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Makes use of a license activation system to make Keygens and shared serial-number obsolete by blacklisting them via a central activation server, Surprisingly, smart crackers defeated the whole CS4 activation system using a simple trick, blocking access to the activation server using. After generating the key using the keygen, users simply need to block access to Adobe Activation servers using their firewalls or, effectively disabling the CS4 licensing system from verifying the registration serial-key. UPDATE # 1: My web-hosting and domain service provider have received an copyright abuse complaint for this news post which actually does not contain anything illegal, we do not support piracy in anyway and therefore I am appending our standard caution notice for such post. CAUTION: Downloading and using any leaked build or any hack/crack is not only illegal and a crime punishable by law, but also pose great security risks and should be avoided. The information posted here is for news purpose only and any illegal links posted in comments will be deleted.

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Images Via Google Image Search. If people on this website do not appreciate your product, I do. You guyz at Adobe did a wonderful job. I am trying to design my website when I came across your trial product, and I fell in love with it, right away. However, I would still support the hacking, though not cracking, of any private software because they are too expensive. People like me are really poor and would consider the hacking of your product to be a honor and an advantage. So, good job.

Try to learn from the holes found and make it stronger, and I hope that hackers would at the same time be able to hack those products next time (to make it more fun =D. I know that I am a person who also has to search everywhere to find programs to use because of the prices on the shelves and so forth and can understand when another uses the same tecniques I do to obtain the software and that it is wrong of us to do so, given the regard that not all people have the funds to buy said products. But I do agree with you, Adobe's software is one of the leading software brands in designing and development of graphics and so forth and I give them a 10/10 for that. I enjoy creating and designing things such as websites and so forth and Adobe has done an excellent job in creating such software.

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1 000 000 thumbs up to Adobe!!!! I found and downloaded/installed the CS3 Master Collection and the install worked flawlessly! The file included a text file with several serials that I put in at the start of install.

I was never asked for an activation and it has never tried to activate. I've checked my hosts file and it was untouched except for one non-related entry. My question, should I even worry about adding the activation.*****.com to my host file or leave well enough alone?

As long as everything is working fine do I need to worry about it? I always check my task manager and kill the FNPlicensingservice when it pops up (usually at initial start up and every time I run one of the Adobe programs) and I never use any of the programs while I am online - always disable the internet every time I use any of them, just in case. Would you bother? Thanks for any info. *NOTE: No - I DO NOT have the list of serials anymore, so don't ask me, people! If you want to download any programs, I suggest you look online for the torrent sites - start with the letter 'H'. That's all I'm going to say on that matter, too.

My momma didn't raise no fool!' I downloaded the trial version of PS C4 about a month ago. I followed the above instructions for my dell and tried adding the '-- REMOVED --' line, but it will not let me save the notepad file. It tells me the following: 'Cannot create the C: Windows Systems32 drivers etc host file. Make sure the path and file name are correct.' Also, when I enter the serial no. It will not accept it.

I am not sure if it has to do w/ the fact that I saved PS in an external drive and not directly on my computer. Thank you in •. I bought and paid for a legal copy of Ps. I've been on the line with Adobe and they're literally no help. When I purchased this it was on an XP machine. After a couple of years it died.

When I tried to put it on my new Win7 64 machine it says it's not a valid. As I read your info it is just not clear what I should try in the local host area. This is what is there now: Local Host activate.adobe.com practivate.adobe.com I've gone the www.blockdomainname.com route, but so far nothing I've done works. Do you have any suggestions? NB it worked for CS4 as well If you did not receive any errors during installation, then perform these steps in the order given. For an incomplete installation, follow the steps in knowledge-base document kb401401 (Windows) or kb402151 (Mac OS).

If you received errors during installation, and you've never been able to open your CS3 application, then the installation is incomplete. Please follow the steps in Technote kb401401 (Windows) or Technote kb402151 (Mac OS). Move or delete the cache.db file. Move the cache.db file from the following locations, onto the desktop or another folder. You can delete this file, but if you do, you'll need to enter your serial number the next time you open your application.

On Windows XP and Windows Vista, the cache.db file is located in Program FilesCommon FilesAdobeAdobe PCDcache On Mac OS X, the cache.db file is located in Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe PCD/cache Try to open your Adobe application. I've been doing everything I read about on this site, including these instructions, and it's not working.

I have the edited hosts file, set date back, opened photoshop, deactivated, opened again and entered new serial, set date back to today. For entering a new serial I've been entering one of several from a list of 11 from code tempest. I wouldn't expect any of the numbers would make a difference since with a properly edited hosts file this should solve any registration problem.

Thanks very much. Merci, Gracias, Many thanks, The modified.dll applied to all CS4 apps. Worked like a charm.

One day Adobe M$ et al will realise it is far better to produce and sell software at a reasonable price than to continually rip off people that cannot really afford their overpriced apps. Such as research students. Thank God our universities give the knowledge to us to be able to reverse engineer and make these apps.

