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ZIP Code Database - ZIP Code List. Small Business. Download Now. Excel (xls) Format. Primary File Sample. City Overlap Sample. Download the Free ZIP Code Database. Do you have DMA. The Radius Finder Application is free for our all of our US ZIP Code Database Customers and comes.

Our ZIP Code Database is set of all U.S. ZIP code data put into row and column format for easy use and manipulation. The free version comes with 7 data fields for every ZIP code in the United States. It has all the basic information you need to validate ZIP Code entry and basic mapping. • Use our ZIP Code data on your website for easy lookups and data filling • Multiple data formats - Excel, Access, CSV, and SQL for easy use • Immediately download the data • 2010 Census Population • Updated Monthly.

Dma Zip Code List Free

Download a list of ZIP codes in Excel/CSV/spreadsheet format including state, city, county, area code, latitude, longitude, and more.

Download the Free ZIP Code Database • You must create an account to access the monthly database. • A valid email address is required. • Download all file formats (Access, Excel, CSV, and SQL).

* First Name: * Last Name: * Email: * Password: * Confirm Password: An email will be sent to the address entered confirmation before you can download. Need More Detailed Data? Try our professional ZIP Code Databases • Immediate Download after purchase • 1 Year Subscription with Monthly Updates • Multi-Year Licenses available • All subscriptions are not automatically renewed. • Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Mail In Check/Purchase Order accepted • Download all file formats if needed (Access, Excel, Comma Delimited, and SQL) • Learn more about our Professional. Database Technical Specifications Downloads • Free Database: [ ] • Standard Database: [ ] () • Deluxe Database: [ ] () • Business Database: [ ] () Field Name Data Type Description ZipCode Char(5) 9 Five digit numeric ZIP Code of the area. State Char(2) 2 letter state name abbreviation.

City VarChar(35) Name of the city as designated by the USPS. Latitude Decimal(12, 4) Geographic coordinate as a point measured in degrees north or south of the equator. Longitude Decimal(12, 4) Geographic coordinate as a point measured in degrees east or west of the Greenwich Meridian. ClassificationCode Char(1) The classification type of this ZIP Code. Population Integer The population of the ZIP Code based on 2010 Census data. ZIP Code Database FAQs • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Q. What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal for immediate download. You can also place your order choosing Mail In Check or Purchase Order but you will be unable to download the database until your payment is received. Do you accept purchase orders? Yes, we can accept purchase orders. Simply go through the order process as normal.

When you come to the payment screen, choose Purchase Order as the payment type and complete your order. You can then print out a purchase order and mail in the payment. Once payment is received, access to download the database will be turned on. What format does the database come in? Our US ZIP Code Database is provided in three (3) formats: Microsoft® Access [MDB], Microsoft® Excel [XLS], and ASCII Comma Delimited [CSV].

How do I get the monthly database updates? When you purchase, you setup a username and password.

Each month, we will notify you via email that an updated database is available. Visit our site and login using your username and password. The updated databases will be available for download in any format we provide as well as a transactional log file with just the changes only. Will a CD be mailed to me? How do I get the database? No, our US ZIP Code Database is not mailed to you on CD.

Once your order is completed, you will be able to download immediately. All monthly updates are also provided for online download. This ensures fastest delivery as the database is updated each month. What happens after my 1 year subscription? When your ZIP Code Database subscription is expiring, we will notify you by email 30, 10, and 1 day in advance.

You can choose to renew at the current rate, or let your subscription expire. You can continue to use the database after your subscription has expired, but if you don't renew, you won't continue to get monthly updates.

How much does it cost to renew? Currently, renewal prices are the same as the original purchase price.

Do you include ZIP Codes for the entire United States? ZIP Code data is provided for all 50 U.S. States, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, and APO/FPO Military ZIP Codes.

Why do some ZIP codes only have 3 or 4 digits in Excel? Several ZIP Codes start 0 or 00. Excel interprets the column as numeric data, therefore it removes all preceding zeros. The data is good, it is simply Excel formatting the output. To correct this, open the spreadsheet. Two Way Stretch 1960 Download Movies. Highlight the column by clicking on 'A' above the ZIP Code Label.

From the menu at the top of the application, choose 'Format' and then 'Cells'. On the popup window, choose 'Special' from the 'Number Tab' section, and then choose 'ZIP Code' to the right. The ZIP Codes should now be formatted properly. How often do you update the database? Our ZIP Code Database is updated every month. How current is the data? Our ZIP Code Database is updated every month.

The data is current as of January, 2018 Q. What are the sources of the data? Our ZIP Code Database is licensed and compiled from various sources.

Postal and Delivery data comes from the USPS, Demographic data from the US Census, Statistical Areas from the OMB (Office of Management & Budget), private data sources, and some are computed by How accurate is the data? Accurate data is critical to the success of your business and ours. implements a very rigorous set of data integrity checks to ensure our database is as accurate as possible.

In the unlikely event that a portion of data is confirmed as inaccurate, we will correct it within 2 business days. Do you have any other countries besides the U.S.? We also have the. How long does it take to get the data? As soon as your order is confirmed and payment is received, you can download the database. Can I automate the database delivery?

