Gunz Server And Client Files Folders

GunZ: The Duel is a TPS (third-person shooter) created by MAIET Entertainment and released in 2003. This subreddit is for all the redditors out there that still enjoy this fantastic game, made fantastic by glitches the creators didn't even like. Subreddit rules • Gunz 2 content is not allowed here, but those of you that want to discuss or share stuff related to GunZ: The Second Duel should head onto! It's a community running right alongside us. • Having rivals, discussing and fighting over done matches is all good and part of the game, but discrimination will not be tolerated. If you feel offended by something someone has said, report it to the mods. Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle Rar here. • Posting about games similar to GunZ is allowed, but completely unrelated gaming content will be removed.

In the Rar file that will be put up on here somehow. There is 2 folders and a README.txt file. I strongly suggest reading the Text File that comes with it. It's some brief information. The client is completely new, I've fixed all the rendering issues that occured in the original code that was given to me.

Those should be posted. Please let us know if you feel something should be added to the rules or if you have any ideas to keep this sub alive and fun. I'll be happy to talk to you guys. I've been trying to find a way to watch old replays from all the different versions we used to have all around the world, but was never able to do it with the new versions or private servers. So I found this old BRGunz client that solves this and lets you watch everything without even needing to log into any server:) Here's the step-by-step: • Download the GunzReplay client (pet name I gave to this attempt lol): • Extract the folder to wherever you want; • Open file gzRe.exe; • Click 'File' and then 'Open Replay'. Select the replay file you want to see (.gzr); • Click 'Extra' and then 'Play Replay'. Select theduel.exe from the GunzReplay folder; • Enjoy your old replays!

Also, in case you guys would like some old replays, here's the full archive (thanks Aero.GRA!) If you guys find any broken link or if you have any questions, feel free to send me a private message.

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Client Server File Sharing

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