks: This mod would not be possible without the legendary modders at HongFire and Uppervolta who came before me and paved my way, and have since moved on.

My thanks to you all. To Download: My Next AG3 Project: I would like to create a 'final' update to the AG3 Map Pack which includes all the latest maps, and improves the arrangement of the maps for easier and more intuitive navigation (and so we don't have to drag our girls across so many useless maps to reach some of the nicer destinations).

I've been using, but apparently I need help learning to add and move the transition points of the maps in Metasequoia, so please PM me if you know how. Drenched P.S. Hi Yamayashi, I'm glad you are interested. Many people are searching for the AG3 Make Selector V1.00 by radware59, including me, as you can see from. I will be sure to re-release that mod here if I ever find it, so please do the same. Meanwhile, I know the other AG3 threads are quite slow these days, but please remove your requests from this mod-release thread, as it is better when left free of clutter.

I take no credit for her work; I only made it Wizzard-Ready for easier use. For more mods and girls by taffy, please see her post in the. Merci beaucoup, taffy! (I think taffy speaks French?) To Install: Copy only the.7z files (8 total) from the file into your Illusion Wizzard mods folder, and then use Illusion Wizzard to install any of the 8 variations.

It may be wise to uninstall any previous player-character mod before installing a different one, and be sure to make a backup just in case. To Download: Next Project: I've begun working on the 'Ultimate (Final?) AG3 Map Pack' to include newer maps and re-arrange older maps into a more playable game-world. Each map will be only three hops or less from the street or shops for easier access, and new graphics will indicate destinations, such as signs above the many confusing doors inside both train cars, and travel options displayed on the overhead screens at the multiple-destination airport.