FREELY available to the people that REALLY need them. Very best wishes to the hackers and crackers, you are a fine example to us all. 1 - delete: library/Application support/adobe/adobe PCD/ cache/ cache.db 2 - Open Terminal (found in Applications/Utilities/). In the terminal window, paste in: sudo /Applications/TextEdit.app/Contents/MacOS/TextEdit /etc/hosts 3 - Hit return and type in your admin password. 4 - A file will automatically open in TextEdit. In TextEdit, at the bottom of the document, hit return and paste in the following: -- REMOVED -- 5 - Save the file.

Do NOT do a 'Save As'. Close the file.

6 - If you're on OS X 10.4, reboot. If you're on OS X 10.5, in a new terminal window, paste in: sudo dscacheutil -flushcache Hit return and exit out of Terminal.

1) Perform a search in ADOBE using the PROGRAM files for: 'dll' 2) Replace that file with the one in the FIX folder 3) Go to Windows System32 drivers etc, open the 'hosts' file there with the Notepad editor 4) Add these Lines: -- REMOVED -- 5) In addition, go to C: Program Files Common Files Adobe Adobe PCD cache and delete the file 'cache.DB' PLEASE NOTE: Steps 4 and 5 may not be necessary as it may messed up your filters and plugins. So, use steps 1 and 2, then use your firewall to block access to the adobe activation sites. If these dont work, set your computer date to January 19th, 2009 or earlier. IF NEEDED --------- ADOBE CS4 SERIALS: -- REMOVED-- ACROBAT 9 (If it is giving problems): -- REMOVED-- •. To prior poster -- reboot (you are on 10.4 which means all versions starting with 10.4).

For everyone, here is how this fix works: The lines like this one: ' activate.adobe.com' are instructions to your computer to tell it that the server at activate.adobe.com is now located at internet location The long list represents all the activation servers and this list points them all to this special address.

What's special about It is called the 'loopback' address and means 'my own machine': using this address basically tricks the software into trying to activate the applications by communicating with your own computer instead of the proper location of the adobe activation servers. Since your own computer won't respond to this request (it's not an activation server), the software assumes that the activation server is temporarily offline so it allows you to use the software in the meanwhile (since it can't just lock you out when you have a valid serial just because the adobe server might be offline). Now, the sudo line to -flushcache tells OS X 10.5 and higher to flush out any cached knowledge it has of the adobe server addresses, since entries in the cache could be used before the new entries. By clearing the cache, you 'force' the Mac to use the new address. However OS X 10.4.x and lower do not have a quick command to clear the dns cache, but rebooting does the trick as well. Finally, the CS4 software does require that the activation server EVENTUALLY be reachable after a certain amount of time.

This is why you eventually expire. So, at this point, you need to deactivate.

This is easy: roll back the time so that the application does start, choose deactivate (and choose the option to remove the serial number completely from the computer). Now you are back to a fresh install. Move the time forward to current time, restart the software, and re-enter the key. Now the process starts all over again.

Hope this helps you all to understand the process. Everybody who's tried the following fix: - set the clock back, - plug in the blocked IP addresses into terminal - clear the cache - deactivate in the program itself - re-start the program - plug in your serial - set-back the time to normal Of course the application is still running, BUT once you close it and try and open it again it says license expired still. Well at least it does for me anyway.

I have tried this fix, ive edited the host files and reentered serial numbers but no luck. One thing i cant do is delete my cache because i havent got an ADOBE PCD folder. Can someone please tell me how to find and delete the cache folder if i havent got a PCD folder, i'm on Mac 10.5. Or can someone aknowledge that the above fix does work for them when they quit and re-open because it isnt for me. Apparently the old serial has a trigger to stop the CS4 work starting the day jan/20/2009, that's why if you set the system date back to 19/jan/2009 the applications work. But to get CS4 back to work normally is not necessary to back the system date, everything that needs to be done is: 1.

Delete the file cache.db (mac - Library / Application Support / Adobe / Adobe PCD / cache and windows - C: Program Files Common Files Adobe Adobe PCD cache). This will eliminate the serial already used by CS4 2. Empty the trash (just in case) 3. Open one of the applications (eg photoshop) 4. Install a serial later when the application ask 5. You are ready to go (at least until the date of the trigger of this new serial) found a serial that seems to work (works for me) but unfortunately it is for mac, but there are some in the posts 110 (mac) and 116 (windows) of the following Address: •. It really is that easy.

(Look at post above - THE SERIAL HAS A TRIGGER) Tried a few others and they didn't work. But deleting the file cache.db and then entering a new serial number does the trick. Also, I do advise blocking the adobe servers, however you can also use Little Snitch if you are on a mac. (I'm sure there must be something similar for windows. It will tell you when a program is trying to connect to anything.