Please email us requesting an FTP Account be setup for you to use in automating your processes. Please include your username or order number for reference. We will have it up and running within 1 hour. Do ZIP Codes change often?

ZIP code data changes frequently. Every year there are thousands of changes to the USPS ZIP Code records. Cities are added and removed.

ZIP codes are created or discontinued. Encore 5.0.4 Full Crack. Corrections are made. Boundaries change.

Streets are added and street names change. Within a short time period, the database will be outdated if you do not download it every month.

Do you sport Military APO/FPO/DPO ZIP Codes?? Overseas military post offices operated or supported by the Army or Air Force use the city abbreviation APO [Army Post Office / Air (Force) Post Office], while overseas military post offices operated or supported by the Navy, Marine Corps or U.S. Coast Guard use the city abbreviation FPO (Fleet Post Office). Recently, the Department of State has begun establishing a semi-independent overseas postal system.

Their city abbreviation is DPO. As of March 2009, less than 10 U.S. Embassy locations are known as DPOs. The other approximately 90 overseas U.S.

Embassy post offices fall under the management oversight of the military services and so are known as either as APOs or FPOs. Three quasi-state codes have been assigned depending on the (approximate) geographic location of the military mail recipient and also the carrier route to be taken. They are: • AE (Armed Forces Europe / Canada / Middle East / Africa) - 09XXX • AP (Armed Forces Pacific) - 962XX through 966XX • AA (Armed Forces Americas [excluding domestic and Canada]) - 340XX Q. Do you have DMA information? No, Nielsen is the provider of that data and they do not allow others to redistribute it. If you need it, you need to go directly to them to get it at Q.

How long have you been in business? We have been selling our databases online since 2003 and have become the most trusted source of ZIP code data. What separates you from your competitors? What separates us from our competitors is our level of customer service.

We are here every day and we answer the phones during business hours. If you have a question or problem, we are here to help you. Additionally, we provide the most comprehensive database at the most competitive price. Our competition doesn't even come close. Try calling them!

Also, our rigorous data integrity checks make our data the most accurate you can purchase. Multiple County Data in the Business Database NEW!

The Business ZIP Code Database now comes with Multi-County Data. ZIP Codes are assigned by the US Postal Service and as such, do not follow State, County, or even City boundaries. Many ZIP Codes even cross county borders (about 25%). With the Business Database, you can now know every county a ZIP Code covers. The data is provided in a separate file (or separate table for our Access MDB users).

This secondary file/table gives you every ZIP Code, as well as the State and County information that it falls into. Each ZIP Code that falls into more than one State/County will be listed in this table for each State and County it covers. In addition to this, we have added a 'Multi County Flag' column in all versions of our ZIP Code Database. This column will give a 'Y' indicating flag letting you know this ZIP Code is located in more than one county making it even easier to use. ZIP Code Tools & Resources offers our customers several free applications, tools, and sample code.

We hope these tools make your life a little easier with regards to manipulating our databases. Tutorials These tutorials will walk you through the process of performing different functions that can be achieved by using our ZIP Code Database. • • Database Scripts These scripts work on your SQL Server or MySQL Server establishing the table, columns, and column definitions before importing the data. To use them, execute the full file contents in Enterprise Manager, SQL Server Management Studio, phpMyAdmin, or other SQL Command Interface.

SQL Server 2000 & 2005 • Standard Database [ ] • Deluxe Database [ ] • Business Database [ ] MySQL • Standard Database [ ] • Deluxe Database [ ] • Business Database [ ] Sample Code The sample code provided here is meant as an example of how some functions can be performed. Distance Functions: Calculate the distance between two latitude/longitude coordinates.

• VBScript [ ] • PHP [ ] • VB.Net [ ] • C# [ ] • Visual Basic (VB6) [ ] • Coldfusion [ ] • Perl [ ] • MS SQL Server [User defined scalar function] [ ] Sample Radius Finder Code: Written in VBScript, this working code sample finds ZIP Codes within a given radius of a central ZIP Code just like our free online. • ASP/VBScript - Business Database [ ] • ASP/VBScript - Deluxe Database [ ] • ASP/VBScript - Standard Database [ ] • PHP Versions [ ] Radius Finder Application The Radius Finder Application is free for our all of our US ZIP Code Database Customers and comes bundled with the Access Database. It features: • Unlimited Radius Searches • Unlimited Radius Distance • Works with U.S. & Canadian databases • Population, Demographics & Business Data returned in the results • Copy and Paste results into other applications • Run searches for Multiple ZIP Code Radius' at the same time • Export data to a CSV file • Works on your computer, not online Helpful Abbreviations The U.S. Postal system uses many abbreviations. Why Choose Us? • We are a licensed distributor of the U.S.

Postal Service ZIP code data • We offer more data fields than our competitors at a lower price • to help you achieve your goals more efficiently • Unlimited number of users included in all prices • Download to as many computers as you like • 12 months of updates - we update our data each month • Immediate download upon purchase • We are a U.S. Company • Multiple data formats - Excel, Access, CSV (comma delimited) • FREE radius finder application with every purchase • Free FTP Access for all of our customers • Our customer support is the best on the web - call us and then try calling our competitors Who Else Uses Our Products?