Bushmaster Serial Number Date

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Join Date: September 26, 2008. Location: Colorado. Boy what a difference, the case was completely redesigned and even the serial number / logo engraving was different. Cerberus Holdings purchased Bushmaster, Remington and a couple other firearms manufactures last year.

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Bushmaster Serial Number Date

One of my coworkers brought me a BCR to inspect. Her stepson was going to give it to her husband and she ponied up some cash for upgrades. Stepson did not want the dept armorers to look at it. When we got it we noticed the front gas block was canted. Then there was no pin holding the gas tube to the front sight block.

After aligning the gas tube, it was way off in the upper. We took off the barrel and the indent in the upper where the barrel pin inserts, was damaged allowing the barrel indexing key to move to the left (that's way the gas block was canted. We realigned everything and according to Bushy's instructions, applied loc tite before reinstalling the barrel. Everything lined up. Took it to the range. We could not get more than 2 shots without the bolt not going into battery. It would chamber a round and the bolt would stop when just touching the barrel lugs.

The round would insert into the chamber (coming out of the extractor). Call Of Duty Mw3 Zone Folder Download. We could use the forward assist to insert the bolt or remove the mag and use the charging handle to reengage the bolt. I assumed the barrel/upper were torqueing during fire and the lugs were not aligning (they would not align when the gas block was canted although it would force into battery). I too it back to the armory and looked at the bolt/carrier. There were indentations where the gas tube was striking the key.

Looking at the gas tube, it was correctly aligned in the upper. Again, our opinion was the upper and barrel were twisting during operation and it was causing misalignment. Valentine Day Video Download Phan there. The rifle is going under the Christmas tree. Upon opening he will be advised/lectured/ordered NOT to shoot it. We will help him sell the usable parts and get another, quality rifle. This is the first time I have worked on a carbon rifle. I was very under-impressed.