Then you have the choice to let it proceed or not. OK so I panicked and kind of needed a fresh system anyway, so I figured I'd wiped my hard drive, installed a fresh system (MBP Mac OS 10.5) and tried installing the programs 1st thing, before I had even connected to the internet for the 1st time. Totally disconnected. Airport off, no ethernet. That should do it, right?

Still got the 'license expired' message. I was truly baffled then.what kind of evil trickery could be going on?? But now the date bomb on the serials makes sense.

I went ahead and rolled back to CS3, because I had to have the programs one way or another. Now my question is: on a fresh system, what would be the proper course of action?

Like this?: Install as normal, then go through the steps: - set the clock back, - plug in the blocked IP addresses into terminal - clear the cache - deactivate in the program itself - re-start the program - plug in your serial - set-back the time to normal? Would this need to be done for each program? Would this just create another date bomb? I guess if it did I know the process for getting around it. Thank all that is good and holy I found this thread? I thought I was done for.

Ive used the host crack for windows and all the adobe aoftware works fine, but at the same time my internet isn't workin like it used to. Certain websites won't work for me and i can't get online on other networks that i use outside of home.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a solution? How do i delete the hosts crack file? I've tried to delete it already but it says 'cannot create the C: Windows System32 Drivers etc hosts file' Make sure that the path and filename are correct. Im using Vista, can anyone help? On a MAC, i was still running into the same problem many others here were/are. After deactivating and entering the serial, it was still giving me 'Expired' when i set the clock forward.

It turns out it was TRULY my serial. I was entering a temp serial. I searched and downloaded a perm serial (after making sure my hosts are edited). This perm serial works perfectly. Now i don't have to reset the clock every time i use the apps. To answer the question 'Would this just create another date bomb?'

The answer is YES. If you use a temp serial - not a perm serial. I just spent an hour reading this forum and there are only two answers to any of the questions. Both slightly technical for people who don't know there way around there computer. So hear is this for total begginers. Search google for 'iserial'.

This is a program that will help you get all the serials for all the programs you need. Now that you have Iserial you will also need a progam called 'littlesnitch'.

Now go to adobe.com and download the master suites trial. If you don't want to pay anything use a bit torrent site such as 'mininova' to download the trial.

I repeat the trial. Now turn on littlesnitch, 2. Intsall the trial as a trial 3. When installation is complete open any cs4 program and when prompted to either insert a key or continue as trial. Insert one of your keys. Evrything will work fine. In iserial you need to look under the creative suites to find what you need.

Now all programs work fine except (in my case dreamweaver) I get a message that says product has expired. Dial the date back refers to your actual computers date. Change in system settings or in preferences. Follow instructions listed again and again in previous posts.

Having done the delete cache,clock rewind,new serial no.,deactivate, etc., i thought that i could accept doing this every 30 days for a fresh trial install but, the license expiry notice did become a pain. Yesterday i tracked down the dll crack and used it to overwrite the original and BINGO! A full install.

Happy bunnie am i. Many thanks to all you guys for taking the time and trouble to post a geat workaround to the Adobe 20th january time bomb. Hope your all around when CS 5 comes out.:-}}} •.

Hi how u doing? I've got a doubt.

See, I'd like to get these adobe cs4 products: -premier -illustrator -flash -photoshop -after effects as u can see, I don need the entire suite. So what do u recamend me to do? I mean, do I use a keygen in every single cs4 product? And if it like this, how do I do the host thing? And also, what about this.dll archive that people mention in other web pages? If u have time and want to do some charity:D I'd be really grateful if u helped me with this,u know. The best way to get these programs and have them working perfectly!

Thanks and bye --- I have windows vista by the way--- •. I'm not sure if this'll stop the full functionality of photoshop cs4, but i get prompt whenever i start it up stating: 'one or more files in the adobe application support folder, necessary for running photoshop, are missing. Please run the photoshop installer and re-install photshop' so far, i haven't ran into a problem while using it. I'm not sure if this prompt only affects a certain aspect of the program. Regardless, is anyone familiar with this prompt, and if there's a way around it without having to reinstall photoshop cs4? As for the acrobat 9 pro serial.

I was able to find a working mac only serial through google. I'd post it, but it'd be taken off right away. Just type 'acrobat 9 mac pro serial' and it'll be visible in the text preview of the 5th search result down. I have an interesting problem that i can seem to bypass. I installed a pirated version of Cs4 Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop, and the next day i got a call from my internet provider saying that i had downloaded adobe cs4 programs and that adobe traced it back to my IP address. So yeah that scared me a little, but i still need to use the programs for school. Sims 2 Holiday Stuff Pack Torrent more. So i found out that flexnet has an anti-piracy initiative and can sense via internet activation who is using a pirated serial/crack/keygen.

Which brings me to my question is there anyway to bypass the flexnet activation? When i reinstalled it after my internet provider told me to delete it i used comodo firewall to block its access to the internet. In doing so it wont work due to lack of activation hence the problem. Maybe im just not understanding the problem.

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