P38 Walther Serial Numbers

P38 Walther Serial Numbers

The 0 series of Walther made P.38's were used as troop trials in the field. First variation guns are in the 01-035 serial number range and will have.

Thanks for the link, I am now waiting for my 'approval' to get in. Another question if you don't mind, as this particular piece puzzles me, usually I can figure these out quite easily. On the left side of the slide is a very faint 'cyq', further back is something which appears to be '1_58 a', the right side of the slide is totally blank and there is no evidence of anything ground off. Resident Evil 4 Pc Download Rip 657 Mb here.

The left side of the trigger has '358' and on the right side of the trigger guard has '46' and the left side an 'E' with something ground off in front of it. Behind the barrel latch and the front of the frame is '209' and under the barrel is '09'.

Above the trigger is an eagle over '88' and behind that are 2 grind marks. This has flawless black 'reed' grips and the mag is marked 'jvd'.

The bluing is very good except for the slide. Erich Von Gotha Twenty 2 Pdf. Can your extensive enlighten me and also what value is it with only 3 digits? Umpteen thanks in advance.