Drawbar Settings Handbook

The drawbars on a console Hammond or the clonewheels can be a source of much confusion. They are also sometimes called tonebars, and they are used to shape the sound.

Every drawbar has 8 settings, which indicate how much of a particular drawbar’s tone is added to the final signal. Reggae Drawbar Settings for Hammond.

Each drawbar is marked with a number in feet. As an example, the first (brown) drawbar is marked 16′. This terminology is borrowed from pipe organ technology, where this number actually describes the length of the pipe that is used to get a certain tone. Rslogix 500 Crack Keygen Serial Patch. Every drawbar has 8 settings, which indicate how much of a particular drawbar’s tone is added to the final signal, with 1 being the softest, and 8 being the loudest.

When the drawbar is pushed in all the way, no sound from this drawbar is used in the final sound. On a console, you will have 5 groups of drawbars, two for the lower manual and two for the upper manual, each of which consist of 9 drawbars, and one for the bass, which has two drawbars. Drawbar colors There are three different colors on the drawbars, brown, white and black. The fundamental, ‘core’ tone is created by the first white drawbar.

Drawbar Settings Handbook

The other white Drawbars are octave intervals of the fundamental tone of increasingly higher pitched notes. The brown drawbars are the two ones to the left, and these produce harmonics below the fundamental tone. The first brown Drawbar is the sub-octave of the fundamental Drawbar. It is “one octave” lower in sound.

The second brown drawbar is the “sub-octave” of the third harmonic. Pulling the brown drawbars makes the tone deeper and fuller. The black drawbars introduce dissonant harmonics, which serve to color the tone and give it character. The lower manual can be used either for playing walking bass, or comping chords.

For the former, 808000000 works really well; add more of the 2nd drawbar to get a heavier, more ‘growly’ tone. This setting is not ideal for playing chords on the lower manual, since this makes the sound often too muddy. 008800000 seems to work better for chords down below, or you can just play them higher up the keyboard if you want to switch between walking and comping. It is often is suggested to turn off V/C when using a walking bass – I think it can work either way, depending on the mood of the song.

You can also turn off the bottom rotor to get that ‘Memphis’ sound, which also works well with walking bass lines. Playing Reggae on the Hammond is a very different kettle of fish. Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary Wii Iso more. Here’s some ideas: Practice the ’bubble’. Many people seem to get this wrong – don’t play on the down beat, but just after it. Preset Name Upper B Upper A Lower B Lower A Bass V/C Percussion Vol Decay Harmonic Leslie speed Comment 888 base 88 8000 0 8 0 000 73 no (C2) Off Norm Slow 2nd Slow Drive 8888 base 88 8800 0 8 0 000 73 no (C2) Off Norm Slow 2nd Slow Drive Alone in the City 00 7740 034 Fast/Slow Ballad 80 0000 0 000 Billy Preston 00 8000 000 C3 Stop Glissando Blues 88 5324 588 Booker T.

Jones 1 88 8800 000 Off On 2nd No Green Onions Booker T. Here’s a number of setting that are commonly used in gospel – a good starting point for experimentation.