R4 Card Not Working After 3ds Update Issues

R4i For 3DS

I have just received this message from som1 in another forum.im passing it on in case it helps anyone x 'I know this can be quite frustrating. However, some of the manufacturers are now confirming that an up date kernel to fix the compatibility issue between the v.1.4.1/v.1.4.2 card and the Nintendo software update v.1.4.3 is due to be released over the next couple of days.

I would advise you to visit the manufacturers website for your particular card before you look at making another purchase. Hopefully your current card will be supported again! ' so looks as tho we should sit tight and hope for the best guys x. Hello I am having much the same problem and would love some smart cookie out there to help please. First, always make sure you buy a legit card. There are so many R4i clones out there it's insane, the 'official' one has the website but even that isn't so great, I'll explain below. If you want a USA seller, then go with a card- but I advise one important thing!

I made this video the minute I found out how to fix the error after you upgrade your 3Ds to 4.0.1+. If your R4 3DS card can't work on Nintendo console, there may be 3 reasons: 1. You did wrong operation to install the kernel and games; 2. The R4 3DS card need to be upgraded for your console; 3. If there are some firmware update, download the update patch, and upgrade the R4 3DS card to the latest version.

DON'T get if you can afford to! It's totally worth the extra few bucks to get a better card like etc. Because they will actually be updatable withget the newest card. Otherwise when the new comes out, if you update your card. You'll simply have to buy a replacement card.

That's why the R4i is so cheap - the chip they use inside can't have its updated. When 1.4.1 came out, everyone 'switched' to a new R4i or better card.

I use the Acekard 2i myself, but the iEDGE is sleek in its packaging and I've bought that one as a gift when I buy for others. Ali 3329 C1 Software more.