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1 The term “esoteric” here refers to any knowledge that is hidden from the human mind and must be accessed by a degree of initiation. Anthroposophy is a Western esoteric philosophy whose founder and initiator was Rudolf Steiner. Its doctrines and philosophy are studied and developed in the Anthroposophical Society. Steiner tried to make a difference between anthroposophy and other esoteric philosophies by pointing out that “dormant in everyone are faculties by which we can acquire knowledge of higher worlds” (Steiner, 2002, p. He believed that with constant personal effort, one could “awaken the spiritual eye” and become clairvoyant. The best tool to attain clairvoyance is his book How to Know Higher Worlds (1909).

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Anno 2070 Save File Download. 2 A significant work on this matter is found in Mazzone, A. Waldorf teacher education: The implications for teacher education of Rudolf Steiner’s educational philosophy and its practice in Waldorf schools (PhD dissertation). University of Adelaide.

14 This private university, which teaches in German and English, is also known as Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences. Download Sarah Vaughan Swingin Easy Rar. Most of its degree programs involve art (architecture, sculpture, drawings, drama, eurhythmics, artistic therapies) and Waldorf education. This center was founded in 1973 as an institution for the study and teaching of Anthroposophy-based art. People interested in becoming Waldorf teachers can choose the “Bachelor’s degree in Waldorf Education,” “Master’s degree in Waldorf education with a focus on class teaching,” and the “Certificate Course in Waldorf Education.” Moreover, this university collaborates with Waldorf teacher training centers such as Rudolf Steiner University College (Norway) and the Institute for Waldorf Education, Inclusion and Intercultural Studies in Mannheim. 15 The David Yellin College of Education is a teacher training center.

One of their Bachelor’s degrees in education is the Waldorf Elementary Education Track.